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Regulus b c 1739 (Godolphin Arabian - Grey Robinson, by Bald Galloway). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 11.

Bred by Lord Chedworth, and later owned by Mr Martindale, he was considered superior to any horse in his day, winning eight Royal Plates as a six-year old1. He ran his first race under the name of Sweetlips. Never defeated on the turf he was one of the most successful sons of the Godolphin Arabian.

While his sons Adolphus (ro c 1750), Warren's Careless (ch c 1751), Doge (ch c 7162), Dragon (b c 1757), Morwick Ball (ch c 1762), South (b c 1750), Star (br c 1759) and Turk (b c 1763) all earned their keep in England, his sons Fearnought* (b c 1755), Vampire* (b c 1757) and Silvereye* (br c 1750) made significant contributions to the American turf.

However, it was his daughters who provided his legacy. Spilletta (b f 1749) became the dam of Eclipse (ch c 1764 Marske) and his sister Proserpine (b f 1766 Marske), the dam of Luna (ch f 1779 King Herod), taproot mare of Family 12-g. Sister to Miss Belsea (b f 1749) is the taproot mare of Family 3-a. Regulus Mare (br f1757) is the taproot of Family 8-a, A-La-Grecque (ch f 1763) taproot mare of Family 23-a, Regulus Mare (gr f 1753) taproot of Family 15-d and Regulus Mare (f) taproot of Family 63.

Miss Cleveland is the 2nd dam of Derby winner and Champion Sire Sir Peter Teazle (br c 1784 Highflyer) and the 3rd dam of the Derby winner Tyrant (b c 1799 Pot8os) and the Oaks winner Bellissima (b f 1795 Phoenomenon). Ferret's Dam (f 1760c) is the grandam of Tipple Cyder (ch f 1788 King Fergus), taproot of Family 8-k. Regulus Mare (b f 1773) was the dam of the good stallion Tandem (b c 1773 Syphon) and his equally good sister (b f 1771). Sister to Tandem was the dam of Maid of all Work (b f 1786 Highflyer), taproot of Family 17-a, of St Leger winner Cowslip (b f 1782 Highflyer) and grandam of the St Leger winner Sancho (b c 1801 Don Quixote). Sister to South (f 1751) was the dam of Rutilia (b f 1769 Blank), taproot of Family 13-a, and the 2nd dam of Champion Sire Highflyer (b c 1774 King Herod).

Miss Belsea was the 3rd dam of the Derby winner Skyscraper (b c 1786 Highflyer) and ancestress of a good portion of Family 3. Portia (b f 1758) was almost entirely responsible for the success of Spot Mare (f 174-) as the taproot of Family 8-b, while her sister Vixen (b f 1753) took care of the rest. Sister to Vampire (f 1756) helped to establish Family 4-o as well as being the 3rd dam of the Derby winner Sir Harry* (br c 1795 Sir Peter Teazle). Regulus Mare (ch f 1763c) was the 2nd dam of St Leger winner Quiz (ch c 1798 Buzzard), the 4th dam of the St Leger winner Barefoot* (ch c 1820 Tramp), and contributed to Family 5-g and Family 5-h. Flora (b f 1749) helped to establish Family 22, Vanessa (br f 1751) Family 29, Joan (ro f 1757) Family 32 and Daphne (b f 1756) Family 34. Riot (b f 1753) contributed to Family 31, Miss Wilkinson (ch f 1747) and her sister Sappho (b f 1749) to Family 43 and Regulus Mare (f) to Family 58.

Queen Elizabeth (b f 1763) was the dam of St Leger winner Bourbon (b c 1774 Le Sang). Regulus Mare was the 2nd dam of the Derby winner Saltram (br c 1780 Eclipse) and his sister, the Oaks winner Annette (b f 1784). Miss Middleton (b f 175-) was the 3rd dam of the Oaks winner Bridget (b f 1776 King Herod). Regulus Mare (f 1752c) was the 3rd dam of the Oaks winner Ceres (b f 1779 Sweetwilliam) and 4th dam of the Derby winners Rhadamanthus (b c 1787 Justice) and Daedalus (b c 1791 Justice).

