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Lister's Turk or Stradling Turk, Leicester Turk gr c 1683c. Sire Line Lister Turk.

He was said to have been taken from the Turks at the seige of Buda in 1686 during the reign of James II and brought to England by the Duke of Berwick [GSB1:389]. James FitzJames (1670-1734), 1st Duke of Berwick was the illigitimate son of King James II. Prior notes that on the Duke's return in 1687, he was only seventeen years old, and that he "probably" brought the Turk with him [Early Records:79].

Lister's Turk may have remained the property of the Duke between his return to England in 1687 and his flight to France in January of 1689. At some later point the Turk came into the possession of Matthew Lister, and stood at his Burwell Park stud, near Louth, in Lincolnshire.

Lister's Turk exerted considerable influence in the stud, appearing five times in the pedigree of Eclipse (ch c 1764 Marske). His best son was probably Snake, although Coneyskins became a good broodmare sire. Brother to Snake sired the taproot mare of Family 69. Lister Turk seemingly lived on into venerable old age as Coneyskins wasn't born until 1712.

Lister's Turk Mares
1. The Duke of Kingston's Piping Peg (gr f 1698c), a foundation mare of Family 23. There is considerable confusion in the early sources surrounding Piping Peg and the mare named "Hobby Mare" although it is probable that they were sisters. The "Hobby Mare" was bred by Englebert Leedes in North Yorkshire and was dam of Brocklesby Betty (ch f 1711 Curwen's Bay Barb) and Hip (gr c 1716 Curwen's Bay Barb). In 1706, after her purchase by Evelyn Pierrepont, 1st Duke of Kingston, Piping Peg lost an eight mile race for 500 guineas to Wenn, owned by John Hervey, 1st Earl of Bristol.
2. Lister Turk Mare, the 2nd dam of Bulle Rock* (b c 1709 Darley Arabian), usually cited as the first "bred" horse to arrive in America.
3. "Black Lister Mare," a broodmare in the Duke of Ancaster's stud, the 2nd dam of Ancaster's Crab (gr c 1726 Wynn's Arabian) who was thought to have been sent to Virginia in 1737.
Brisk (GB)
c (Lister's Turk - Coneyskin's Dam, by Jigg). Sire Line Lister Turk.
Bred by the Duke of Rutland, Brisk was said to be a full brother to the Duke of Rutland's (later John Hutton's) Coneyskins. Evidence suggests that Rutland's and Hutton's Coneyskins were two different horses. Racing for the Marquis of Dorchester Brisk lost a 4 mile race to Basto (br c 1703 Byerley Turk) in 1710. The Marquis of Dorchester was created 1st Duke of Kingston in 1715, and in the latter's colours Brisk was said to "have carried the Whip at Newmarket" [Pond 1756:210].
Snake Lister's or Bowe's, possibly Robinson's Barb (Lister's Turk - Mare, by Hautboy). Sire Line Lister Turk. Snake was bred in Yorkshire by Matthew Lister, and probably covered in the stud of Mr Robinson at Easby, near Richmond, Yorkshire. He was "never in training, being rendered incapable by a tumourous swelling that attended him in his youth; and from a suppostion that the same was the effect of the sting or bite of some venomous reptile, was therefore called Snake" [Pick 1:6]. Among his sons were Bay Wilkinson, Beaver's Driver, Lowther, the brothers Easby Snake and William's Squirrel, and Snake Colt.
Snake Mares
