Hambletonian (GB)


Hambletonian vs. Diamond
in the great match over the Beacon Course

Hambletonian getting a rubdown
after his match with Diamond


Sire Line

King Fergus



Anticipation, by Hambletonian




Hambletonian b c 1792 (King Fergus - Grey Highflyer, by Highflyer). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 1.

Bred by the distinguished horseman John Hutchinson at Shipton, near York, the nearly unbeaten Hambletonian was sold at the age of three to Sir Charles Turner and at four to Sir Harry Vane-Tempest, for whom he ran until 1800.

Hambletonian spent all of his stud career in Yorkshire: in 1801 at Seacroft-Hall, near Leeds, from 1802 to 1808 (along with Shuttle and Cockfighter) at Mr Hornsey's in Middlethorpe, near York, the 1809 season at Wynyard, near Stockton-upon-Tees, 1810 and 1811 back at Middlethorpe with his fee rising to 20 and 25 guineas respectively from 10 guineas, 1812 and 1813 at Wynyard and finally at Catterick, near Richmond, in 1814, the last year he was advertised, his fee declining to 15 guineas. In the stud his most notable sons were Whitelock (b c 1803), Anticipation (b c 1812) twice winner of the Ascot Gold Cup, and Camillus (gr c 1803) winner of the Gold Cup at Doncaster. Hambletonian died in 1818.

Hambletonian King Fergus Eclipse Marske
Tuting's Creeping Polly Portmore's Othello
Grey Highflyer Highflyer King Herod
Monimia Matchem
Alcides Mare
Race Record

In 1795 at Hambleton he won 60gs beating Sober Robin and two others. At the York Spring Meeting he won 120gs defeating three others. Running for Sir Charles Turner at York in August he won 400gs whilst beating three others and 150gs for his victory over a Young Marske colt and a Volunteer colt. At Doncaster he won the St Leger with Mr Clifton's Brother to Overton placing second and Mr Fox's Highflyer colt finishing third. Also at Doncaster he won the Cup with a victory over Sir Harry Vane-Tempest's Governor (b c 1792 Ruler), Mr Wilson's Eliza (b f 1791 Highflyer), Lord Grosvenor's Capsicum (b c 1791 Pot8os) and one other.

In 1796 at York Hambletonian lost his only race to Sir Frank Standish's Spread Eagle (b c 1792 Volunteer), the winner of the previous year's Derby, by running off the course and jumping over the cords, thereby losing his distance and 100 sovereigns. At the same meeting he won back 50 from Spread Eagle, Sober Robin and one other. In the hands of Sir Harry Vane-Tempest he won the 60gs Ladies' Plate, also at the same place, by defeating Lord Darlington's St George (b c 1789 Highflyer). Moving on to Doncaster he again won the Cup, beating Sober Robin, Mr Cookson's Ambrosio (b c 1793 Sir Peter Teazle) and three others. At the Newmarket Houghton Meeting in his final outing of the year he won 1000gs from Mr Tatton's Patriot (b c 1790 Rockingham) over the Beacon Course.

In 1797 at Newmarket he won the Craven Stakes over Sober Robin, Paynator, Hermione and eight others. Then in a 500gs match with his old rival Spread Eagle he collected 250gs. Still at the same meeting he beat Lord Clermont's Aimator in a match for 300gs. At the Newmarket First Spring Meeting he paid a 500gs forfeit to Mr Delme's Sterling (b c 1792 Volunteer). At York in August he won the Great Subscription beating a grey colt by Volunteer, and at the same meeting he won the second Great Subscription defeating Beningbrough (b c 1791 King Fergus) and two others. Later at Doncaster he won the Doncaster Stakes beating a Drone colt and at the same meeting he collected 100gs forfeit from Mr Sitwell's Moorcock.

Hambletonian did not run in 1798.

In 1799 at the Craven Meeting at Newmarket he narrowly defeated Mr Cookson's Diamond (br c 1792 Highflyer) in a famous match for 3000gs. At Doncaster he again won the Doncaster Stakes worth 130gs defeating Mr Wentworth's Barnaby, Sir Thomas Gascoigne's Timothy, Mr Cookson's Derby winner Sir Harry (br c 1795 Sir Peter Teazle) and five others. In his only start in 1800 he won the Great Subscription at York beating Mr Garforth's Dion and Timothy.
Notable Hambletonian Mares
1. Hambletonian Mare (ch f 1804), 2nd dam of Franck (b c 1833 Rainbow) winner of the Prix du Jockey Club.
2. Goosander (b f 1805), dam of the Derby winner Sailor (ch c 1817 Scud) and the Oaks Stakes winner Shoveler (b f 1816 Scud) and taproot mare of Family 6-c.
3. Lisette (gr f 1806), dam of Two Thousand Guineas winner Clearwell (gr c 1830 Jerry) and a foundation mare of Family 19-b.
4. Fair Helen (gr f 1808), second dam of the stallion and St Leger winner Margrave (ch c 1829 Muley).
5. Moll in the Wad (br f 1810), second dam of Manchester Cup winner Giovanni (br c 1828 Filho da Puta) and a foundation mare of Family 16.
Other Notable Offspring
Whitelock (GB)
b c 1803 (Hambletonian - Rosalind, by Phoenomenon). Sire Line King Fergus. Family Family 2-l. Bred by William Garforth he was sold to Sir Mark Sykes who named him for the white hairs in his tail. For the sum of 300gs he then became the property of Sylvester Reed. The Druid described him as "a naggish sort of horse, with a big coarse head and plump forelegs." He ran only twice and in the stud left very few offspring but numbered Champion Sire Blacklock (b c 1814) among them thereby contributing to the tail-male line of St Simon (br c 1881 Galopin).