Careless (GB)

Warren's Careless




Sire Line

Godolphin Arabian




Careless [Warren's] ch c 1751 (Regulus - Silvertail, by Heneage's Whitenose). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 32.

Bred by John Borlase Warren (1677-1747) of Stapleford, near Nottingham, he was described as remarkable for his great size and strength. Careless was a full-brother to Fearnought* (b c 1755), a notable stallion in America, and a half-brother to Warren's Sportsman (b c 1753 Cade), who sired the dam of Pot8os (ch c 1773 Eclipse). Following the death of Mr Warren, Careless was purchased by Evelyn Pierrepont (1711-1773), the 2nd Duke of Kingston.

Careless may be expressing both sabino and rabicano genes, as in his portrait he appears to have white hairs throughout his face and shoulder, which can be indicative of sabino colouring, and possibly a spray of white in his tail, with more white hairs behind the saddle, suggesting the presence of rabicano. Although his dam, Silvertail, is called a bay in the General Stud Book, in some racing calendars her colour is noted as roan. She has two daughters recorded as roan in the stud book, who may have been rabicanos as well.

Racing from 1755 through 1761, he won seven King's Plates, as well as a Great Subscription purse, in which he defeated the previously unbeaten Atlas. The latter race generated much interest since Atlas had beaten Careless twice before, and a great deal of money rested on the outcome.

He retired from the turf to the Duke's stud at Holme Pierrepont, near Nottingham, where his fee was 10 guineas. In the stud he was noteworthy for his contribution to American bloodstock, siring Mousetrap* (b c 1771), and Sister to Croney (f 1768c), the dam of Obscurity* (ch c 1777 Eclipse), both stallions of enduring value.

Careless Regulus Godolphin Arabian  
Grey Robinson Bald Galloway
Sister to Old Country Wench
Silvertail Heneage's Whitenose Hall's Arabian
Jigg Mare
Rattle Mare Rattle
Sister to Kitty Burdett
Race Record
At 4: won 50 at Derby, defeating Mr Egerton's Rocket (b c 1751 Regulus), who won the first heat, Mr Curzon's Wormwood (ch c Babraham), Mr Pigot's Chetwin (b f Cade) and Mr Middleton's Moorcock (bl c Hutton's Moorcock), all carrying 9 stone in two-mile heats, won 50 guineas at Litchfield, beating Mr Parker's chestnut colt Chance, Mr Smith Barry's Bonny Lass (br f 1750 Snip) and Mr Smith's Star (b c Hazard) in both two-mile heats, won 80 guineas at Newmarket in October, beating Mr Swinburn's Judgment (b c 1751 Snip), the Duke of Ancaster's Myrtle (gr c Blank) and one other, over four miles.
At 5: won 50 at Nottingham, beating Mr Meredith's Easby Miller (d c 1751 Shock) in both two-mile heats, at 10 stone each, walked-over for the King's Plate at Burford, walked-over for 50 at Huntingdon, walked-over for the 100 guineas King's Purse at Litchfield.
At 6: won the King's Plate at Guildford, beating Mr Rogers's Newcastle Jack (ch c 1751 Babraham) in both three-mile heats, won the King's Purse at Winchester, beating Mr Swymmer's bay colt Monock in both three-mile heats, won the King's Plate at Lewes, beating Newcastle Jack, won the King's Plate at Newmarket, beating the Duke of Kingston's Prince T'Quassaw (br c 1751 Snip) in both heats over the Round Course, walked-over for the King's Plate at Salisbury, walked-over for the King's Plate at Canterbury.
At 7: won 50 at Nottingham, beating Sir R (later Lord) Grosvenor's Stately (ch f 1750 Mogul) in both two-mile heats, Careless conceding 8 pounds to Stately, won 100 sovereigns at York in August, beating Prince T'Quassaw in three-mile heats, 2nd 90 sovereigns Ladies' Plate at Huntingdon, won by the Duke of Devonshire's Atlas (br c 1752 Babraham), Careless won the first two-mile heat, Atlas the last two, walked-over for the King's Plate at Newmarket.
At 8: won the 50 guineas-added Great Subscription at York in August, beating Mr Fenwick's Matilda (b f 1753 Cade) and Lord Rockingham's Scrub (b c 1751 Blaze), although Careless went lame during the race, walked-over for 50 at Stamford, 2nd 100 guineas purse at Newmarket, won by Atlas.
At 9: won the Great Subscription at York in August, beating the previously undefeated Atlas, both carrying 9 stone over four miles.
At 10: 3rd in the Great Subscription at York in August, won by Scrub, Careless beating Mr Wentworth's Maria (b f 1755 Second) and Lord Scarborough's Cadormus (b c 1753 Cade). This was his final race.