Reveller (GB)

Reveller (GB) b c 1815 Comus (GB) - Rosette (GB), by Beningbrough (GB)
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Reveller b c 1815 (Comus - Rosette, by Beningbrough). Sire Line Matchem. Family 19.

Bred by Mr Shard he was sold as a yearling to Henry Peirse, who also bred the St Leger winner Ebor (b c 1814 Orville). After the death of Mr Peirse in 1823 his stud at Bedale was sold by Mr Tattersall. Reveller was repurchased by Mr Shard for 1080 guineas.

Reveller's dam Rosette (br f 1803 Beningbrough) was also bred by Mr Peirse and won seven races before she entered the stud. Reveller, described as a "thick-necked horse, with very square hips and short ribs" was said to be "a fine goer, and always ran with his head down".

He ran for six years with much success. In the stud, his best runners included the Ascot Gold Cup winner Lucetta (br f 1826), July Stakes winner The Mummer (ch c 1827), One Thousand Guineas winner Galantine (b f 1828), St James's Palace Stakes winner and Derby 2nd Ascot (b c 1832) and Ryegate Gold Cup winner Olympic (ch c 1831).

Reveller Comus Sorcerer Trumpator
Young Giantess
Houghton Lass Sir Peter Teazle
Rosette Beningbrough King Fergus
Herod Mare
Rosamond Tandem
Race Record

In 1818 he won a 100gs each  Produce Stakes at York, beating Sir M M Sykes's Camillus colt, the Duke of Leeds's Monitor (ch c 1815 Mowbray), Lord Fitzwilliam's Belianis (bl c 1815 Amadis), Mr Gascoigne's Althaea (ch f 1815 Sorcerer) and 1 other. Won the Great St Leger at Doncaster, beating stablemate Mr Peirse's Ranter (b c 1815 Comus), Mr O Powlett's The Marshall (gr c 1815 Comus) and 18 others. At the same meeting walked over for the 100gs each Gascoigne Stakes.

In 1819 he won a 100gs each Produce Sweepstakes at York, beating Sir M M Sykes's Cambyses (b c 1815 Camillus) and Lord Fitzwilliam's Belianis. The next day he won the Great Subscription Purse at York, beating Mr Duncombe's Mozart (ch c 1815 Governor), Mr Houldsworth's Eleanor (b f 1815 Governor) and Mr Watt's Bigottini [ex-Beggar Girl] (b f 1815 Thunderbolt). Won a 100gs each Produce Sweepstakes at Doncaster, beating Mr Jones's Fanny (br f 1815 Poulton) and Sir M Sykes's Cambyses. At the same meeting won the 10gs each Doncaster Stakes, beating The Marshall and Mr Duncombe's Governor colt.

In 1820 he claimed the Great Subscription Purse at York, beating Mr Clifton's Advance (b c 1815 Cardinal York) but lost the second Great Subscription, to the Hon T Orde Powlett's Juggler (b c 1815 Comus), at York.

In 1821 he defeated Mr Riddell's highly regarded Dr Syntax (br c 1811 Paynator) for the Gold Cup at Lancaster, then lost a sweep of 270gs and the Cup at Preston to Dr Syntax, beating Sir J H Maxwell's Fair Helen (gr f 1817 Viscount). At York he again won the Great Subscription, beating Lord Fitzwilliam's Palmerin (b c 1816 Amadis), Mr O Powlett's Juggler and Lord Scarborough's The Black Prince (bl c 1816 Walton). At Doncaster he lost the 10gs each Doncaster Stakes to Mr Lambton's Borodino (br c 1817 Smolensko) before moving on to Lincoln where he won the Gold Cup, beating Mr Reed's The Marshall.

In 1822 he won the Gold Cups at both Lancaster and Preston at the expense of Dr Syntax; in the latter Mr Powlett's St Leger winner Jack Spigot (br c 1818 Ardrossan) finished 3rd.

In 1823 he walked over for the 100gs Gold Cup at Preston before his retirement from the turf.
Notable Reveller Mares
1. Miss Annette (b f 1830), dam of Poule d'Essai winner Annetta (ch f 1839 Ibrahim), Prix de Diane and Poule d'Essai winner Bounty (b f 1849 Inheritor), Prix du Jockey Club winner Celebrity (ch c 1851 Gladiator) and Prix de Diane winner Dame d'Honneur (ch f 1853 The Baron). Miss Annette was also the 2nd dam of Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Baronello (ch c 1861 The Baron) and Poule d'Essai des Poulains winner Gustave (br c 1857 Lanercost). Family 19-a.
2. Harmony (b f 1826), 2nd dam of Two Thousand Guineas  and Goodwood Cup winner The Promised Land (b c 1856 Jericho) and his brother, Criterion Stakes winner, The Happy Land (br c 1855 Jericho). Harmony was also 3rd dam of Ebor Handicap winner Paganini (b c 1865 King of Kent) and ancestress of Derby winner Orby (ch c 1804 Orme). Family 26.
3. Datura (ch f 1829), dam of Queen's Vase winner Gardenia (ch f 1845 Beiram). Family 26.
4. Europa (br f 1829), dam of July Stakes winner Bulwark (ch c 1836 Defence) and 2nd dam of Mehl-Mulhens-Rennen winner Crown Prince (b c 1855 Sheet Anchor). Family 2-a.
5. Reveller Mare (ch f 1834), dam of The Emperor (ch c 1841 Defence) who won the Ascot Gold Cup in 1844 and 1845, and 2nd dam of Woodcote Stakes winner Woodcote (ch c 1851 Cotherstone). Family 5.
6. Zarah (b f 1835), dam of the good French stallion Fitz Gladiator (ch c 1850 Gladiator). Family 32.