In the stud he would become a "favourite and very valuable Stallion in the North of Yorkshire, and was sire of an uncommon number of Racers, Stallions, and Brood-Mares, notwithstanding, it has been asserted that Mr Martindale cleared by him, as a Stallion, little more than 1000gs". He covered at 10gs. Regulus was a Champion Sire eight times from 1754 to 1766. He died in Yorkshire at Low Garterly, Catterick, in 1765.

1 The age of a horse was calculated from May 1 each year until December 31, 1833 at Newmarket and until April 18, 1858 elsewhere in Great Britain and Ireland. The age of a horse has been calculated from January 1 each year since 1834 at Newmarket and since April 19, 1858 elsewhere in Great Britain and Ireland. See Highflyer.

Regulus Godolphin Arabian    
Grey Robinson Bald Galloway St. Victor's Barb
Grey Whynot
Sister to Old Country Wench Snake
Grey Wilkes
Race Record
In 1745 he won 50 carrying 12st at Epsom, beating Mr Teddon's Poppet, Mr Grisewood's Brisk, and Mr Greville's Chance. Won the King's Plate at Winchester in June, beating Mr Grisewood's Teazer (gr c 1739 Bolton Starling). At Salisbury later in June he walked over for the King's Plate. Won the King's Plate at Nottingham in July, beating Mr Hutton's Wormwood (b c 1739 Hutton's Blacklegs), Mr Vavasour's Champion (b c 1739 Goliah) and 2 others who were distanced. Won the King's Plate at Canterbury at the end of July, beating Mr Grisewood's Teazer. Won the King's Plate at Lewes in August, beating Mr Smith's Grey Lincoln (gr g 1739 Grey Ward). Won the King's Plate at Lincoln in September, beating Mr Vavasour's Champion. Won the King's Plate at Newmarket in October, beating Lord Portmore's Grey Lincoln and Mr Everett's Lowther. In the latter race Regulus was said to have won the first heat so easily that Lord Portmore and Mr Everett withdrew their horses.
In 1746 won the King's Plate at Newmarket in April, beating Mr Grisewood's Teazer.
Notable Offspring
Adolphus (GB)

ro c 1750 (Regulus - Miss Layton, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 43. Bred in Yorkshire by Mr Lodge of Richmond and sold to Mr Martindale of London, Adolphus was a full sister to Mr Lodge's Miss Wilkinson (ch f 1747). Among his other accomplishments he was twice ridden by Jenison Shafto in his Match against Time in June of 1759 at Newmarket. In April of 1755 he won 240 guineas at Newmarket, beating Mr Pembroke's Aimwell (gr c 1750 Babraham) over the Beacon Course. He then won the £50 Maiden Plate at Lambourn, beating Mr Bassett's Regulus (b c 1750 Regulus) who was withdrawn after one heat, whilst distancing three others. In 1756 he won the King's Plate at Guildford, distancing Mr Hilliar's Little Spot. He followed this with wins in the King's Plates at Winchester, beating Mr Bowles's Milo [ex-Bassett's Regulus], at Salisbury, beating Mr Croft's Brilliant (bu c 1750 Crab), and walked-over for the King's Plates at Canterbury and Lewes. He lost the King's Plate at Lincoln to Mr Williams's Forester (ch c 1750 Croft's Forester). He had no success in 1757 although in 1758, running for Mr Jones, he won £50 at Epsom, beating Mr Boothby's Grantham, Lord Craven's Anthony, Mr Crosby's Macheath [ex-Scar], Mr Swymmer's Tantivy (b c 1749 Sedbury) and the Duke of Bridgewater's Neptune (gr c 1750 Sedbury). The same year he won £50 at Ascot Heath, beating the Duke of Cumberland's Blacklegs (b c 1752 Bolton Starling), Mr Vernon's (previously Mr Williams's) Forester, Mr Brooke's Rainbow (ch c 1752 Cornwall's Arabian) and Mr Larkin's Sloe in three heats. In April of 1759 he won 200 guineas, beating Mr Crosoer's Sportley (Regulus) over the Beacon Course. In 1760, running for Mr Wildman, he won £50 at Epsom, beating Mr Rogers's Fair Rachel, Mr Keck's Genius (b c 1753 Babraham) and Mr Dutton's Nisus (ch c 1752 Squirt). He covered at Hampton-Wick, Middlesex, and later near Richmond, Yorkshire. He got a number of good runners as well as the dam of Northern Eclipse* (ch c 1782 Eclipse).
Ascham (GB)

