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Cade b c 1734 (Godolphin Arabian - Roxana, by Bald Galloway). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6-a.

Bred by Lord Godolphin, he was orphaned at ten days of age, and was said to have been raised on cow's milk. He was a full brother to Lath (b c 1732), the first son of the Godolphin Arabian. His racing career was respectable.

In the stud Cade was remarkably successful. He was Champion Sire in England in 1752, 1753, 1758, 1759 and 1760. Probably his most important offspring was Matchem (b c 1748), himself a Champion Sire and progenitor of the Matchem sire line. Other useful sons include Silvio (b c 1754) and his brother (b c c1755), Young Cade (b c 1747), Changeling (b c 1747) and Warren's Sportsman (b c 1753), the dam sire of Pot8os (ch c 1773).

His many valuable daughters include Cade Mare (gr f 1751), the dam of Mambrino (gr c 1768) and ancestress of such horses as Friar Marcus (b c 1912 Cicero) and Alysheba (b c 1984 Alydar) of Family 20. Another daughter, Hutton's Cade Mare was an ancestress of most of Family 25. Miss Cade (ch f 1750) was the grandam of Old England Mare (b f 1766) the taproot of Family 2-t. Sister to Merryman (b f 174) was the dam of Titania (f 1760) the taproot of Family 4-a. Miss Ramsden (b f 175) was the dam of the good racehorse and top sire Woodpecker (ch c 1773). Miss Roan (gr f 1753) was the dam of Sweetwilliam (ch c 1768), and the 3rd dam of Coriander (b c 1786). Miss Vernon (b f 1755) was the dam of Otho (b c 1760).

His influence was felt in America as well, through his daughter Kitty Fisher* (gr f 1756c), a notable American matriarch, who numbered the great racehorse Boston (ch c 1833) among her descendants. His son Wildair* (b c 1753) was sufficiently successful that he was sent back to England.

Cade died at Easby Abbey, North Yorkshire, in September of 1756.

Cade Godolphin Arabian    
Roxana Bald Galloway St. Victor's Barb
Grey Whynot
Sister to Chaunter Acaster Turk
Sister to Leedes
Race Record

In October of 1740 at Newmarket he won both heats of the King's Plate for 100 guineas defeating Mr Martindale's Sedbury (ch c 1734 Old Partner), Sir Michael Newton's Elephant and the Duke of Somerset's Blacksilver.

In April of 1741 at Newmarket, in a King's Plate for 100 guineas, Cade ran second to Mr Martindale's Sedbury, while beating Mr Hughson's Countess and Sir M Newton's Elephant.

At Huntingdon in July of 1744, for 50, he lost to Mr Parson's Molotto (bl c 1736), defeating Mr Grisewood's Tom Tinker, the Duke of Ancaster's Figg, Mr Greville's Crab, Sir H Harpur's Darling and Mr Prentice's John the Miller.

