Manuella (GB)

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Sire Line

Dick Andrews

Joe Andrews




Memnon, by Whisker




Manuella b f 1809 (Dick Andrews - Mandane, by Pot8os). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.

Bred in Yorkshire by Richard Watt of Bishop Burton, Manuella was a full sister to the St Leger winner Altisidora (ch f 1810) and a half sister to the Chester Cup winner Brutandorf (b c 1821 Blacklock) and the Doncaster Cup winner Lottery (br c 1820 Tramp).

Raced by W N W Hewitt, she ran unplaced in the Derby which was won by Mr Ladbroke's Octavius (br c 1809 Orville). Said to have been pulled in the Derby by her jockey, Sam Chifney Jr, Manuella won the Oaks Stakes the following day under William "Billy" Peirse, beating the Duke of Rutland's Elizabeth (br f 1809 Orville) and Lord Egremont's Sister to Castanea (b f 1809 Gohanna). However, her Oaks win was not enough to prevent the ruin of Mr Hewitt who, based on her trials, had backed her heavily in the Derby and he was reputed to have fled to France along with his family. She also ran unplaced in the St Leger won by Mr Robb's Otterington (b c 1809 Golumpus).

Back in the capable hands of Mr Watt she entered the stud, there producing Memnon (b c 1822 Whisker) who won the St Leger Stakes, the Champagne Stakes and the Ascot Gold Cup. Another son, Belshazzar (ch c 1830 Blacklock), sired the One Thousand Guineas winner Cara (b f 1836) before his export to America. Nearly all of Family 11-g traces to Manuella and she numbers the American triple crown winner and leading sire War Admiral (br c 1934 Man o' War) among her many distinguished descendants.

Manuella Dick Andrews Joe Andrews Eclipse
HighflyerMare Highflyer
Cardinal Puff Mare
Mandane Pot8os Eclipse
Young Camilla Woodpecker
Race Record

In 1812 she was unplaced for the 50gs each Derby Stakes at Epsom in May, won by Mr Ladbroke's Octavius (br c 1809 Orville), with Lord Egremont's Gohanna colt placing 2nd and Sir J Shelley's Comus (ch c 1809 Sorcerer) 3rd; 14 started. Won the 50gs each Oaks Stakes at the same meeting, beating the Duke of Rutland's Elizabeth (br f 1809 Orville), Lord Egremont's Sister to Castanea (b f 1809 Gohanna), Mr Wilson's Lady Sophia (ch f 1809 Sancho), Mr Vansittart's Johnny filly, General L Gower's Joan of Arc (br f 1809 Sorcerer), Mr Farrall's Lady of the Lake (br f 1809 Sorcerer), Mr Dundas's Anaconda (b f 1809 Eagle), Mr Crockford's Pandora (gr f 1809 Evander), Captain Vyse's Helen (b f 1809 Whiskey), Mr Batson's Pranks (b f 1809 Hyperion) and General Grosvenor's Guadiana (ch f 1809 Quiz); only the first 3 were placed. Was unplaced for the 25gs each St Leger Stakes at Doncaster in September, won by Mr Robb's Otterington (b c 1809 Golumpus), with Lord Strathmore's Remembrancer colt placing 2nd and Mr Beckwith's Herrington (br c 1809 Remembrancer) 3rd; 24 started. Won a 20gs each Sweepstakes at the same meeting, beating Mr Watt's Mother Bunch (b f 1809 Dick Andrews), Sir G Armytage's Pope Joan (b f 1809 Shuttle), Mr Garforth's Marciana (gr f 1809  Stamford), Lord Fitzwilliam's Stamford filly, Mr Barrett's Sarissa (b f 1809 Delpini), Mr T Duncombe's Stamford filly and Mr G Crompton's Portia (b f 1809 Beningbrough); only the first 2 were placed.

In 1813 she finished 4th for the 100gs Gold Cup at Newmarket in July, won by Sir W Maxwell's Viscount (gr c 1809 Stamford), with Lord Scarborough's Catton (b c 1809 Golumpus) placing 2nd, Mr Price's Uncle Dick (b c 1808 Cockfighter) 3rd, beating Mr Hewitt's Cwm (b f 1809 Dick Andrews). Finished 2nd for the Royal Plate at Richmond in October, won by Mr Uppleby's Harriet (b f 1808 Delpini), beating M. Acred's Diana (ch f 1808 Stamford).

In 1814 she finished 2nd for the second class of the 50gs each Oatlands Stakes at Newmarket in April, won by Mr Batson's Dorus (b g 1809 Beningbrough), beating Lord Lowther's Aquarius (gr c 1809 Quiz), Mr Kellerman's Ocyroe (ch f 1810 Sorcerer), Mr Payne's Crispin (b c 1807 Waxy) and Mr Lake's Eurus (ch g 1810 Giles). Running for Lord Sackville she lost a 200gs match at Newmarket First Spring to Lord Foley's Offa's Dyke (b c 1807 Paynator). Lost a 100gs match at Newmarket Second Spring to Lord G H Cavendish's Gaber (b c 1808 Sorcerer). Finished 3rd for a 20gs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket July, won by Lord G H Cavendish's Cat (bl f 1809 Stamford), with Mr Wyndham's Wasp (b f 1811 Gohanna) placing 2nd, beating General Grosvenor's Old Dad [ex-Earthquake] (b c 1811 Meteor). Running for Sir J Shelley she was unplaced for a 10gs each Handicap Stakes at Newmarket Houghton, won by Mr Stonehewer's Hamlet (ch c 1808 Hambletonian); 10 started.
Produce Record
1817 ch c The Abbot, by Cerberus Mr Watt
1818 b c Cerberus Colt, by Cerberus (died) Mr Watt
1819 ch f Cerberus Mare, by Cerberus (died in 1821) Mr Watt
1820 ch c Cerberus Colt, by Cerberus Mr Watt
1821 br f Panthea, by Blacklock or Comus Mr Watt
1822 b c Memnon, by Whisker Mr Watt
1823 br c Belzoni, by Blacklock Mr Watt
1824 br f Magistrate Mare, by Magistrate (died en the passage to Virginia in 1831) Mr Watt
1825 b f Memphis, by Whisker Mr Watt
1826 b f Margellina, by Whisker (dam of a b c Whisper, by Blacklock) Mr Watt
1827 b c Doctor Oloroso, by Whisker (sent to Vienna in 1830) Mr Watt
1828 b f Whisker Mare, by Whisker (put to the stud) Mr Watt
1829 b f Nitocris, by Whisker Mr Watt
1830 ch c Belshazzar, by Blacklock Mr Watt
1831 b c Belluno, by Blacklock Mr Watt
1832   Velocipede Foal, by Velocipede Mr Watt