Mambrino (GB)





Sire Line

Darley Arabian




Mambrino gr c 1768 (Engineer - Mare by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 20.

Mambrino was bred by John Atkinson of Scholes, near Leeds, Yorkshire, and later sold to Lord Grosvenor. During a successful turf career, from 1773 to 1779, he won eleven races. Among the good horses he defeated was Florizel (b c 1768 Herod), the sire of the Derby winner Diomed* (ch c 1777). Mambrino's grandsire, Sampson (b c 1745), was described by Lawrence as the "strongest horse that ever raced," some of which characteristic must have passed to Mambrino, who has been described as an example of "strength with quality". Through his son Messenger* (gr c 1780), he is ancestor to the American Standardbred horse, and is also said to have been important in the foundation of English Coach horses.

Mambrino Engineer Sampson Blaze
Hip Mare
Young Greyhound Mare Young Greyhound
Curwen Barb Mare
Cade Mare Cade Godolphin Arabian
Little John Mare Bolton Little John
Durham's Favourite
Race Record
At 5, all at Newmarket, won 200 guineas match, the 140 guineas Subscription, beating Conductor (ch c 1767 Matchem), 25 guineas sweep, 500 guineas sweepstakes, beating Mark Anthony (b c 1767 Spectator) who later sired the Derby winner Aimwell (b c 1782), 170 guineas race, 500 guineas sweep over Florizel.
At 6, all at Newmarket, 2nd in a 200 guineas cross-and-jostle match, losing to Pyrrhus (br c Sprightly), paid a 250 guineas forfeit to Pumpkin (ch c 1769 Matchem), 500 guineas match, losing to Paymaster (b c 1766 Blank).
At 7, all at Newmarket, won the King's Plate, Jockey Club Plate, beating Trentham (b c 1766 Gower's Sweepstakes), 300 guineas sweep, beating Mark Anthony.
At 8, all at Newmarket, won 170 guineas, 50 guineas, collected a 250 guineas forfeit from Narcissus (ch c Marske), collected a 250 guineas forfeit from Mark Anthony, 2nd 200 guineas sweep to Pumpkin.
At 9 and 10, Mambrino did not race, Lord Grosvenor paying in 1777 a 100 guineas compromise for failing to answer Mr Pigot's challenge for the Whip with his horse, Shark (br c 1771 Marske), although Lord Grosvenor retained the Whip.
At 11, Mambrino went lame in the running of the Craven Stakes, won by Woodpecker (ch c 1773 Herod), and was subsequently retired from the turf.
Notable Offspring
Brighton Belle (gr f 1784), dam of July Stakes winner Skyrocket (b c 1797).
Grantham (gr c 1782), 2nd Derby Stakes.
Mambrina* (ch f 1785), bred by Lord Grosvenor, was sold in 1787 at Tattersall's in London to B Hyde, who sent her to Virginia where she was purchased by Alexander Spotswood. In the Spotswood stud she produced Fairy and Lurcher, and was then sold to William Alston in South Carolina. Mambrina* produced the outstanding racehorse and sire Gallatin (ch c 1799); Eliza (b f 1804), dam of two influential sires, Bertrand (b c 1820) and Pacific (b c 1822); and Fairy (b f 1797), dam of Tom Tough (ch c 1804).
Mambrino Mare (gr f 1785), owned by Lord Grosvenor, ancestress of the good American sires, Bramble (b c 1875) and Jamestown (b c 1928), the Kentucky Derby winner, Hoop, Jr (b c 1942), and Ragusa (b c 1960), winner of the St Leger, King George 6th & Queen Elizabeth Stakes, and the Irish Sweeps Derby.
Marcella (b f 1783), dam of Totteridge (br c 1791) and a number of good winners.
Messenger* (gr c 1780), bred by John Pratt and later exported to New York, notable for his contribution to harness horse breeds, and also sire of Millers Damsel (gr f 1802), the dam of American Eclipse (ch c 1814).
Primrose (gr f 1787), 4th dam of Sarpedon* (br c 8128) who was sent to Kentucky and there sired Alice Carneal (b f 1836), the dam of Lexington (b c 1850).