Latham's Snap (GB)

Latham's Snap




Sire Line

Darley Arabian



Snap [Latham's] (GB) b c 1759 (Snap - Sister to Merryman, by Cade). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 4.

Owned by Mr Latham, Snap's dam was a half-sister to Dormouse (br c 1738 Godolphin Arabian) and sister to Cadormus (b c 1753 Cade). His half-sister Titania (f 1760 Shakespeare) was the taproot mare of Family 4-a. He ran for six years. Described as a "good, honest, and game racer" with "good speed" by contemporaneous turf reporters, Mr Pick himself felt Snap was equal to the best runners of his day at Newmarket. Sources vary, however, he won about twenty starts (including a walk-over) and finished no worse than second in the rest.

He entered the stud at Mr Sparrow's, Sutton, near Epsom, Surrey, and remained there for his entire career. His fee was initially set at at 3gs, rose to 5 for several years and then declined to 3gs towards the end of his covering. He was last advertised in 1777. Although he got a number of good runners he is best remembered for his daughter Thisbe (b f 1770), she the ancestress of Bagdad (b c 1862 West Australian) who in turn sired the Prix du Jockey Club winner Reluisant (ch c 1882). She was also ancestress of the Woodcote Stakes winner Ophelia (b f 1831 Bedlamite), the Stewards' Cup winner New Brighton (b c 1850 Birkenhead), the Royal Hunt Cup winner Tragical (b c 1843 Emilius), and the Ebor Handicap and Manchester Cup winner Underhand (b c 1854 The Cure). It is via Underhand that Snap appears in the pedigree of Man o' War (ch c 1917 Fair Play).
Latham's Snap Snap Snip Childers
Sister to Soreheels
Sister to Slipby Fox
Sister to Merryman Cade Godolphin Arabian
Sister to Miss Partner Partner
Brown Farewell
Race Record
In 1763 he finished 2nd at Epsom to Mr Wildman's Granby (b c 1759 Blank), beating Lord Portmore's Starling and 5 others. Won 50 at Ascot Heath in 3 2-mile heats, beating the Duke of Ancaster's Proxy (b c 1758 Blank), Mr Vernon's Cerberus (Godolphin Hunter) and 4 others. Won 50 at Malton, beating Mr White's Lucy Cooper (Tartar) and 3 others.
In 1764 he won 50 at Guildford in 4-mile heats, beating Mr Rogers's Cub (Cub) and Mr Wildman's Gift (b c 1759 Regulus). Won 50 at Ascot Heath in 3 2-mile heats, beating Mr Wildman's Granby (b c 1759 Blank), Mr Vernon's Follower (ch c Young Cade) and 2 others. Won 50 at Blandford beating Mr Strode's Star (br c 1759 Regulus), Mr Hilliar's Zepharus and Mr Dee's Chalfont. Won 50 at Durham beating the Duke of Kingston's Angler (gr c 1759 Young Cade) and Mr Hutton's Milkmaid (ch f Slouch). Won 50 at the same place in a give-and-take plate, beating Mr Beckford's Amelia and Mr Frenchard's Aurora. At Chelmsford he collected 20gs for lack of competition. Won 50 at Odsey, beating Lord Orford's Ghost (b c 1759 Blank). Won 50 at Maidenhead, beating Mr Wilkins's Athelstone (gr c Slouch) and Mr Adams's Mercury. Won 50 at Odiham, weight for age, beating in 3 heats Lord Portmore's Brown Surrrey (br c Steady), Mr Dawson's Slouch (ch c Young Cade) and 4 others.
In 1765 he won 50 at Epsom beating Mr Duttons' Americus (b c 1755 Babraham) and Mr Cox's Harry Longlegs. Won 50 at Ascot Heath beating Mr Shafto's Broomstick (ch c 1759 Regulus), the latter withdrawn after the 1st heat. Won 50 at Marlborough beating Mr Humphrey's Hazard, Mr Strode's Tiney (gr c 1756 Skim) and Mr Popham's Greybeard. Won 50 at Winchester beating the Duke of Cumberland's Milksop (bl c 1760 Cumberland's Crab). Won 50 at Odsey in 3 heats, beating Mr Quick's General (b c 1758 Young Cartouch) and Mr Byng's Dragon (gr c Slouch). Finished 2nd at Swaffham to Lord Bolingbroke's Filch (gr c 1761 Bajazet) whilst conceding nearly 3st.
In 1766 he won 50 at Epsom beating Mr Lane's Crop (b c Lofty), Mr Quick's General (b c 1758 Young Cartouch) and Mr Hale's Looby. Finished 2nd to Mr Quick's General (b c 1758 Young Cartouch) for 50 at Ascot Heath - he won the 1st heat but went lame in the 2nd heat, won by General, the latter winning the 3rd heat as well with Mr Strode's Star finishing 3rd in each heat.
In 1767 he won 50 at Epsom beating in 3 heats Mr Tyer's Ploughboy (gr c Slouch), Mr Quick's Dedaelus and Mr Strode's Leopardess ( b f 1760 Merlin).
In 1768 he lost 50at Bedford to Mr Olgivie's Jucepino (ch c Cub). Lost 50 at Epsom to Mr Medley's Nabob (bl c 1762 Brilliant).