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Sampson bl c 1745 (Blaze - Mare, by Hip). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 12.

Bred by James Preston, he was trained by Mr Robinson of Malton, Yorkshire. He was described as standing 15.2 hands with eight and a half inches of bone in front and 9 inches behind, the largest seen to that time. Sampson was personally measured by Lord Rockingham.

The pedigree of his 4th dam, Darcy's Queen, had been questioned in the Old Sporting Magazine as she was thought to have been non-thoroughbred. Her pedigree appears for the first time in the 1891 edition of the General Stud Book, although the Turf Register makes note of it more than 80 years earlier: "Queen was bred by Lord D'Arcy, and got by a son of Hautboy, out of a daughter of Brimmer" [Pick 2:192].

He entered the stud, first at Malton, then at the Wentworth stud of Charles Watson-Wentworth, the 2nd Marquis of Rockingham and Prime Minister in the reign of King George III.

Sampson was quite successful in the stud, getting some good winners for Lord Rockingham. Bay Malton, a distinguished race horse, defeated King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar) twice and the worthy Gimcrack (gr c 1760 Cripple) on one occasion. Sampson also got the good stallion Engineer (br c 1755), sire of Mambrino (gr c 1768). He died at Wentworth in 1777.

Sampson Blaze Childers Darley Arabian
Betty Leedes
Confederate Filly Grey Grantham
Rutland Barb Mare
Hip Mare Hip Curwen's Bay Barb
Hobby Mare
Spark Mare Spark
Snake Mare
Race Record
In 1750 he won 50 at Malton, beating Mr Hunt's Jigg of Jiggs, Sir William Middleton's Thwackum, Mr Crofts' Red Robin, Mr Langley's Star, and others in three heats, with Jigg of Jiggs winning the first heat from Thwackum. He then won the 50 Subscription Purse at Hambleton, beating Thwackum and others over four miles. His next victory was the King's Plate at Lichfield, where he defeated Mr Martindale's Gustavus, Lord Gower's Jubilee Dicky and four others in three heats, with Gustavus winning the first heat over Jubilee Dicky, and Sampson the following two heats over Gustavus.
In April of 1751 he won the 50 Subscription Plate at Newmarket, beating Lord Portmore's Oroonoko, Mr Panton's Drudge and Lord Gower's Squirrel in two heats. The first heat was said to be "severely contested" between Sampson and Squirrel, when Sampson's superior strength prevailed, to the satisfaction of a number of Yorkshire sportsmen who were backing him. He then walked-over for the King's Plates at Winchester and Salisbury. At Canterbury he won the King's Plate, beating Sir Edward Hale's (formerly Mr Panton's) Drudge in two "smart" heats. He also won the King's Plate at Lewes, beating "very easily" Sir Charles Goring's Tom Thumb, and followed that with a walk-over for the King's Plate at Newmarket in October.
In April of 1752 he started for the King's Plate at Newmarket, winning the first heat with difficulty, and then lost the second heat to Thwackum. The second heat was said to be a "remarkably fine" one, closely contested for the entire four miles, with Sampson suffering "the mortification" of feeling the whip for the first time. It was considered the "finest that had ever been run between two horses" [Pick 1:110]. His loss was attributed to his failing eyesight.
Notable Sampson Mares
1. Allabaculia (br f 1773), bred by Lord Rockingham, won the first running of the St Leger Stakes.
2. Cantatrice (f 1767), bred by Lord Rockingham and later owned by Lord Fitzwilliam, a foundation mare of Family 8-a, and the 2nd dam of the St Leger winner Pewett (b f 1786 Tandem).
3. Flounce (b f 1767), bred by Lord Rockingham, dam of Sampson* (b c 1777 Tantrum) who was sold at the dispersal of Lord Rockingham's stud by Tattersalls and then consigned to Hart & McDonald of Virginia. He stood the seasons from 1785 to 1788 at John Page's Rosewell stud in Gloucester County. Described as a fine bay he stood 15 hands 2 inches.
4. Nun (gr f 1765), bred by Lord Rockingham, full sister to the good runner Pilgrim (bl c 1762), dam of Mr Blake's Mareschal (br c 1770 Saanah Arabian), a good plate horse who was later sent to France. Nun was also the dam of Lord Rockingham's winner Monkey (bbr c 1774 Saanah Arabian).
5. Sampson Mare (f 1765), dam of Miss Cornforth (ch f 1771 Matchem) from whom descend such good horses as the Oaks winner Cymba (br f 1845 Melbourne) and the consistent and durable runner and stallion Stedfast (ch c 1908 Chaucer).
6. Sampson Mare, ancestress of Wagtail (b f 1818 Prime Minister), the taproot mare of Family 21-a, the stallion Longbow (b c 1849 Ithuriel), and his full sister, the Oaks winner Iris (ch f 1848 Ithuriel).
Other Notable Offspring

