Family 49

English Families

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     White Loudon Mare (GB) f 1690c White Lowdon (GB)
          Brimmer Mare (GB) f 1700c Brimmer (GB)
               Hautboy Mare (GB) f 1710c Hautboy (GB)
                    Blackatop Mare (GB) f 1720c Blackatop (GB)
                         Stout [alias Trusty] (GB) c 1730c Hartley's Blind Horse (GB)
                         Young Belgade Mare (GB) f 1735c Young Belgrade (GB)
                              Scarborough Colt Mare (GB) f 1745c Scarborough Colt (GB)
                                   WHITENOSE MARE (GB) f 1755c Whitenose [Portmore's] (GB)

WHITENOSE MARE (GB) f 1755c Whitenose [Portmore's] (GB)
     AETHON (GB) br c 1764 Young Cade (GB) ..... GB QP
     Son Of Omar Mare (GB) f 1765c Omar Colt (GB)
     |     Moorpout (GB) b f 1777 Young Marske (GB)
     |     |     Sister To Zanga (GB) bl f 1784 Laurel (GB)
     |     |     |     Star Mare (GB) f 1801 Star (GB)
     |     |     |          Stride Mare (GB) bl f 1807 Stride (GB)
     |     |     |               Bellona (GB) b f 1811 Fyldener (GB)
     |     |     Sportsman (GB) b c 1796 Walnut (GB)
     |     |     Star Mare (GB) b f 1799 Star (GB)
     |     |          Madcap (GB) b f 1820 Dinmont (GB)
     |     |               Sally Warfoot (GB) ch f 1837 Defence (GB)
     |     |               |     Revolver (GB) b c 1849 Melbourne (GB)
     |     |               |     Arragh Na Pogue (IRE) ch f 1857 Mickey Free (IRE)
     |     |               |          Mirror (GB) ch f 1871 Speculum (GB)
     |     |               |               Bambola (GB) ch f 1877 Martyrdom (GB)
     |     |               |                    Merry Miser (GB) ch f 1887 The Miser (GB)
     |     |               |                         Chiselhampton (GB) b c 1893 Hampton (GB)
     |     |               |                         Orzil (GB) ch c 1895 Ayrshire (GB)
     |     |               |                         Boniface (GB) bbr c 1896 St. Simon (GB)
     |     |               |                         Merryman (GB) b c 1901 Bay Ronald (GB)
     |     |               |                         Bay Of Plenty (GB) b f 1906 Bay Ronald (GB)
     |     |               |                         |     Baionette (FR) b f 1915 Darley Dale (GB)
     |     |               |                         |          SOUVENIR DE BAYONNE (SPA) b c 1919 Souvenir D'Exil (FR)
     |     |               |                         |                                                                                     ..... SPA 2G
     |     |               |                         Ultimus (GB) b c 1907 William The Third (GB)
     |     |               Giraffe (GB) b c 1844 Carew (GB)
     |     Sister To Moorpout (GB) f 1785c Young Marske (GB)
     |     |     Lure (GB) f 1797 Young Eclipse (GB)
     |     |          Baronetta (GB) b f 1807 Sir Peter Teazle (GB)
     |     Ruler Colt (GB) br c 1787 Ruler (GB)
     Brother To Silvio Mare (GB) f 1770c Brother To Silvio (GB)
          Sister To My Lady (GB) b f 1780c Young Markse
          |     Satellite Gelding (GB) ch g 1794 Satellite (GB)
          |     Barrington Gelding (GB) br g 1795 Barrington (GB)
          My Lady (GB) b f 1785c Young Marske (GB)
               Buzzard (GB) b g 1799 Buzzard (GB)
Family 49
The traditional taproot mare of Family 49 is Whitenose Mare. There are a number of pedigrees presented in newspapers and racing calendars that may permit the extension of her mare line back to the 17th century. For example:

Adams`s Weekly Courant, England, (Tuesday, April 10, 1770; Issue 1743) AETHON Will Cover Mares this Season, at One Guinea and a Shilling The Money to be paid at the Time of Covering. AETHON is now Six Years Old, of a fine Brown Colour, 15 Hands and a Half high, Strong in Proportion, free from Blemish, very Active, and able to carry 16 Stone a Hunting. He won the King`s Plate at Carlisle, in 1768, when Five Years Old, carrying 1 Stone. He was got by Young Cade, his Dam by White-Nose, his Grand-Dam by the Scarborough Colt, his Great Grand-Dam by Young Belgrave, his Great Great Grand-Dam by Ascough`s Blackatop, his Great Great Great Grand-Dam by Old Hautboy. This is a true Pedigree, witness my Hand, Huxwell, Oct 3, 17[6]6. C DALTON.

Newcastle Journal, (16 March 1744-5) To LEAP this Season, At Mr Robert Rea`s, at Harraton-Outside, in the Parish of Chester-le-Street, in the County of Durham, To leap at One Guinea, and 1 s to Tho. Cummins, the Groom, THE famous Stallion, call`d TRUSTY [alias Stout]. He was Sire to Mr Scroop`s Bay Horse, Trusty, that run the five Heats, at Durham. He was got with Mr Hartley`s blind Horse, his Dam with Blackatop, his Grand-dam with Hautboy, his Great Grand-dam with Old Brimer, his Great Great Grand-dam with White Lowdon, and out of a Mare of Lord Falconbridge`s, called the famous Falconbridge. The Horse is strong, and free of all Blemishes.

The "famous Falconbridge" may have belonged to Thomas Bellasyse (1627/8-1700), 1st Earl of Fauconburg (Falconbridge), husband of Oliver Cromwell's daughter Mary, and nephew of the mother of James Darcy the elder.

Whitenose Mare first appears in the General Stud Book where her grandaughter, Moorpout, sometimes spelled Moorpoult or Moorpoot, is given a short pedigree: "Moorpout, bred by Mr Dalton in 1777, got by Young Marske, her dam by a son of Omar - Whitefoot" [GSB 1:143].

In 1782 Moorpoot won a fifty for maidens at Chester, a fifty at Durham and finished 3 for the Royal Plate at York won by Sir William Vavasour's Cora. Following her turf career she was purchased by Archibald Hamilton (1740-1819), 9th Duke of Hamilton and produced at least nine offspring in his stud. Moorpout died in 1799.