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Bolton Starling




Skim gr c 1746 (Bolton Starling - Miss Mayes, by Bartlet's Childers). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 19.

First called Farmer, he was bred in Yorkshire by Cuthbert Routh (1694-1752) at Snape Castle, near Bedale, and owned in partnership with Routh's trainer Thomas Jackson [Early Records:52]. In 1750 he was sold for 300 guineas to the Earl of Portmore who changed his name to Skim.

He raced for four seasons winning from two to four miles. He was in the stud until at least 1766, alongside such stallions as Oroonoko, Steady and Highlander, commanding a fee of 5 guineas. The Earl of Portmore had property located near Hampton Court, and the stallions stood either there or at Hampton Court.

His most notable offspring was Young Hag (gr f 1761), the taproot mare of Family 5-a. He also sired the unnamed mare (gr f 1758), dam of Telemachus (c 1770) and 3rd dam of the taproot mare of Family 4-c, Maniac (ch f 1806).
Skim Bolton Starling Bay Bolton Grey Hautboy
Makeless Mare
Grantham Mare Brother to Grey Grantham
Old Lady
Miss Mayes Bartlet's Childers Darley Arabian
Betty Leedes
Sister to Thunderbolt Wood's Counsellor
Snake Mare
Race Record
In 1750 he won 50 at Malton in 2 mile heats beating Mr Hutton's Bat (bl c 1746 Phantom) and Mr Hunt's Brisk (br c 1746 Cade) among others. At York he defeated Mr Clark's (b c 1746 Blaze), Lord March's Little David (b c 1747 Gower Stallion) and two others to win a 50 plate in 2 mile heats. At Newmarket in October he beat Mr Martindale's Archer (gr c 1746 Bolton Starling) over the Beacon Course to win 85 guineas.
In 1751 he won a 50 plate at Huntingdon over Lord Gower's Moorlander (b c 1746 Gower Stallion), only having to run one 4 mile heat as Moorlander was withdrawn. In August at Hambleton he was defeated by Mr Witty's Grenadier (b c 1746 Blaze), losing a 72 guineas purse. His most notable win came in the great subscription purse at York where he beat Mr Witty's Grenadier, along with Mr Hutton's good runner Stripling (ch c Spot), brother of the taproot mare of Family 16. Later in September he lost at Lichfield to Mr Williams's Mosco (br c 1746 Cullen Arabian), while beating Mr Simpson's Dimple (b f 1747 Bolton Starling). In his final race of the season he won a 50 purse at Newmarket for 4 miles over Sir Edward Hale's Drudge (b c 1745 Crab) and four others.
Back at Newmarket in April of 1752 he lost a purse of 119 guineas to Mr Coatsworth's Traveller (ch c 1746 Traveller) while beating Mr Meredith's Midas (ch c 1746 Saucebox), Mr Percival's Chub (b c 1746 Godolphin Arabian) and Moorlander.
In May of 1753 he ran his last race at Newmarket losing a 100 guineas plate to Captain Vernon's Crab (gr c Crab), who was later known as the Duke of Cumberland's Crab. Skim won the first heat and placed 2nd in the next, at which point he broke down.