Ambrosio (GB)


Sire Line

Sir Peter Teazle


Ambrosio b c 1793 (Sir Peter Teazle - Tulip, by Damper). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3-a.

Ambrosio was bred by J Lowther and sold after his first race as a three year old to J Cookson. It was said that in his day he was "universally allowed to be Sir Peter's best son". A St Leger winner, he was considered to be as stout as his sire and required a great deal of exercise. His dam Tulip (b f 1783), bred by Mr Hale, also produced Ambrosio's full sister, Roxana (b f 1796), winner of a 300 guineas match against Sir C Turner's Volatile (gr f 1796 Overton), the latter being later sent to Russia, and a 100 guineas match against Mr Dodsworth's Manilla (b f 1796 Spadille or Young Marske) at York. Ambrosio's half-sister, Lord Grosvenor's Daisy (ch f 1798 Buzzard), placed second in the Oaks, and his half-brother, Lord Grosvenor's Plantaganet (b c 1802 John Bull), placed second in the Derby Stakes.

Ambrosio raced successfully for four years, mostly at distances from two to four miles, before entering the stud. He spent some time at Woburn, Bedfordshire, before moving to Barham Wood, (between Elstree, Hertfordshire, and Edgeware, Middlesex) where he covered from 1803 to around 1808 or 1809. Thereafter he covered at Wood-Park, Armagh, in Ireland. His fee remained steady at 10gs in England and around 8gs in Ireland.

Although most of his offspring had little influence on the stud book he did get Matilda (ch f 1805), the dam of July Stakes winner The Mummer (ch c 1827 Reveller).

Ambrosio Sir Peter Teazle Highflyer King Herod
Papillon Snap
Miss Cleveland
Tulip Damper Spectator
Eclipse Mare Eclipse
Race Record

At 3: won 50 at York, beating Mr T Hutchinson's Stately (b f 1793 Drone), Sir Thomas Gascoigne's Golden Locks (ch f 1793 Delpini) and three others, won 150 guineas at York in August, beating Mr G Crompton's Cardinal (b c 1793 Delpini) and Shuttle (b c 1793 Young Marske) over two miles, won a sweep for 275 guineas at York over two miles, won the Great St Leger at Doncaster, worth 350 guineas, beating Cardinal, Mr Peirse's Rosolio (b c 1793 Drone), Sir H V Tempest's Orphan (b c 1793 Tandem) and others, 3rd for the Doncaster Cup, won by Hambletonian (b c 1792 King Fergus), ran once more.

At 4: won the 450 guineas Oatlands at Newmarket Craven, beating Mr Hallett's Stickler (b c 1793 Highflyer), Mr Honeywood's Gabriel (br c 1790 Dorimant) and six others, won a 200 guineas match at Newmarket from Mr Howorth's Lop (gr c 1791 Crop), ran a dead heat in a 300 guineas match with Lord Clermont's Spoliator (ch c 1793 Trumpator) at Newmarket Second Spring, collected 100 guineas from Mr Talbot's Gas (b c 1792 Balloon) at Newmarket, 3rd in the Main Oatlands at Newmarket First Spring, won by Mr Lade's Oatlands (b c 1793 Dungannon), who was named after the race, lost a 300 guineas match to Mr Phillip's Little Devil (br c 1793 Dungannon) over the Ditch In course at Newmarket, unplaced at Oxford for the Cup, won by Stickler, but beating Mr Sitwell's Moorcock (b c 1791 Highflyer), among the others was Waxy (b c 1790 Pot8os) who broke down.

At 5: won the Newmarket Craven Oatlands beating Sir F Standish's Stamford (br c 1794 Sir Peter Teazle) and five others, won the Main Oatlands at Newmarket First Spring beating Stamford, Stickler and one other, won the Jockey Club Plate over the Beacon Course beating the Honourable G Watson's St George (b c 1789 Highflyer), won a sweep at Newmarket beating St George, won a 200 guineas match over Oatlands at Newmarket, walked-over for a sweep at Newmarket Second Spring, 3rd in a 300 guineas sweep at Newmarket.

At 6: won 50 sovereigns at Newmarket First Spring over the Beacon Course beating Mr Christopher Wilson's Johnny (b c 1794 King Fergus) and Lord Clermont's Spoliator, won the Great Subscription Purse, worth 225, at York in August, over four miles, beating Harry Rowe (b c 1793 Pantaloon), won a 200 guineas match over two miles at Doncaster from Earl Fitzwilliam's Wonder (ch c 1794 Phoenomenon), which was his final race, unplaced in the Newmarket Craven Oatlands, won by Mr Ex-Turnor's Oscar (bl c 1795 Saltram), lost a 200 guineas match at Doncaster to Sir Thomas Gascoigne's Timothy (b c 1794 Delpini).