Bay Malton (GB)

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Darley Arabian




Bay Malton b c 1760 (Sampson - Mare, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 2-m.

Bred by Mrs Ayrton of Malton he was the first foal of his dam, Cade Mare, who was lent to Mrs Ayrton for one year by her father, Mr Fenton, at her wedding celebration. Mr Preston, owner of Sampson (bl c 1745 Blaze), was also a guest and at his suggestion Mrs Ayrton booked the mare to Sampson. Bay Malton was considered to be the smallest of the normally substantial Sampson offspring although of more quality than the rest.

Prior to the start of his second season on the turf Bay Malton was purchased by Charles Watson-Wentworth, 2nd Marquis of Rockingham. A stout and honest runner he was started only once or twice each season and had a lengthy and lucrative career. He earned his owner and his backers huge sums of money although his finest victory was likely that at York in 1766 where he set a new course record. He lost only two races, both of them in his final two seasons.

He retired to Lord Rockingham's stud at Wentworth Woodhouse, near Rotherham, Yorkshire, where he stood privately. He left no stock that bred on although he sired a few runners, including Mr Preston's Flaunter. Bay Malton died at Wentworth in 1786.

Bay Malton Sampson Blaze Childers
Confederate Filly
Hip Mare Hip
Spark Mare
Sister to Leonidas Cade Godolphin Arabian
Lass of the Mill Traveller
Miss Makless
Race Record

At 4: won a 160 guineas sweepstakes at Malton, beating Mr Thompson's Snap (gr c Old Snap) who lost his rider.

At 5: won a 500 guineas each sweepstakes at Newmarket in April, beating Mr Shafto's colt (ch c Shepherd's Crab) and the Duke of Cumberland's Selim (b c 1760 Bajazet) over the Beacon Course, also collecting a forfeit from the Duke of Cumberland's Admiral, won 500 guineas at Newmarket in October, beating "very easy" Lord Bolingbroke's Gimcrack (gr c 1760 Cripple) over the Beacon Course. Gimcrack was considered the very best horse at Newmarket and Lord Rockingham was said to have won 9000 guineas on the race. Bay Malton also collected a forfeit from the Duke of Cumberland's Gift (b c Old Snap).

At 6: won 1000 guineas at Newmarket in April, beating Mr Vernon's Otho (b c 1760 Chedworth's Moses) "easy" over the Beacon Course, won the 281 Great Subscription Purse at York in August, beating Mr Vernon's Jerkin (b c 1760 Babraham), Mr Coulson's Royal George (b c 1760 Young Cade), Mr Shafto's Flylax (gr c 1756 Old Cade), Mr Stapleton's Beaufremont (b c 1758 Tartar) and Sir John Moore's King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar) over four miles. Bay Malton was said to have run the four miles in 7 minutes 43 1/2 seconds, the fastest time by 7 1/2 seconds for this course, the race being "severely contested" for the entire four miles by the first three finishers. Bay Malton won by "about a length".

At 7: won a 500 guineas each sweepstakes at Newmarket, First Spring, beating Sir John Moore's King Herod (b c 1758 Tartar), Lord Bolingbroke's Turf (b c 1760 Matchem) and Mr Shafto's Ascham (br c 1759 Regulus) over the Beacon Course. This race attracted more spectators than had any previous race at Newmarket. The Yorkshire contingent was said to have freely backed Bay Malton who won them "thousands".

At 8: won a race for 200 guineas each and the Whip at Newmarket, First Spring, beating Lord Grosvenor's Cardinal Puff (gr c 1760 Babraham) over the Beacon Course, won the Jockey Club Plate, worth over 100 guineas, at Newmarket, Second Spring, beating Sir James Lowther's Ascham (br c 1759 Regulus) over the Beacon Course.

At 9: placed 3rd in 50 plate at Newmarket, First Spring, to Gimcrack and Cardinal Puff, beating Hemp, Phoenix, Bashful, Admiral, Presto, Chalfont and Toper.

At 10: lost a race at York to Chatsworth, Tortoise, Gimcrack and Morwick Ball.