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Dick Andrews

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Zinganee* b c 1825 (Tramp - Folly, by Young Drone). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 6-b.

Bred by Brownlow Cecil (1795 - 1867), 2nd Marquis of Exeter, he was later sold to William Chifney, then to Lord Chesterfield for 2500gs, and yet again to King George IV. Afterwards he became the property of King William IV, then was repurchased by Lord Chesterfield after the King's Death.

During four years of racing his main rival was the Derby winner Cadland (br c 1825 Andrew). He won the Newmarket Stakes, Craven Stakes, Claret Stakes, Oatlands Stakes, the Cup at Ascot, the Whip, and placed 3rd in Cadland's Derby. In the Ascot Gold Cup of 1829 Zinganee defeated the two Derby winners (Mameluke and Cadland), the St Leger winner (The Colonel), the previous year's Gold Cup winner (Bobadilla) and an Oaks winner (Green Mantle). Considered by many to be the best horse in England, he was backed by his fans even though he was ill through the 1830 season.

In England, his best son was the Goodwood Cup winner Beggarman (b c 1835), who sired the Prix du Jockey Club winner Morok (b c 1844). Imported by Merritt & Company into Virginia, he left several useful offspring there, including the sire Alexander Churchill (b c 1840), and Zenobia (b f 1840), dam of Jerome Edger (b c 1859) and Zero (b c 1850). He died in the fall of 1841.

Zinganee Tramp Dick Andrews Joe Andrews
Highflyer Mare
Gohanna Mare Gohanna
Folly Young Drone Drone
Regina Moorcock
Race Record

In 1827 was unplaced in the 50 sovereigns each July Stakes at Newmarket July, won by Mr Rogers's Scribe (b f 1825 Woful), with Mr Rogers's Juryman (bl c 1825 Smolensko) 2nd and 9 others. Won 60 sovereigns at Stamford, beating Mr Platel's Ianthe (b f Cannon Ball). Finished 2nd in the 50 sovereigns each Prendergast Stakes at Newmarket Second October, won by Mr Thornhill's Merchant (ch c 1825 Merlin), beating Mr Stonehewer's Irish colt Kildare (ch c 1825 Regent), Scribe and 9 others.

In 1828 running for Mr Chifney, finished 3rd in the Underley Stakes at Newmarket Craven, won by Mr Molony's One Thousand Guineas winner Zoe (b f 1825 Orville), with the Duke of Portland's brother to Emilius, Varro (b c 1825 Orville) placing 2nd, beating 1 other. Won the 800 Newmarket Stakes at Newmarket First Spring, beating Mr G Payne's Mufti (b c 1825 Merlin), Lord Grosvenor's Navarino (b c 1825 Blacklock) and 8 others. Ran 3rd in the Derby at Epsom, won by Cadland (br c 1825 Andrew).

In 1829 won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, beating His Majesty's Fleur-de-Lis (b f 1822 Bourbon), Lord George Cavendish's Amphion (b c 1824 Partisan), the Duke of Rutland's Oppidan (ch c 1825 Rubens), Mr Greville's Goshawk (ch c 1823 Merlin) and 4 others. Won the 700 Claret Stakes at the same meeting, beating Mr Molony's Rough Robin (ch c 1825 Sober Robin) and Cadland. Won the Oatlands at Ascot, beating Colonel Standen's Irish colt Conrad (ch c 1824 Friday), Lord George Cavendish's Rapid Rhone (ro c 1824 Partisan) and 1 other. Won the Cup at the same meeting, beating Mr Gully's Derby winner Mameluke (b c 1824 Partisan), Cadland, His Majesty's St Leger winner The Colonel (ch c 1825 Whisker), Lord Exeter's Oaks winner Green Mantle (b f 1826 Sultan), Lord Sefton's Ascot Cup winner Bobadilla (br f 1825 Bobadil) and 2 others. Finished 2nd in the Fitzwilliam Stakes at Doncaster, won by Mr Ridsdale's Tyke (ch c 1826 Tramp). Finished 2nd in the Audley End Stakes at Newmarket Houghton, won by Cadland, beating Mr Hunter's Gustavus colt and Colonel Yates's Bolivar (ch c 1826 Blacklock).

In 1830 running for King George IV finished 2nd in the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, won by Mr Stanlake Batson's Seraph (br f 1826 Phantom), beating Bobadilla, Cadland and 5 others. Ran 4th and last for the Cup at Ascot, won by Sir Mark Wood's Lucetta (br f 1826 Reveller), with His Majesty's The Colonel finishing 2nd and Lord Exeter's Green Mantle 3rd. Zinganee was pulled up a hundred yards from the finish post "trembling all over" from his recent illness. Running for King William IV finished 2nd for the Cup at Goodwood, won by Fleur-de-Lis, beating The Colonel, Glenartney (b g 1824 Phantom), Mr Gully's Tranby (br c 1826 Blacklock), Mr Grant's Lady Emily (b f 1826 Emilius), the Duke of Richmond's Hindoo (b c 1826 Whalebone) and 1 other. Ran for The Whip and 200 sovereigns at Newmarket Second October but was beaten by Cadland, prompting the Sporting Magazine to note: "His Majesty's Zinganee, in running, reminded one of a fine old ship, sadly out of repair, badly manned and worse steered."

In 1831 Lord Chesterfield challenged for The Whip at Newmarket First Spring with Zinganee, and the Duke of Rutland, owner of Cadland, resigned The Whip to Lord Chesterfield.