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Waxy b c 1790 (Pot8os - Maria, by Herod). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 18.

Bred in the Poole stud at the Friary in Lewes, Sussex, by Sir Ferdinando Poole, 4th Baronet (-1804), Waxy was said to be beautifully conformed, lengthy, and with much of the Arabian about him. He was one of the Eclipse-Herod crosses popular in that era that contributed so much to the development of the breed, and through his son Whalebone (br c 1807) ensured the overwhelming success of the Eclipse sire line.

His dam, Maria (b f 1777 Herod), bred by Frederick St. John (1732-1789), 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke, at Lydiard Park in Swindon, also produced the winners Worthy (b c 1795), full brother Waxy, and his half-sister Wowski (bl f 1797 Mentor).

Waxy was purchased by Augustus Henry Fitzroy (1735-1811), the 3rd Duke of Grafton, in 1808 and following his death became the property of George Henry Fitzroy (1760-1844), 4th Duke of Grafton. Winner of 11 races, including the Derby Stakes, Waxy was said to be a game, tough horse, and he vanquished his arch-rival, the valiant little Gohanna (b c 1790 Mercury) on all but one occasion.

His exercise rider described Waxy in a letter appearing in the Old Sporting Magazine of May, 1828: "Waxy was one of the finest formed, perfect in symmetry, beautiful in colour, admirable in all his paces, and of the finest temper, when in work; but, in the winter, after being weather-bound from frost and snow for some days, on getting out again, it was a case of 'Look out, my boys,' with a vengeance. Oft has he kicked the lappets of my coat over my head."

Standing at Euston Hall in Suffolk, near Thetford, on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, Waxy sired 190 winners of more than £70,000. He was Champion Sire in 1810. He died at age twenty-seven and was buried near All Saints Church in Newmarket.

Waxy Pot8os Eclipse Marske
Sportsmistress Warren's Sportsman
Golden Locks
Maria King Herod Tartar
Lisette Snap
Miss Windsor
Race Record

At 3: won the Derby Stakes at Epsom, beating the favourite Gohanna by half a length.

At 4: won the Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket, beating Gohanna, won the King's Plate at Salisbury, won a £50 plate, beating Gohanna, 2nd 100 guineas match to Gohanna, conceding the latter 3 pounds over the Beacon Course.

At 5: won the King's Plate at Guildford, beating Gohanna, Waxy won the first heat by a short head, ran a dead-heat for the second, and won the third by half a length, won the King's Plate at Salisbury, beating Gohanna in both heats.

At 6: broke down at Oxford in the Cup.
Notable offspring

Bess (br f 1806), 3rd dam of One Thousand Guineas winner Hurricane (b f 1859 Wild Dayrell), who produced the Two Thousand Guineas winner and very good stallion Atlantic (ch c 1871 Thormanby).

Corinne (br f 1815), winner of One Thousand Guineas Stakes, Oaks Stakes.

Dulcamara (ch f 1818), dam of Manchester Cup winner Vestment (b c 1831 Longwaist) and 2nd dam of Manchester Cup winner Aristotle (b c 1839 Physician). Dulcamara was also 3rd dam of May Bell (b f 1853 Hetman Platoff), taproot mare of Family 12-e.

Emmeline (b f 1817), winner of the Claret Stakes and dam of two useful stallions, Edmund (b c 1824 Orville) and Young Phantom (b c 1822 Phantom).

Fairing (b f 1807), 3rd dam of Lanterne (b f 1841 Hercule), winner of the Prix de Diane and Prix du Jockey Club, and Tomate (b f 1842 Lottery), winner of the Prix du Cadran. Lanterne was the dam of Constance (ch f 1848 Gladiator), taproot mare of Family 6-d.

Jest (gr f 1810), dam of Miss Jigg (b f 1821 Partisan) winner of the Woodcote Stakes. Jest was also 2nd dam of the good stallions Nuncio (br c 1839 Plenipotentiary) and Tros (br c 1836 Priam).

Joke (br f 1808), winner of the July Stakes.

July (br f 1810), winner of the July Stakes.

Loo (br f 1815), winner of the July Stakes, and 6th dam of the Grand Prix de Bruxelles winner War Dance (b c 1887 Galliard).

Mermaid* (b f 1807), dam of the good American stallion Haxall's Moses (b c 1816 Sir Harry*).

Milton (b c 1813), sire of Vittoria (b f 1823), dam of three good winners in France, Prix du Cadran winner (three times) Nautilus (b c 1835 Cadland), Prix du Jockey Club winner Romulus (b c 1836 Cadland) and Prix de Diane winner Vergogne (b f 1846 Ibrahim).

Miss Wasp (br f 1807), dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Manfred (b c 1814 Election) and the Oaks winner Vespa (br c 1830 Muley).

Mrs. Barnet (b f 1806), dam of the St. Leger and Doncaster Cup winner Filho da Puta (br c 1812 Haphazard), who was Champion Sire in 1828.

Music (b f 1810), winner of Oaks Stakes, 2nd Two Thousand Guineas Stakes.

Pawn Junior (br f 1817), dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Dervise (b c 1823 Merlin), and 2nd dam of Ellen Horne (br f 1844 Redshank), taproot mare of Family 1-j.

Pledge (b f 1807), won a 1000 guineas sweepstakes from the Two Thousand Guineas winner Hephestion (b c 1807 Alexander), and dam of the Derby winner Tiresias (br c 1816 Soothsayer).

Pope Joan (b f 1809), winner of King's Plates at Ipswich and Chelmsford, dam of Two Thousand Guineas winner Turcoman (br c 1824 Selim), One Thousand Guineas winner Tontine (ch f 1822 Election), and Oaks winner Turquoise (br f 1825 Selim).

Tippitywitchet  (ch f 1808), dam of Rubens Mare (ch f 1819), the latter the dam of Care (b f 1825 Woful), the taproot mare of Family 27-a, Derby winner Phosphorus (b c 1834 Lamplighter), and two One Thousand Guineas winners, Firebrand (ch f 1839 Lamplighter) and May-Day (ch f 1831 Lamplighter).

Waxy Mare (b f 1815), 2nd dam of Doncaster Cup winner and good stallion The Saddler (br c 1828 Waverley) and his brother The Bard (b c 1833 Waverley).

Waxy Pope (b c 1806), winner of Derby Stakes and a good stallion in Ireland. He was also called Pope and Sligo Waxy.

Web (b f 1808), winner of a match, taproot mare of Family 1-s, dam of the Derby winner Middleton (ch c 1822 Phantom) and Trampoline (ch f 1825 Tramp), taproot mare of Family 1-t. Web was also 2nd dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Riddlesworth (ch c 1828 Emilius), the One Thousand Guineas and Oaks winner Cobweb (b f 1821 Phantom), and the One Thousand Guineas winner Charlotte West (ch f 1827 Tramp).

Wilful (ch f 1810), 3rd Oaks Stakes, ancestress of National Produce Stakes winner Bushey Belle (bbr f 1900 Bushey Park) and her daughter Oaks winner Charlebelle (bl f 1917 Charles O'Malley).

Wire (br f 1811), won the Port Stakes, 3rd Oaks Stakes, dam of the useful stallion Verulam (b c 1833 Lottery) and 2nd dam of the Oaks winner Pussy (br f 8131 Pollio).

Blucher (GB) b c 1811 (Waxy - Pantina, by Buzzard). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 4-b.
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