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Precipitate ch c 1787 (Mercury - Sister to Challenger, by King Herod). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 24.

A full brother to Gohanna (b c 1790), Precipitate was bred at Petworth in Sussex by George O'Brien Wyndham (1751-1837), 3rd Earl of Egremont, and considered to be a horse of great beauty and substance. He stood 15.2 hands and was described as "handsomely marked, of big bone and great muscular strength and powers". Later sold to Virginia, his American owner thought his name appropriate for him, as he wrote "He is truly such a horse as Virgil describes, 'large and full of fire, bold as a lyon, active as a greyhound and in all his movements ether : he rushes forward like a thunderbolt and hesitates at nothing'."

His colour was specifically described as "sorrel" by William Lightfoot [E2:416], which is reminiscent of the General Stud Book entry for Roundhead (sorrel c 1733 Childers), a member of the immediate family of Silverlocks (ch f 1725), who was almost certainly a palomino in colour. Precipitate's sire Mercury (ch c 1778) was a full brother of Queen Mab (ch f 1785), described as a chestnut with a white mane and tail, and who produced Jupiter (ch c 1774).

Precipitate raced with distinction for Lord Egremont for three years, winning a King's Plate and several other plates and prizes. His stud career is noteworthy mainly for the good mares he produced, however, he also got the good winner and sire Bobtail (ch c 1795).

He entered the stud of Richard Watt at Bishop Burton, near Beverley in Yorkshire in 1794 and remained there until 1803, when on the death of Watt he was sold at Tattersall's along with the rest of the stud. Purchased for 250 by William Lightfoot of Sandy Point, Charles City County, Virginia, he was shipped to America in October of 1803. Contrary to the report in the General Stud Book which says he died before landing in 1803, he stood at Sandy Point in 1804, at Thomas Goode's in Chesterfield County in 1805, and at John C Goode's in Mecklenburg County in 1806. He died that year after covering a mare, apparently having "dropt off from her dead".

Precipitate Mercury Eclipse Marske
Tartar Mare Tartar
Mogul Mare
Sister to Challenger King Herod Tartar
Maiden Matchem
Squirt Mare
Race Record
In 1790 he won the first class of the 100gs each Prince's Stakes at Newmarket First Spring, beating the Duke of Bedford's Thunderbolt (ro c 1787 Jupiter), Mr Fox's Chanticleer (ch c 1787 Woodpecker) and Mr Crowder's Sir Pepper (b c 1787 Highflyer). Won the 50 gs each Bolton Stakes at the same meeting, beating the Duke of Bedford's Dragon (ch c 1787 Woodpecker), the Prince of Wales's Chambooe (b c 1787 Mambrino) and Mr Davis's Pallafox (gr c 1787 Crop). Won the third class of the 100gs each Prince's Stakes at Newmarket Second Spring, beating the Duke of Bedford's Thunderbolt. Collected a forfeit for the main class of the 200gs each Prince's Stakes at the same meeting; 2 subscribers.
In 1791 he finished 2nd for the 200gs each Claret Stakes at Newmarket First Spring, won by the Duke of Bedford's Dragon. Finished among the field for the 100gs each Oatlands Stakes at Ascot Heath in June, won by the Prince of Wales's Baronet (b c 1785 Vertumnus), with Mr Barton's Express (b c 1785 Postmaster) placing 2nd and Lord Barrymore's Chanticleer 3rd; 15 others started. Finished 2nd for the 50gs each Grosvenor Stakes at Newmarket in July, won by Lord Barrymore's Chanticleer.
In 1792 he finished among the field for the 100gs each Oatlands Stakes at Newmarket in April, won by Mr Bullock's Toby (b c 1786 Highflyer), with Mr Dawson's Coriander (b c 1786 Pot8os) placing 2nd, Mr Wyndham's Actaeon (b c 1788 Highflyer) 3rd, Lord Grosvenor's Asparagus (ch c 1787 Pot8os) 4th and the Duke of Bedford's Eager (b c 1788 Florizel) 5th; 14 others started. Won the 50 Members' Plate at Guildford in May. Won the 50 Town Plate at the same meeting. Won the King's Plate at Lewes in August, beating the Duke of Bedford's Skyscraper (b c 1786 Highflyer). Finished 2nd for the 50 Duke of Richmond's Plate at the same meeting, won by Sir H Fetherston's Quetlavaca (ch c 1788 Diomed). Finished 2nd for a 10gs each Subscription at the same meeting, won by Mr Hammond's Highlander (gr c 1783 Bourdeaux).
Notable Precipitate Mares
Drug (f 1795c), the dam of Ascot Gold Cup winner Jannette (ch f 1807 King Bladud). Family 65.
Harriet (b f 1804), bred by Sir M M Sykes, ancestress of a number of good winners in eastern and central Europe, including Russian Derby winner Zigota (ch c 1936), Magyar Derby winners Isztopirin (b c 1968) and Aszbeszt (ch c 1981), Oesterreichisches Derby and Magyar Derby winner Turbo (b c 1978). Family 17-d.
Miss Buckle (b f 1804), owned by Mr Mellish, ancestress of St Leger winner Knight of St. George (b c 1851 Birdcatcher) who was sent to Kentucky where he proved a very good stallion. Family 26.
Miss Monroe (ch f 1806), one of his few American-foaled progeny, dam of Spring Hill (b c 1811 Sir Archy). Family Selima.
Phantasmagoria (b f 1799), bred by Lord Egremont, ancestress of Ascot Gold Cup and Gold Vase winner Golden Myth (b c 1918 Tredennis)who was later the sire of Irish Derby winner and good stallion Sea Serpent (ch c 1928). Family 5-a.
Precipitate Mare (f 1795), bred by Mr Goodisson, dam of Two Thousand Guineas winner Wizard (ch c 1806 Sorcerer). Family 12-b.
Sister to Petworth (ch f 1796), owned by Mr Harbord, dam of two daughters, Miss Stephenson (ch f 1814 Sorcerer) and Monimia (b f 1821 Muley), from whom descended a large proportion of Family 12-c, including the good stallions Amphion (ch c 1886 Rosebery) and Springfield (b c 1873 St Albans) respectively.
Precipitate Mare (b f 1797), bred by Lord Egremont, ancestress of St Wolf (b c 1905 St Frusquin) and Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner Pleasant Colony (bbr c 1978 His Majesty). Family 5-a.
Princess (b f 1799), bred by Lord Egremont, 2nd dam of Scandal (b f 1822), taproot of Family 11-e, and Scratch (b f 1820), taproot of Family 11-a.
Slipper (b f 1801), bred by Lord Egremont, ancestress of Kermesse (bl f 1879), taproot of Family 11-f.