[or Askham] br c 1759 (Regulus - Mare, by Crab). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 37. Bred by Sir James Lowther, he was later owned by Jenison Shafto before entering Sir James Lowther's stud. In April of 1763 he won a 500 guineas each sweepstakes at Newmarket, beating Lord Waldegrave's Disappointement (b c 1759 Blank), Lord Rockingham's Lion (Regulus) and the Duke of Devonshire's Spider (Cartouch) over the Beacon Course. At the same place he won the Jockey Club Plate worth over 100 guineas, beating Lord Rockingham's Cerberus (Godolphin's Hunter), Mr Vernon's Doubtful (d c 1759 Blank or Gower's Dun Barb), the Duke of Kingston's Milford (b c 1760 Babraham), the Duke of Marlborough's Pero (Janus), Lord Grosvenor's Cowslip (Bandy), Lord Northumberland's Vizier (Chub), Lord Orford's Prize (Blank) and Lord March's Young Heroine (Blank). Later in October he won the 5 guineas each Subscription Purse, beating Lord Rockingham's Lapwing (ro f 1759 Regulus), Lord Gower's Nameless (b c 1759 Moses), Mr Blake's Hazard (Oroonoko), the Duke of Cumberland's Ariadne (Cumberland's Crab), the Duke of Kingston's Milford (b c 1760 Babraham) and the Duke of Grafton's Forfeit (Panton's Arabian). He also collected a 500 guineas forfeit from a Post-Match. In October of 1765 he won 1000 guineas at Newmarket, beating the Duke of Cumberlands King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar) over the Beacon Course. Starting for Mr Shafto in April of 1766 he won 500 guineas at Newmarket, beating Mr Vernon's Prophet (ch c 1760 Regulus) over the Beacon Course. In July at the same place he won 2000 guineas, beating Mr Vernon's Jerkin (b c 1760 Babraham) over the Beacon Course. In April of 1768 he won £50 at Newmarket, beating Mr Vernon's Spark (Son of Blank), Lord Rockingham's Prospero, the Duke of Bridgewater's Tartar and the Lord Farnham's Admiral over the Round Course. In July he won £50 , beating Mr Vernon's Snipe, the Duke of Grafton's Chigger, Lord Barrymore's Ganymede and Lord Gower's bay colt (Tearing Robin). He started unsuccessfully several more times for Sir James Lowther and then became a private stallion in his stud. He got a few racers, including Bonny Brown, although in general he left little behind.
Doge (GB)

