Goldfinder (GB)

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Darley Arabian



Goldfinder b c 1764 (Snap - Mare, by Blank). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 1-a.

Bred by John St Leger Douglas of Springfields, Essex, he was sold to Jenison Shafto (1722-1771), of West Wratting, near Newmarket, and later at Mr Shafto's sale in October of 1771 at Newmarket to Sir Charles Sedley for 1350 guineas. He was described as a horse of great speed and power. He was undefeated in three years of racing and never paid a forfeit.

Goldfinder covered at Nuttal Temple, near Nottingham, with a fee as high as 25 guineas. Following the death of Sir Charles Sedley he was again sold, for 375 guineas, and covered from 1779 to 1784 at Coxe's Farm near Mitcham, Surrey. He sired a fair number of winners although his sons had little success in the stud. He died in 1789.

Goldfinder Snap Snip Childers
Sister to Soreheels
Sister to Slipby Fox
Blank Mare Blank Godolphin Arabian
Regulus Mare Regulus
Lonsdale Arabian Mare
Race Record
1768 In April of 1768 he won a 200 guineas each sweepstakes at Newmarket, First Spring, beating Mr Vernon's Galba (b c 1764 Sweepstakes) and Mr Fortescue's brown colt (Old England) over the Beacon Course. At the Second Spring Meeting he won the Ascot Stakes, beating Sir John Moore's Baber [ex-Bevis] (b c 1764 Blank), Lord Grosvenor's Bodfach (gr c 1764 Tripod), Mr Vernon's Flush (b c 1764 Damascus Arabian), the Duke of Ancaster's Jethro (b c 1764 Blank), Lord Rockingham's Monkey (b c 1764 Saanah Arabian), the Duke of Bridgewater's Hercules and Lord Gower's bay colt (Tearing Robin). At the First October Meeting he won a 200 each Subscription, beating Lord Ossory's Fabius (ch c 1764 Posthumous), Lord Grosvenor's Ancient Pistol (b c 1764 Snap), the Duke of Grafton's Baber, Lord Bolingbroke's Sejanus (b c 1764 Regulus) and the Duke of Ancaster's Hostage (br c 1764 Blank). The next day he collected a 300 guineas half-forfeit from Sir John Moore's Sister to South-East (f 1764 South). In the Second October Meeting he won the Contribution Stakes, beating Lord Ossory's Metaphysician (b c 1763 Snap), Lord Bolingbroke's Tartuffe (gr c 1763 Snap), Mr Strode's Lady Thigh (b f 1763 Merlin) and Lord Farnham's Cobbler (b c 1764 Snap).
1769 In March of 1769 he won 150 guineas at Newmarket, beating Lord Grosvenor's Ancient Pistol (b c 1764 Snap), Mr Vernon's Flush (b c 1764 Damascus Arabian), the Duke of Bridgewater's Darby (Blank) and the Duke of Grafton's Charmer (br f 1765 Blank). At the First October Meeting he won a 200 guineas each sweepstakes and the Cup, beating the Duke of Ancaster's Jethro (b c 1764 Blank), Sir C Bunbury's Bellario (b c 1763 Brilliant), Mr Vernon's Marquis (b c 1761 Godolphin Colt), Sir L Dundas' A-la-Grecque (ch f 1763 Regulus) and Lord Rockingham's Cosmo (b c 1764 Sampson). Four days later he won a 50 guineas each Subscription, beating the Duke of Ancaster's Jethro (b c 1764 Blank). At the Second October Meeting he collected a 450 guineas compromise from Mr P Blake's Leader (Fearnought). The following day he walked-over for 150 guineas, and the day after that he walked-over for the Contribution Stakes.
1770 In 1770 he walked-over for a 25 guineas each Subscription at Newmarket, Second Spring. At the First October Meeting he walked-over for the Cup. The next day he broke down in a work preparing for the King's Plate where he was scheduled to meet Eclipse (ch c 1764 Marske).
Goldfinder Mares
1. Serina (b f 1778), bred by Thomas Douglas, winner of the St Leger Stakes.
2. Manilla (br f 1777), bred by the Reverend Henry Goodricke, winner of the Port Stakes, dam of the St Leger winner Ambidexter (b c 1787 Phoenomenon), 4th dam of the Champion Sire Blacklock (b c 1814 Whitelock) and his half-brother the St Leger winner Theodore (b c 1819 Woful), and ancestress of many other notable horses in Family 2-t.
3. Goldfinder Mare (b f 1772), bred by Sir H Harpur, dam of Sir John Webb's stallion Stride (ch c 1787 Phoenomenon).
4. Goldfinder Mare (b f 1774), bred by Sir Charles Sedley, 3rd dam of the Oaks winner Landscape (b f 1813 Rubens) and the good French sire Rainbow (b c 1808 Walton).
5. Goldfinder Mare (br f 1779), dam of Mr Smith Barry's Hoity Toity (b f 1790 Highflyer) and Sister to Hoity Toity (br f 1788 Highflyer), both good matrons in Family 26.
6. Preference (b f 1778), 3rd dam of The Flyer (br c 1814 Vandyke Jr.), the sire of the Oaks winner Wings (ch f 1822).