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Sire Line

Darcy's White Turk




Cub ch c 1739 (Fox - Worlock's Galloway, by Snake). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 17.

Cub was bred by Cuthbert Routh at his Snape Hall stud in Bedale, Yorkshire, from the mare Worlock's Galloway whom Mr Routh had purchased from Captain Worlock in 1732. Described by Mr Pick as an "indifferent racer," he made his first start for Mr Routh in 1744 at Newmarket, where he placed 2nd to Mr Grisewood's Teazer (gr c 1739 Old Teazer). He was purchased by Mr Fulke Greville in April of 1744 for 150 guineas, plus another 50 guineas if he won the first Plate he started for [Early Records:34] which he failed to do.

Cub is erroneously entered in the American Stud Book as being imported. This was based on a speculation appearing in the American Farmer in 1820, as Cub never left England. The American horse standing in New York and Pennsylvania was McCarty's Cub (ch c 1773).

Cub covered from 1752 to 1756 in the hands of Mr Tate at Andover near Wichcomb, Gloucester, for a fee of 1 guinea, then at Mickleham, Surrey, for 1758 and 1759 for 1 and 2 guineas respectively. From 1761 onwards Cub's stud career was spent in the Leedes stud at Milford, near Tadcaster, in Yorkshire. Commanding a fee of 3 guineas which rose to 5 guineas he stood alongside such stallions as Swiss (br c 1757 Snip), the full brother to Snap, Cadormus (b c 1752 Cade), Vane's Lofty (b c 1753 Godolphin Arabian), the Northumberland Brown Arabian (br c 1755), and the 16 hand hunter sire Young Babraham* (b c 1760 Babraham) who was later sent to South Carolina [Heber 1767:216].

Cub's stud career may have been as indifferent as his turf career but for two remarkable daughters. Both unnamed, the first remained in England and the second went to America.

The English Cub Mare (ch f 1764) was a half sister to A-la-Grecque the taproot of Family 23-a. Cub Mare became the dam of Turk Mare, the taproot of Family 23-b. From the English Cub Mare descend, among others, the Kentucky Derby winners Tim Tam (b c 1955), Zev (br c 1920), and Affirmed (ch c 1975) as well as the Queen's Plate winner Bunty Lawless (b c 1935), Hamburg (b c 1895), Yankee (b c 1899), Discovery (ch c 1931) and the superlative Domino (br c 1891).

In America Cub was represented by (a) his daughter, the legendary Cub Mare* (f 1762), the taproot of Family 4-r, and (b) Moll Brazen* (gr f 1761) dam of Thornton's Shakespeare (gr c 1771) and several useful daughters, including the dam of McCarty's Cub (ch c 1773).

Cub Mare* was bred by Mr Leeds and imported by James DeLancy, possibly along with Wildair* (b c 1753) in the fall of 1765, and entered his stud in New York. Trevathan describes her as the "Selima of the Northern turf" and as one of the "most valuable mares ever imported" [The American Thoroughbred:125], while Gerry calls her the "Grandmother of the American turf" [The Matriarchy of the American Turf:1]. Descending from her are the Kentucky Derby winners Black Gold (bl c 1921), Manuel (b c 1896), Halma (bl c 1892) and Donau (b c 1907), and the Preakness Stakes winners Sly Fox (ch c 1895), Cairngorm (b c 1902), Watervale (b c 1908), Margrave (ch c 1893), Refund (ch c 1885) and Vanguard (b c 1879). Also to her credit are the Belmont winners Mad Play (ch c 1921), Masterman (ch c 1899), George Kinney (b c 1880), Delhi (br c 1901) and Jean Bereaud (b c 1896). Her contribution to German breeding includes the Deutsches Derby winners Nereide (b f 1933), Nordlicht (ch c 1941), Neckar (bl c 1948) and Niederlander (b c 1947). To France she gave the Prix de Diane winner Pellsie (b f 1919) and to Ireland the Irish Derby winner Shareef Dancer (b c 1980). Italy owes her for the Derby Italiano winner Niccolo dell'Arca (b c 1938), and along with Italy, the world owes her a tremendous debt for the Derby Italiano winner Nearco (br c 1935).

Far from proving indifferent, the portly little Cub's contribution to the stud books of the world was enormous and enduring.
Cub Fox Clumsey Hautboy
Miss Darcy's Pet Mare
Bay Peg Leedes Arabian
Young Bald Peg
Worlock's Galloway Lister's Snake Lister's Turk
Hautboy Mare
Old Lady Bald Galloway
Wharton Mare
Race Record
In 1744 he finished 2nd for an 80 Plate at Newmarket in March, won by Mr Grisewood's Teazer (gr c 1739 Old Teazer), beating Lord Portmore's Lady Caroline (ch f 1739 Childers), Miss Martindale's Torismond (gr c 1739 Bolton Starling), Mr Naylor's b g Darby, Mr Panton's Trusty (b c Lonsdale Arabian) and Mr Wall's Brocklesby Betty. Finished 2nd for 50 at Wells in August, won by Mr Aislabie's Bucephalus (ch g 1738 Robinson Crusoe).
Cub does not appear to have run in 1745.
In 1746 he won a 50 plate at Epsom in May, defeating 5 other horses. Finished 2nd for a 50 at Basingstoke in September, won by Mr Aislabie's Arthur o' Bradley [ex-Bucephalus], beating Mr Martindale's Torismond and Lord Lymington's b c by Bartlet's Childers. Won a 100gs match at Newmarket in October from Mr Grisewood's Teazer.
In 1747 he won a 50gs match at Newmarket in April defeating Mr Grisewood's Trifle (gr c 1738 Fox). Won 50 at Epsom in May, beating Mr Meredith's Monkey (b c 1741 Lonsdale Bay Arabian) and Mr Bradley's Arthur O'Bradley.
In 1748 finished 3rd for 50 at Derby in August, won by Lord R Manners's ch c Mixbury, with 2nd placing to Sir R Burdett's Spot (b c 1742 Devonshire Blacklegs), beating Mr Milnes's Pilot (gr c 1739 Quiet Cuddy); the latter fell and was distanced.
In 1749 he finished 3rd for 50 at Winchester in June, won by Mr Canning's b f Smiling Molly, with Mr Swymmer's br f Molly placing 2nd.