Snap (GB)

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Darley Arabian


Snap [Old, Routh's, Shafto's] bl c 1750 (Snip - Sister to Slipby, by Fox). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 1.

Snap was bred in partnership by Cuthbert Routh and Lord Portmore, the latter having given a half-share in Snap's dam to Mr Routh in 1741. After Routh's death, he was purchased at the dispersal sale by Jenison Shafto, whose family came from Durham although he lived afterwards at Wratting near Newmarket. [Early Records:24]. Later described as a very fine, powerful horse, as a yearling Snap was valued at 70 in Routh's stud book.

During his successful turf career Snap twice met Marske on the Beacon Course for 1000 guineas and defeated him each time. He also won the Free Plate at York. Snap ran in the colours of Lord Sandwich although he was the property of Mr Shafto.

In the stud for twenty-one years, he sired 261 winners of 92,637. His most noteworthy sons were Latham's Snap and Goldfinder. Other sons of note include Juniper (b c 1767), bred by John Holme, who twice won the Doncaster Cup, and Snap [Chedworth's] (b c 1760), sire of Carver* (b c 1770). Highly regarded by breeders in America he was there represented by a number of sons: Lofty* (bl c 1760), sent to America in 1773, Mexican* (b c 1775), sire of Dictator (b c 1790) and Juliet (f), the dam of Old Roxana (br f 1798 Marplot*), Snap* (br c 1757), also called Hazard, was sent to South Carolina in 1767, and Snipe* (b c 1762), was also sent to South Carolina in 1772.

Old Snap was Champion Sire in 1767, 1768, 1769 and 1771, and died at West Wratting in 1777.

Snap Snip Childers Darley Arabian
Betty Leedes
Sister to Soreheels Basto
Sister to Mixbury
Sister to Slipby Fox Clumsey
Bay Peg
Gipsey Bay Bolton
Newcastle Turk Mare
Notable Snap Mares
1. Angelica (br f 1761), dam of the Derby winner Assassin (b c 1779 Sweetbriar), and Hyde's Highflyer* (br c 1782 Highflyer) who was sent to Virginia in 1788. Angelica was also the grandam of two St Leger winners, Spadille (b c 1784 Highflyer) and Young Flora (b f 1785 Highflyer).
2. Arminda (b f 1765), dam of the influential American sire Medley* (gr c 1776).
3. Curiosity (br f 1760), dam of the Oaks winner Faith (b f 1778 Herod).
4. Hyaena (br f 1762), 2nd dam of the Derby winner Skyscraper (b c 1786 Highflyer).
5. Jemima (b f 1769), dam of the Oaks winner Bridget (b f 1776 Herod).
6. Lisette (b f 1772), 2nd dam of the Derby winner and Champion Sire Waxy (b c 1790 Pot8os).
7. Middlesex (br f 1772), dam of July Stakes winner Seagull (b c 1786 Woodpecker) who was later sent to America, and grandam of Derby winner Tyrant (b c 1799 Pot8os).
8. Miss Euston (b f 1774), dam of Oaks winner Stella (b f 1781 Plunder).
9. Nosegay (b f 1767), 2nd dam of St Leger winner Ninety-Three (b c 1790 Florizel).
10. Papillon (br f 1769), dam of Sir Peter Teazle (br c 1784 Highflyer), winner of the Derby Stakes and ten times Champion Sire. She was also grandam of the Oaks winner Bellissima (b f 1795).
11. Promise (br f 1768), taproot of Family 1-d, and grandam of Oaks winner Pelisse (br f 1801 Whiskey) and Derby winner Waxy Pope (b c 1806).
12. Snapdragon (br f 1759), grandam of Oaks Stakes winner Maid of the Oaks (ch f 1780 Herod).
13. Snap Mare (f), dam of Postmaster (b c 1771 Herod), and grandam of Derby winner Aimwell (b c 1782 Mark Anthony).
14. Snap Mare (b f 1761), dam of Fortitude (b c 1777) who sired the Derby winner John Bull (ch c 1789).
15. Snap Mare (f c1760), dam of Shark* (br c 1771 Marske)an influential sire in America.
16. Snap Mare (f 1762), dam of Conductor (b c 1770 Matchem), sire of St Leger winner and Champion Sire Trumpator (bl c 1782). Both Conductor and his son Trumpator contribute to the Matchem sire line. Snap Mare also foaled Alfred (ch c 1767 Matchem), sire of St Leger winner Imperatrix (ch f 1779).
17. Virago (gr f 1764), dam of Oaks winner Annette (b f 1784 Eclipse) and Derby winner Saltram* (br c 1780 Eclipse).
18. Nettle* (b f c1767), dam of Heard's Snap (b c 1771).

Goldfinder (GB) b c 1764 (Snap - Mare, by Blank). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 1-a.
Snap (GB) [Latham's] b c 1759 (Snap - Sister to Merryman, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 4.