Otho (GB)




Sire Line

St. Victor's Barb



Otho b c 1760 (Chedworth's Moses - Miss Vernon, by Cade). Sire Line St. Victor Barb. Family 4-b.

Otho was bred by the Honourable Richard Vernon of Newmarket, who also bred the Derby winner Diomed (ch c 1777 Florizel). He was later sold to the Earl of Upper Ossory, of Ampthill Park, Bedfordshire. He was on the turf for four years where he defeated such horses as Turf (b c 1760 Matchem) and Antinous (ch c 1758 Blank).

Otho was a private stallion for Lord Ossory until 1778 when he covered publicy for 20gs. In 1780 his fee declined to 5gs and remained there until 1784. In the stud he got a number of excellent runners for Lord Ossory. His most famous son was Dorimant (ch c 1772), a notable racehorse and sire. His daughter Otheothea (br f 1772) was the ancestress of a number of good horses, including the One Thousand Guineas winner Kate (b f 1849 Auckland). Another daughter, Pastorella (b f 1774), was the ancestress of the St Leger winner William (b c 1811 Governor), and his daughter Nelly (b f 1779) was the ancestress of the Prix Royal Oak winner Nelusco (b c 1865 Monarque) and other good winners.
Otho Chedworth's Moses Howe's Foxhunter Bald Galloway
Sister to Old Country Wench
Portland Arabian Mare Portland Arabian
Richard Arabian Mare
Miss Vernon Cade Godolphin's Arabian
Sister to Spinster Croft's Partner
Bay Bloody Buttocks
Race Record
In 1764, running for Mr Vernon, he won 50 at Bedford, beating "easy" Mr White's Lucy Cooper (ch f 1761 Tartar), Mr Smith's Phoenix (c 1760 Babraham) and 1 other. Won a 300gs match at Newmarket in October from Lord Bolingbroke's Turf (b c 1760 Matchem).
In 1765 he collected half forfeit from Lord Orford's Jerkin (b c 1760 Babraham) and Lord Bolingbroke's Turf for a 300gs match at Newmarket. Won a 200gs each sweepstakes at Newmarket in July, beating Mr Panton's Pancake (gr c 1759 Blank), with Lord Orford's Ghost (b c 1759 Blank) paying a forfeit.
In 1766 he lost a 1000gs match at Newmarket in April to Lord Rockingham's Bay Malton (b c 1760 Sampson). Running for Lord Ossory, he won 50 Ladies' Plate at Huntingdon in July, beating Mr Shafto's Herald (b c 1759 Snap) and Mr Quick's General (br c 1758 Young Cartouch).
In 1767 he lost a match for 300gs at Newmarket in April to Lord Rockingham's bay Godolphin Hunter colt, giving the colt 26lbs. Won the 100gs Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket in May, beating the Duke of Bridgewater's Tartar (b c Tartar), Mr Meynell's Cheshire Dick (ch c 1760 Regulus), the Duke of Northumberland's Narcissus (ch c 1756 Wilson's Chestnut Arabian) and Lord Bolingbroke's Turf, the latter going lame. Won the 140gs Purse at Newmarket in September, beating Mr Shafto's Ferdinando (b c 1761 Young Snip) and the Duke of Grafton's Antinous (ch c 1758 Blank). Won a 100gs match at Newmarket in October from Lord Rockingham's Prospero (ch c 1758 Merlin).


Dorimant (GB) ch c 1772 (Otho- Mare by Babraham). Sire Line St. Victor Barb. Family 40.