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Sire Line

Godolphin Arabian




Dormouse br c 1738 (Godolphin Arabian - Sister 1 to Miss Partner, by Crofts's Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4.

Bred by Lord Godolphin, he was described as a "singularly handsome horse" standing 14 hands, 1 1-2 inches as an eight year old. The description below his portrait reads: "The Portraiture of Dormouse Who was bred by the Rt Hon the Earl of Godolphin. Dormouse was got by his Lordship's Arabian, his Dam was the little Hartley Mare, who was got by Bartley's Arabian, this beautiful little Horse has won some Matches, and at this time in very high Esteem as a Stallion in Gloucestershire. Covers at 30 Guineas a Mare & is the Property of the Rt Hon the Lord Chedworth."

Dormouse raced from 1745 through 1749 exclusively at Newmarket and was defeated only once, by Lord Gower's Little John (gr c 1740 Crofts' Partner).

Some sources say that Dormouse was in Lord Godolphin's stud prior to being sold to Mr Edward Hale, who stood him in Westmoreland at 40 guineas. This contradicts the Godolphin stud books which indicate he was sold to Lord Chedworth in April of 1752 and to Sir James Lowther in 1756.

In any case, his stud career was largely unremarkable, with only one son achieving distinction. Cumberland's Dorimond (b c 1756) sired the unnamed mare who became the dam of Gentle Kitty (ch f 1774 Silvio), to whom a considerable portion of Family 8-b traces. Another son, Dormouse (ch c 1755), was erroneously reported as having been sent to America. His daughter, Young Bowes (b f 1755) became the dam of the stallion Chedworth's Snap (b c 1760 Snap).

Dormouse died in 1757.
Dormouse Godolphin Arabian    
Sister to Miss Partner Croft's Partner Jigg
Sister to Mixbury
Brown Farewell Makeless
Brimmer Mare
Race Record
In 1745 he won 50 guineas at Newmarket in April, defeating Mr Aislabie's Bucephalus (ch c 1738 Robinson Crusoe), Mr Greville's Ramper (b c 1736 Crab) and Sir Marmaduke Wyvill's Clothbearer (b c Young Belgrade) in four-mile heats. Dormouse carried 8 stone  7 pounds, the others 9 stone.
In 1746 he won a give-and-take purse of 50 guineas in September, beating Mr Martindale's Torismond (gr c 1739 Bolton Starling) and Mr Vavasour's Champion (b c 1739 Bolton Goliah), in four-mile heats. Dormouse carried 9 stone while Torismond carried 8 stone 12 pounds, and Champion 9 stone 1 pound.
In his only outing in 1747 he walked over for a 50 guineas give-and-take Plate in September.
In April of 1748 Dormouse ran second to Lord Gower's Little John (gr c 1740 Crofts' Partner), defeating Mr Panton's Veteran (b c Lonsdale Arabian), Sir William Middleton's Squirrel (br c Son of Bay Bolton), and Mr Maskill's Bolton Partner (b c Crofts' Partner) for 50 guineas in four-mile heats. Dormouse won the first heat, Veteran the second, Squirrel won the third heat, Little John the fourth, with Little John beating Dormouse in the final heat, the others having withdrawn. Dormouse, Little John and and Bolton Partner all carried 9 stone with Veteran and Squirrel shouldering 8 stone 7 pounds. In October Dormouse walked over for 50 guineas. In October he again walked over for the give-and-take plate.
In his final race, in 1749, he defeated Mr Marshall's Little Driver (ch c 1743 Beaver's Driver) and Mr Prentice's Water Gruel (ch c Mogul) in four-mile heats for a give-and-take plate of 50 guineas, all carrying equal weight.