1. Worlock's Galloway [ex-Cloudy] (ch f 1728), owned by Captain Worlock, won the first two heats of 10 Guineas Plate at Sedgefield, Durham, in February of 1732. Standing 13 hands 3 1/2 inches, she entered Cuthbert Routh's broodmare band, at Snape in North Yorkshire, later that same year. A matriarch of Family 17, she produced the stallion Cub (ch c 1739 Fox), Lord Portmore's Abigail [ex-Routh's Trumpery] (ch f 1735 Young Greyhound), who won a King's Plate at at Newmarket in 1741, Black Eyes (b f 1741 Crab), and Cottingham Mare (ch f 1745 Cottingham).
2. Old Country Wench (gr f 1712), bred by Mr Robinson of Easby, and later sold to John Egerton. She placed 3rd in His Majesty's Gold Cup at Hambleton in 1717, won by Mr Wrigglesworth's Creeping Kate, beating eighteen others, including the Duke of Ancaster's Virgin (ch f 1712 Ancaster Merlin), who ran last. The following year she placed 2nd to Coneyskins in the Gold Cup at York. She produced Mr Egerton's Nanny (gr f 1724 Pigot Turk) who won His Majesty's 100 Guineas at Hambleton in 1729. She was shot in 1736.
3. Sister 1 to Old Country Wench (f 1713c), dam of Grey Robsinon (gr f 1723 Bald Galloway), the dam of Champion Sire Regulus (b c 1739 Godolphin Arabian). Sister 1 also produced Howe's Foxhunter (ch c 1722 Bald Galloway). It seems probable that there was more than one sister to Old Country Wench. For the evidence, please see Highflyer.
4. Sister 2 to Old Country Wench (f 1720c) was bred by Mr Robinson of Easby and purchased around 1730 by William Metcalfe. A foundation mare of Family 11, she produced the good stallions Squirt (ch c 1732 Bartlet's Childers), grandsire of Eclipse (ch c 1763 Marske), and Shock (b c 1729 Jigg).
5. Snake Mare, a foundation mare of Family 19, and dam of Thunderbolt [ex-Badger] (gr c 1723 Wood's Counsellor), winner of several King's Plates.
6. Snake Mare, 3rd dam of Sampson (bl c 1745 Blaze), who won several King's Plates and sired Engineer (b c 1756) who in turn sired Mambrino (gr c 1768).
7. Snake Mare, 2nd dam of the good runner Old Standard [ex-Bashaw] (b c 1736 Young Belgrade) who sired Jason (gr c 1749) and the Duke of Hamilton's Figure (gr c 1719).
8. Snake Mare, 3rd dam of Othello* (bl c 1746 Crab), who was sent to America and there became a stallion of considerable significance. Among his offspring was the undefeated Galloway's Selim, bred from Selima* (b f 1745 Godolphin Arabian).
9. Snake Mare, dam of Mr Evan's Stirling* (gr c 1763 Belsize Arabian), who was sent to South Carolina where he sired Sally Painter (gr f 1769c), an early American matron who was the 17th dam of Triple Crown winner and Leading Sire Count Fleet (br c 1940 Reigh Count).
10. Snake Mare, a foundation mare of Family 58.
11. Snake Mare, 2nd dam of Mr Humberstone's Stump (b c 1724 Manica), who won Royal Plates at Nottingham, York and Lincoln, and 3rd dam of Captain (br c 1752 Young Cartouch).
12. Snake Mare, owned by Sir William Morgan, dam of Young Lamprie (gr c 1730), who was sent to Ireland and there sired Ground Ivy (c 1737).
13. Bald Peg (ch f 1720), owned by Matchem Timms, won the "Hambleton Guineas" Royal Plate at Richmond in 1725 along with Plates at Newcastle and Kipling-Coates and a number of others. Her dam was the famous Page's Galloway who won several galloway plates in northern England.
14. Molly in the Moss (b f 1721), bred by Mr Smith, placed 2nd in His Majesty's 100 Guineas at Hambleton in 1726, won by Mr Taylor's Ladylegs, later called Bald Charlotte, (ch f 1721 Old Royal), beating Sir R Milbanke's Doll (b f 1721 Darcy's Woodcock) and twenty-one others. She was later purchased by Lord Derby.