Racing for Thomas Meredith at Newmarket in October of 1745, Cade ran third in a subscription purse of 50 guineas to Mr Aislabie's Bucephalus (ch g 1738) and Mr Martindale's Starling, while defeating an aged horse belonging to the Duke of Devonshire which went lame and was withdrawn.
Notable Offspring
Changeling (GB)
b c 1747 (Cade - Sister 2 to Miss Partner, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4. Changeling was a full-brother to the celebrated Matchem and was also bred by John Holme of Carlisle. Purchased by Mr Fenwick, he started only once in public, for a £50 Maiden Plate at Newcastle in June of 1753. Said to have been restive in each heat, he finished 2nd in two of them before losing his distance in the 3rd. It was thought he would otherwise have been an easy winner. He was then sold for a stallion to Christopher Jackson. In 1754 he covered at Beverley, Yorkshire, for a fee of 2 guineas, and later at Crathorne, near Yarm, for the same fee. His best son was Le Sang (b c 1759) who got a St Leger winner in Bourbon (b c 1774). He also got a number of good runners, including Mr Pratt's Virgin (ch f 1755), winner of the Chester Gold Cup along with several Fifties.
Martin (GB)
gr c 1748 (Cade - Mare, by Crab). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 17. In 1752 racing for Sir Charles Sedley he won 50 for 4yos at Chipping Norton beating Mr Rogers's Robin Redbreast, Lord Byron's Rumstone and three others. In 1753 he won 50 at Newmarket beating Mr Crofts's Amelia (b f 1748 Godolphin Arabian), Mr Martindale's Brutus (ro c 1748 Regulus) and five others, and at the October meeting he beat the Duke of Ancaster's Dart (br c 1748 Snip) for 500gs. In 1755 running for Lord Onslow he won 50 at Reading, again beating Mr Martindale's Brutus as well as Mr Rogers's famous horse Aaron (b c 1747 Portmore's Whitenose), at Oxford, defeating Aaron for the second time, and at Ipswich, beating the celebrated Driver (ch c 1743 Beaver's Driver) running for Mr Lamego, Mr Percival's Daisy, Mr Leath's Maggot and Captain Vernon's Skim. In 1756 he won 50 at Guildford, beating Mr Rogers's Hey-Over and Lord Pomfret's Bold. Ensuing lameness ended his turf career. He left no stock that bred on.
Pangloss (GB)
ch c 1755 (Cade - Mare, by Bartlet's Childers). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 3. Bred by Abraham Dixon of Belford, Northumberland, he was a full-brother to Belford (b c 1754) and Boreas (b c 1756). In 1759 he won the Subscription Purse at York, worth more than £200, beating Mr Shafto's Apollo (b c 1755 Regulus), Mr Warren's Fearnought (b c 1755 Regulus), Mr Fenton's Viper (b c 1755 Sampson), Mr Lister's Patient Grizzle and Mr Turner's Modesty (ch f 1754 Cade). In 1760 he finished 2nd to Engineer (br c 1755 Sampson) in the Subscription Purse at York, beating Mr Naylor's Sally (ch f 1755 Blank), Mr Warren's Fearnought (b c 1755 Regulus) and Sir Richard Grosvenor's Raphael (b c 1755 Wolseley Barb). Purchased by Sir Richard Grosvenor, he won a 75 guineas Subscription Purse at Newmarket in October of 1761, beating Lord Portmore's Bosphorus (br c 1754 Babraham), Mr Vernon's Fribble (b c 1756 Snip), Mr Panton's Horatius (gr c 1756 Blank) and Lord Oxford's Pegasus (ch c 1754 Whitenose) over the Round Course. In May of 1762 he won the 100 guineas Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket, beating Sir James Lowther's Babraham (b c 1750 Babraham), the Duke of Devonshire's Atlas (b c 1752 Babraham), Lord Bolingbroke's Molly Long Legs (b f 1753 Babraham), Mr Vernon's Fortunatus and Mr Warren's Sportsman (b c 1753 Cade). He started several more times unsuccessfully before breaking his leg whilst running at Farn, Cheshire in 1766. Surviving his injury he entered Lord Grosvenor's stud where he got several good runners. He is best remembered as the sire of Pangloss Mare, ancestress of the Prix du Jockey Club winner Fitz Emilius (b c 1842 Young Emilius).
Sportsman (GB)
[Warren's] b c 1753 (Cade - Silvertail, by Heneage's Whitenose). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 32. Bred by John Borlase Warren of Stapleford, Nottinghamshire, Sportsman was a half-brother to Careless (ch c 1751 Regulus) and Fearnought* (b c 1755 Regulus). In 1757 he won 50 at Nottingham, beating Sir J Pennyman's Dash, Sir C Leighton's Young Partner, Mr Meredith's Fearnought and several others. In 1758 he finished 2nd in Plates at Huntingdon and Newark, running four heats at both places. In 1759 he won £50 at Chesterfield, beating Mr Swinburne's Nabob (b c 1753 Cade) and four others. In 1760 he won £50 at Nottingham, beating Mr Wentworth's Darrington Cade (ch c 1754 Cade), Lord Rockingham's Young Brilliant and two others, and also £50 at Lichfield, beating Mr Gorge's Juniper (b c 1752 Babraham). In April of 1761 he won the Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket, worth over 100 guineas, beating Mr Greville's Molly Long Legs (b f 1753 Babraham), Lord Portmore's Bosphorus (br c 1754 Babraham), Lord Rockingham's Remus (b c 1752 Regulus), Lord Gower's Shock and four others. In July of the same year he won the £90 Ladies' Plate at Huntingdon, beating the famous Wildair (b c 1753 Cade), Sir James Lowther's Babraham (b c 1750 Babraham) and Lord March's Ploughboy. He then walked-over for £50 at Scarborough. He entered the stud at Stapleford where despite a limited mare book he got a number of good runners along with Sportsmistress (ch f 1765), the dam of Pot8os (ch c 1773 Eclipse) and the Derby winner Sir Thomas (ch c 1785 Pontac).
Trunnion (GB)
b c 1747 (Cade - Meynell, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 12-c. Trunnion was bred by John Holme of Carlisle and sold to William Fenwick of Bywell, Northumberland, the owner of Matchem, and eventually to Sir Edward O'Brien. In 1751 he won £50 at Durham, beating Mr Hunt's Spanker (b c 1747 Bolton Goliah), and also £50 at Morpeth, beating Mr R Shafto's Badger, Mr Foster's Tom Trusty and others. In 1752 he won £50 at Carlisle, beating Mr Smith's Bright Venus and Tom Trusty in three heats. In the latter race Bright Venus won the first heat and Trunnion and Trusty ran a dead-heat for the second, however, Trunnion won the third with such ease that he was awarded the plate without having to run a fourth heat. The same year he walked-over for the Subscription Purse at Hambleton. In May of 1753 he again beat Tom Trusty, winning 500 guineas at Hambleton over four miles. He next won £50 at Malton, beating Mr Nelson's Greylegs and Mr Hunt's Spanker, and followed this with a walk-over for £50 at Newcastle. Starting for Sir Edward O'Brien in April of 1754 he won the 100 guineas Sportsman's Purse at the Curragh, beating Mr Daly's Smirking Nan, Mr O'Neil's Viper, Mr Mervin's Cyrus and Mr Brown's Tamerlane in three heats. In 1755 he won 50 guineas at Rathkeale, beating Mr Hyde's Atalanta and Mr Newenham's Standard. The same year he won a Gold Purse at Loughrea, beating Mr Burn's (formerly Lord Portmore's) Prim. In 1756 he won the 50 guineas Jockey Club Plate at the Curragh, beating Mr Newenham's Trifle, Lord Antrim's Gustavus and Mr Brown's Bolton. He also won 60 guineas at Killarney, beating Mr Brown's Piper, £50 at Rathkeale, again beating Piper, and £50 at Loughrea, again beating Mr Brown's Bolton (Whitefoot). In 1757 he won £50 at Loughrea, beating Piper yet again. After his turf career he went to stud in Ireland where he was a popular stallion. Among his offspring was Mother Brown, the 3rd dam of Nabocklish (ch c 1810 Rugantino), the damsire of Harkaway (ch c 1834 Economist).
Bandy (GB) b c 1747 (Cade - Vane's Little Partner, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6-a.
Matchem (GB) b c 1748 (Cade - Sister 2 to Miss Partner, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Matchem. Family 4.