Engineer (GB)
br c 1755 (Sampson - Mare, by Young Greyhound). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 36. Engineer was bred by William Fenton of Glass House, near Leeds. The General Stud Book records his year of birth as 1756, although his race results indicate he was born in 1755. In 1760 he won a 50 Maiden Plate at Malton, beating Mr Wentworth's Maria, Mr Witty's Skidby (Changeling), Mr Foster's Whisk (Sampson) and Mr Brandling's Nothing (Whitenose) in three heats. He then won the 255 Subscription Purse at York, beating Mr Dixon's Pangloss, Mr Naylor's Sally, Mr Warren's Fearnought and Sir Richard Grosvenor's Raphael, over four miles. In March of 1761 he won more than 50 at Newmarket, beating Mr Stamford's Chicken (Whittington) and Mr Duggin's Starling (Whitenose), over the Beacon Course. At Newmarket, October, he won a 500 guineas each sweepstakes, beating Lord Grosvenor's Pangloss, with the Duke of Cumberland's Dapper paying a forfeit, over the Beacon Course. At the same meeting he won the King's Plate, beating Mr Shafto's Apollo, who won the first heat, in three heats. In August of 1762 he placed 2nd in the Subscription Purse at York, his first defeat, won by Mr Wentworth's Skipjack, beating Mr Lister's Second and Mr Turner's Bachelor. His loss was blamed on the jockey's orders which took him out in front too early leaving him tired at the end. Skipjack was said to have won with difficulty. In April of 1763 he placed 3rd in the Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket to Mr Greville's Dorimond and Sir John Moore's Well-Done (South), beating Lord Bolingbroke's Horatius, the Duke of Kingston's Traplin, Lord Portmore's Bosphorus and Mr Warren's Fearnought. In August of 1763 he won the 350 Subscription Purse at York, beating Mr Shafto's Crimp, Mr Hutton's Silvio, Mr Chaplin's Dizzy, Mr Wentworth's Patriot, Mr Stanhope's Freeholder, Mr Bethell's Babram, the Duke of Cleveland's Miss Lincoln, Mr Cunningham's Figure, Mr Turner's Bachelor and Lord Northumberland's Perseus, over four miles. In August of 1764 he tied for 3rd place at York with Elephant, beaten by Beaufremont and Yorkshire Jenny, beating Dorimond and Dumplin.  In 1765 he won 50 at Scarborough, beating Mr Stanhope's Freeholder (Regulus), Mr Halls' Nimrod (Tartar), Mr Pearson's Smallbones (Spanking Roger) and Mr Stapleton's Carlton (Regulus) in four heats, with Engineer winning the final two. In May of this year he placed 3rd to Narcissus and Flylax for the Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket, and in August at York he placed 4th to Antinous, Le Sang and Zar, beating Rouzer and Beaufremont. Engineer stood for several years at Mr Ayrton's near Malton, and also in Lord Rockingham's stud. His outstanding son was Mambrino, although he got some good race horses, such as King's Pate winner Fireworker, and the good plater Black Tom. A number of his daughters gained distinction in the stud.

Notable Engineer Mares
1. Engineer Mare (f c1771), bred by Sir John Lister Kaye, 2nd dam of the St Leger and Doncaster Cup winner Phoenomenon (ch c 1780 King Herod). She was also the 4th dam of Doncaster Cup winner Catton (b c 1809 Golumpus).
2. Engineer Mare (gr f 1770), 2nd dam of Doncaster Cup winner Abba Thulle (b c 1768 Young Marske), who was said to have been sent to Russia. Engineer Mare is alleged to be the ancestress of Mumtaz Mahal (gr f 1921 The Tetrarch), however, this line is probably inaccurate. See Family 9-c.
3. Engineer Mare (f 1771), bred by Lord Rockingham, 2nd dam of the Derby winners Didelot (b c 1793 Trumpator) and Spread Eagle* (b c 1792 Volunteer). Spread Eagle* and his full brother, Eagle* (b c 1796 Volunteer) were both sent to America.
4. Engineer Mare (f 1770), bred by Mr Robinson, full sister to Rockingham's Engineer Mare, 3rd dam of the St Leger and Doncaster Cup winner Cockfighter (br c 1796 Overton).
5. Engineer Mare, bred by Mr Atkinson and later owned by Lord Grosvenor, dam of Mr Vevers' Young Morwick (ch c 1775 Morwick Ball).
6. Engineer Mare (f 1770), bred by Mr Ayrton and later sold to Mr Pigot and Mr Ogilvy, 3rd dam of Alexander Mare (b f 1790 Alexander), taproot mare of Family 2-n.
7. Engineer Mare (f c1771), full sister to Mr Ayrton's Engineer Mare, 4th dam of the Woodcote Stakes winner Brocard (br f 1825 Bobadil).
8. Sister to Mambrino (b f 1771), bred by Mr Atkinson, dam of Young Sir Peter (ch c 1775 Doge).

Bay Malton (GB) b c 1760 (Sampson - Mare, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 2-m.
Mambrino (GB) gr c 1768 (Engineer - Mare, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 20.