15. Sister to Squirrel (ch f 1723), owned by Mr Smith, placed 9th in His Majesty's 100 Guineas at Hambleton in 1728, won by Mr Newstead's Miss Pert (b f 1723 Thoulouse Barb).
Bay Wilkinson (GB)
 b c 1717 (Snake - Mare, by Whynot). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 62. Bred in Yorkshire by Mr. Wilkinson, he was purchased by Lord Tankerville. In 1722 he won the Ladies' Gold Cup at York, beating the Duke of Bolton's Badger, later called Thunderbolt (gr c 1723 Wood's Counsellor), Mr Coatsworth's Highland Laddie and six others over four miles, along with several other plates and prizes.
Driver (GB)
[Beaver's] ch c 1732 (Snake - Thwaite's Dun Mare, by Acaster Turk). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 38. Owned by Nathaniel Beaver, Driver ran for three years. In 1738 he won 20 guineas at Epsom, beating three others, 25 at Egham, beating Mr Stevenson's Richmond Ball, 20 guineas at Marlborough, beating Mr Williams's Squirrel, and 30 at Lambourn, beating Mr Grisewood's Little Gift, Lord Weymouth's Post Boy, and four others. In 1739 he won 20 guineas at Marlborough, beating Mr Salt's Indian King, 30 guineas at Blandford, beating Mr Stevenson's Richmond Ball for the second time, 30 at Hounslow, 25 at Reading, and 30 at Newberry, beating Lord Portmore's Squirt (ch c 1732 Bartlet's Childers). This same year he collected two premiums, at Egham and Market-Lavington, each for 10. In 1740 he won 30 guineas at Blandford and 30 guineas at Salisbury, beating Sir M Newton's Spot and Mr Norris's Foxhunter. In the stud he got Mr Lamego's Little Driver (ch c 1743).
Easby Snake (GB)
 b c (Snake - Mare, by Acaster Turk). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 70. Also called Smith's Son of Snake, he was bred in North Yorkshire by Mr Smith. He was referred to as Mr Ellerker's Easby Snake in Cuthbert Routh's stud book [Early Records:43]. Best known as the sire of Mother Western (f 1731), the 2nd dam of Eclipse (ch c 1764 Marske), however, he also got Mr Hendry's Miss Hendry (gr f 1730), winner of His Majesty's 100 Guineas at Hambleton in 1735, and John Holme's Snake Mare (f 1746c), dam of Barrock Billy* (ch c 1753 Cade) and Carlisle (b c 1749 Regulus).
Easby Snake (GB)
 ch c 1721 (Snake). Sire Line Lister Turk. Mr White's Easby Snake won a 40 Plate at York in 1727, beating Mr Boyes's Merlin Stripling and two others.
Lowther (GB)
 b c 1725 (Snake). Sire Line Lister Turk. Bred by Sir William Lowther, he was later owned and raced by Mr Rich. In 1731 he won the Royal Plate at Nottingham, beating in three heats Mr Hutton's Blacklegs (c 1725 Hutton's Bay Turk), Mr Taylor's Fearnought, Mr Rawlinson's Whittington, Mr Jackson's Favourite (gr f 1725 Alcock's Arabian), and Mr Rickaby's Patch Buttocks (bl c 1725 Graham's Champion). Lowther won a great number of Galloway Plates and was said to be "the best runner of his size in the kingdom" [Pick1:468].
Snake Colt (GB)
Snake Colt c (Snake). Sire Line Lister Turk. Sired the dam of Mr Constable's Cottingham (ch c 1735 Hartley's Blind Horse), winner of the King's Plate at York and sire of the dam of Judgment (b c 1751 Snip).

Coneyskins (GB) gr c 1712 (Lister's Turk - Brisk's Dam, by Jigg). Sire Line Lister Turk.
Little Driver (GB) ch c 1743 (Beaver's Driver - Mare by Childers). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 6.
Squirrel [Williams] (GB) b c 1719 (Snake - Mare, by Acaster Turk). Sire Line Lister Turk. Family 70.