ch c 1762 (Regulus - Mare, by Crab). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 15. Bred by Lord Bolingbroke he was later purchased by Peregrine Wentworth of Tolstone Lodge, near Tadcaster, Yorkshire. In 1766 Doge won a 200 guineas each sweepstakes at the Newmarket First Spring Meeting, beating Sir J Moore's Young Cabbage (South), Mr Panton's brown colt (Blank) and the Duke of Grafton's Striver (Snap) over the Beacon Course. At the First October Meeting he also won the 1400 guineas, beating Mr Shafto's Attilius (b c 1762 Regulus) over the Beacon Course. At the same meeting he finished 3rd in the Newmarket Plate, won by Dux (b c 1761 Matchem), beating a number of others. In 1767 at Newmarket, Second Spring, he collected a 300 guineas forfeit from Mr Conolly's Mountebank (Bandy). In June of 1768, starting for Mr Wentworth for a £50 plate at Newcastle, he broke down in the first heat and was retired from the turf. From 1773 to 1777 he covered at Mr Norris's stud in Beverley, Yorkshire, for a fee of 2 guineas, and from 1778 to 1780 at Tolstone. He got a number of runners with his best known sons being Venetian (ch c 1786) and Young Sir Peter (ch c. 1775).
Jalap (GB)

b c 1758 (Regulus - Red Rose, by Devonshire Blacklegs). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6. Bred in Yorkshire by Thomas Duncombe of Helmsley Park, he was later purchased by Buckle & Hudson. In May of 1764 he won "easy" the £50 Gold Cup at Chester, beating Mr Shafto's Wanlass (Cygnet) and Mr Pigott's Sportley (b f 1758 Blank). In July he won the King's Plate at Nottingham, beating Mr Wentworth's Valiant (Sampson) and Lord Rockingham's Sapling (Regulus). He also started for the King's Plate at York in August winning the first heat from the Hon F Charteris's Favourite (gr c 1758 Tartar) before breaking down in the second. Despite covering very few well-bred mares he got some good runners, including Mr Wentworth's Achilles [ex-Presumption] (b c 1767). He was said to have sired a "great number of very fine Hunters and Road-Horses" and was judged the best "Country Stallion in the Kingdom".
South (GB)

b c 1750 (Regulus - Mare, by Soreheels). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 13. South was bred by Mr Scroope and later purchased by Sir John Moore, who also owned the Champion Sire King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar). In April of 1764 he won 500 guineas at Newmarket, beating Mr Raikes Fulthorpe's Jason (Bolton Starling) over the Beacon Course. He started twice more without success. South covered at Fawley, near Lambourn, Berkshire, from 1757 to 1765 where his fee rose from 1 guinea to 5 guineas, and thereafter at Nether Hall, along with King Herod, for the same fee. His best son was Flimnap* (b c 1765) who was a great success as a stallion in South Carolina. Another son, Friar* (b c 1759), who had preceded Flimnap* to South Carolina, was also a useful stallion. First among his daughters was Miss  South (b f 1759), dam of Trentham (b c 1766 Gower's Sweepstakes), a very good stallion and sire of, among others, the Oaks winner Tag (b f 1786). Sister to Confederate (f 1760c), was the ancestress of Care (b f 1825 Woful), taproot mare of Family 27-a.
Turk (GB)

b c 1763 (Regulus - Mare, by Crab). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 39. Turk was bred by Lord Bolingbroke from Thomas Panton's Crab Mare. She never ran, instead joining first the Earl of Ossory's and then Lord Bolingbroke's stud. Turk was described as a well-marked bright bay standing fully 15 hands 3 inches. He started only three times, winning 500 guineas at Newmarket, Second Spring, in 1769, beating Lord Pomfret's Saracen (Regulus). Purchased by John Singleton he was soon sold to John Hutchinson for a stallion. In 1770 he covered at Mr Casson's, Skelton, near York, for a fee of 2 guineas. He got a number of good runners although he is better known for his daughters than his sons. His daughter, Turk Mare, was the taproot of Family 23-b. Princess (ch f 1774) was the dam of Citizen* (b c 1785 Pacolet), an influential stallion in America. Another Turk Mare was the 2nd dam of Variety (b f 1808 Hyacinthus), the taproot mare of Family 20-a.

Careless (GB) [Warren's] ch c 1751 (Regulus - Silvertail, by Heneage's Whitenose).Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 32.
Cato (GB) b c 1748 (Regulus - Mare, by Croft's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian.