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Eagle* b c 1796 (Volunteer - Sister to Scarisbrick, by Highflyer). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 2.

Bred by Sir Frank Standish (1746c-1812), 3rd Bt of Duxbury, Lancashire, he was a full brother to the Derby winner Spread Eagle* (b c 1792), and a half brother to the Derby winner Didelot (b c 1793 Trumpator). Sir Frank Standish also won the Derby with Archduke (br c 1796 Sir Peter Teazle) and the Oaks with Parisot (br f 1793 Sir Peter Teazle) and the Yellow Filly (ch f 1783 Tandem). He was sold late in 1803 to Henry F Mellish (1780-1827), a Yorkshire sportsman who won the St Leger with Sancho (b c 1801 Don Quixote) and Stavely (b c 1802 Shuttle).

In his book The Genealogy of the English Racehorse T Hornby Morland describes Eagle, who covered at Morland's stud, with much regard: "in regard to size, grandeur and justness of foundation [he] is allowed by all judges to be without exception the finest horse in this or perhaps any other kingdom; and I believe in the essential quality of speed he never has been surpassed by any horse since the time of his grandsire Eclipse; he also enjoys a most excellent constitution, having been eight years in constant training and never unsound or indisposed during the whole time. I received him from Mr Prince in perfect health and fine condition and am happy to say he has never refused a feed of corn since that time."

Eagle ran for seven years with considerable success, defeating such horses as Sorcerer (bl c 1796 Trumpator), later a Champion Sire, and the Derby and Oaks winner Eleanor (b f 1798 Whiskey). He won the Craven Stakes twice and placed third in Archduke's Derby during his tenure on the turf. He entered the stud at Newmarket where he spent 1806 and 1807 in the hands of Richard Prince. From 1808 to 1811 he was at Finchley with Mr Morland and then he was purchased by Walter Bell and sent to Virginia, arriving in December of 1811. He remained in Virginia under various hands until 1817. In 1818 he went to North Carolina, in 1821 to Tennessee and in 1824 to Kentucky.

In England he sired Aquilina (b f 1807), the dam of the stallion Morisco (b c 1819 Muley). In America he was generally considered a disappointment in the stud although he still contributed to American bloodstock via his son Diomed Eagle (br c 1814) and his daughter Nancy Nichol, the dam of the matron Madam Bosley (gr f 1892c Sir Richard Tonson). Eagle died in Kentucky in 1826 at the age of thirty.
Eagle Volunteer Eclipse Marske
Tartar Mare Tartar
Mogul Mare
Sister to Scarisbrick Highflyer King Herod
Engineer Mare Engineer
Regulus Mare
Race Record

In 1799 running for Sir Frank Standish he finished among the field for a 100gs each Produce Sweepstakes at York, won by Lord Fitzwilliam's Fanny (br f 1796 Sir Peter Teazle); 6 others started. Won a 100gs each Sweepstakes at the same meeting, beating Sir R Wynn's Kite and Lord Fitzwilliam's chestnut Overton colt. Collected 85gs compromise at Newmarket Craven from Mr C Wilson's Kite (b c 1796 Buzzard). Won 400gs at Newmarket First Spring, beating Kite and 2 others. Finished 3rd for the Derby at Epsom, won by Sir F Standish's Archduke (br c 1796 Sir Peter Teazle), with Mr R Heathcote's July Stakes winner Vivaldi (b c 1796 Woodpecker) placing 2nd, beating 7 others. Won an 1800gs Sweep at Newmarket October, beating Sir C Bunbury's Sorcerer (bl c 1796 Trumpator), Kite, the Duke of Grafton's Rebel (b c 1796 Trumpator) and 2 others.

In 1800 he finished 3rd for the 200gs each Claret Stakes at Newmarket First Spring, won by Lord Grosvenor's Canterbury (ch c 1796 Pot8os), with Vivaldi placing 2nd. Won a 400gs Sweep at York, beating Kite and 1 other.

In 1801 he won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket Craven, beating Sir F Poole's King's Plate winner Worthy (b c 1795 Trumpator) and 6 others. Won a 200gs match at Newmarket First Spring from Mr Tharpe's Chippenham (b c 1796 Trumpator).

In 1802 he collected 150 sovs forfeit at Newmarket Craven from Sir H T Vane's Rolla (br c 1797 Overton). Finished 2nd for the Oatlands at Newmarket Second October, won by the Prince of Wales's Rebel; 9 started, among them the Duke of Grafton's Penelope (b f 1798 Trumpator).

In 1803 he won the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, beating Lord Clermont's Rumbo (b c 1800 Whiskey) and 5 others. Finished 3rd in the second class of the October Oatlands at Newmarket, won by Lord Sackville's Whirligig (b c 1798 Whiskey), with Sir C Bunbury's Orlando (br c 1799 Whiskey) placing 2nd; 6 started. Sold to Colonel H F Mellish.

In 1804 won a 200gs match at Newmarket Craven from Mr F Neale's Bobtail (ch c 1795 Precipitate). Lost a 100gs match at Newmarket Second Spring to Mr Wastell's Lumbago (b f 1801 Grouse). Won a 500gs match at Newmarket First October from Mr Howorth's Malta (ch c 1798 Buzzard). Won a 200gs match at the same meeting from the Duke of Grafton's Pic Nic (b c 1799 Mr Teazle). Won a 200gs match at Newmarket Houghton from Sir C Bunbury's Derby and Oaks winner Eleanor (b f 1798 Whiskey).

In 1806 won a 200gs match at Newmarket from Mr Watson's Dreadnought (b c 1800 Buzzard). Won a 200gs match at Newmarket First Spring from Mr Wyndham's Marianne (ch f 1798 Mufti). Lost a 500gs match at Newmarket Second Spring to Mr R Boyce's Bobtail.