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King Fergus ch c 1775 (Eclipse - Creeping Polly [Tuting's], by Othello [Portmore's]). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 6-x.

Bred by Mr Carver, he was sold to Dennis O'Kelly, the owner of his sire Eclipse (ch c 1764 Marske), as a yearling. He was said to stand sixteen hands, have excellent bone and sinews, and be well shaped and free from blemish. He was reported to pass along to his offspring his good size and action.

Lamed in his first trial and fired at the age of three, he nevertheless went on to win eight races. On his retirement from the turf, King Fergus was purchased by Mr John Croke and his stud career commenced at the Curragh in Ireland. He was put back into training after the season of 1784, and placed second in the Lord Lieutenant's Plate, which was his only race there. By this time his Irish youngsters were coming along, and subsequent to their successes, King Fergus was returned to England in 1785, where he stood at Shipton, near York, under the care of John Hutchinson, initially for a fee of 5 guineas which rose quickly to 10 guineas.

In the stud he got some excellent runners, including three St Leger winners, Beningbrough (b c 1791), Hambletonian (b c 1792) and Young Traveller (ch c 1788), of whom the first two were also excellent stallions. In Ireland the distinguished Honest Tom (ch c 1785), won twenty-four races, five of which were King's Plates. Honest Tom, raced by Colonel Lumm, was said to have beaten the best in Ireland over any course.

King Fergus was Champion Sire in 1797 and died at Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, in 1801.

King Fergus Eclipse Marske Squirt
Ruby Mare
Spilletta Regulus
Mother Western
Tuting's Creeping Polly Portmore's Othello Crab
Miss Slamerkin
Fanny Tartar
Starling Mare
Race Record

At 3: 2nd in a sweep for 50 guineas each at Bath, won by Mr Clarke's Miss Wickham (b f Herod), beating two others.

At 4: won a 500 guineas sweep at Bath in September, beating Mr Parker's Cinderwench (bl f 1775 Ancient Pistol), collected a 100 guineas half-forfeit at Epsom from Sir C J Lade's Bett Bouncer (b f 1775 Young Snip), 3rd in a sweep of 100 guineas each at Newmarket First Spring, won by Sir Charles Bunbury's Bounceabout (ch c 1775 Herod), beating eight others, 3rd in the Fortescue Stakes, won by Lord Abingdon's Lexicon (b c 1775 Marske), beating six others.

At 5: won a 100 guineas match at Newmarket Second Spring from Sir J Lade's Knight Errant (b c 1774 Goldfinder), each carrying 8 stone 7 pounds over two miles, won 50 at Epsom, beating in three four-mile heats Mr Hall's Epsom [ex-Mecaenas, Walker's] (ch c 1775 Herod), Mr Hatton's Jugurtha (bl c Goldfinder), the Duke of Cumberland's Don Joseph (b c 1774 Sulphur) and four others, won a 200 guineas match at Newmarket October, beating the Duke of Cumberland's Pomona (ch f 1775 Herod) over three miles, won a 200 guineas match, beating Lord Derby's Guildford (b c 1775 Herod) over the Beacon Course, won 65 guineas beating Lord Grosvenor's Truth (b c 1776 Chymist), Lord Abingdon's Flying Gib (br c 1776 Marske) and three others over the Beacon Course, 2nd 140 guineas at Newmarket, won by Lord Grosvenor's Pot8os (ch c 1773 Eclipse), beating Lord Ossory's Dorimant (ch c 1772 Otho) in spite of having lost a shoe.

At 6: won 50 beating Mr England's Whizgig (b c 1775 Eclipse), Sir L Dundas's Prince Ferdinand (ch c 1775 Herod) and five others over the Beacon Course, walked-over for 50 at Newmarket, on which occasion his portrait was made, collected 100 guineas half-forfeit from General Smith's Girandola (ch c 1776 Rocket) at Newmarket October, which was his final race in England, unplaced in the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, won by the Hon Richard Vernon's Woodpecker (ch c 1773 Herod), followed by Lord Grosvenor's Whipcord (b c 1776 Herod), in a field of fifteen.

At 9: 2nd in the Lord Lieutenant's Plate at the Curragh, losing to Chocolate (ch c Sweetbriar).
Notable Offspring

Alexina (ch f 1788), 2nd dam of Comus (ch c 1809 Sorcerer), who contributed to the Matchem sire line, and 3rd dam of Champion Sire Slane (b c 1833 Royal Oak).

Ann of the Forest (br f 1790), taproot mare of Family 5-h, who was later sent to Russia.

Sister to Beningbrough (b f 1790), 2nd dam of the stallion Holbein (b c 1819 Rubens) and 2nd dam of the Doncaster Cup winner Slender Billy (ch c 1808 Young Woodpecker).

Flora (ch f 1789), dam of Hyacinthus Mare (ch f 1804), taproot of Family 2-f.

Johnny (b c 1794), sire of the Ascot Gold Cup winner Master Jackey (ch c 1804).

King Fergus Mare (b f 1790), dam of Oaks winner Scotia (gr f 1799 Delpini), the latter the dam of July Stakes winner Joke (br f 1808 Waxy).

Miss Muston (b f 1790), 2nd dam of Milton (b c 1813), sire of Vittoria (b f 1823), dam of three good winners in France, Prix du Cadran winner (three times) Nautilus (b c 1835 Cadland), Prix du Jockey Club winner Romulus (b c 1836 Cadland) and Prix de Diane winner Vergogne (b f 1846 Ibrahim). Miss Muston was also the 3rd dam of the St Leger winner Nutwith (b c 1840 Tomboy) and 4th dam of Maid of Masham (gr f 1845 Don John), taproot mare of Family 9-e.

Ormond (ch c 1789), sired the 2nd dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Young Mouse (b f 1826 Godolphin), who was in turn the 2nd dam of the Prix du Jockey Club winner Potocki (br c 1854 Nunnykirk).

Overton (b c 1788), winner of the Doncaster Cup, and sire of the St Leger winner Cockfighter (br c 1796).

Tipple Cyder (ch f 1788), taproot mare of Family 8-k, and 2nd dam of the good stallion Merlin (ch c 1815 Castrel), who sired the Two Thousand Guineas winner Dervise (b c 1823) and the One Thousand Guineas winner Problem (ch f 1823), the taproot mare of Family 1-g. Merlin also sired Mustard (ch f 1824), the taproot mare of Family 1-c. Tipple Cyder was also 2nd dam of the St Leger winner and Derby 2nd The Colonel (ch c 1825 Whisker).

Young Traveller (ch c 1788), winner of the St Leger Stakes and Doncaster Cup.

Beningbrough (GB) b c 1791 (King Fergus - Mare, by King Herod). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 7.
Hambletonian (GB) b c 1792 (King Fergus - Grey Highflyer, by Highflyer). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 1.