Oscar (GB)


Sire Line


Oscar* [Lightfoot's] br c 1795 (Saltram - Mare by Highflyer). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 3.

Bred by Mr Ex-Turnor he was described as a horse of great muscular power and fine symmetry, having superior speed and blessed with a docile temperment. He raced for three years, winning the Oatlands at Newmarket twice and the Craven Stakes.

After the death of Ex-Turnor he was purchased by Richard Morland and stood at Walthamstow, near London. He was said to be remembered in Essex for several splendid hunters.

Imported in 1804 by William Lightfoot of Sandy Point, Virginia, his American daughters did him credit. Black Ghost (bl f 1806) became the dam of two good racemares, Columbia (f Sir Archy) and Isabella (br f 1821 Sir Archy). An unnamed daughter was the 2nd dam of the worthy Madam Tonson (b f 1814) who produced the excellent brothers Monsieur Tonson (b c 1822), Sir Henry Tonson (c 1824) and Sir Richard Tonson (gr c 1823) to Jackson's Pacolet. Another daughter was the 2nd dam of the sire Engineer (gr c 1852 Revenue). He stood at Sandy Point in 1805 and 1806, after which there is no record of him.

Oscar Saltram Eclipse Marske
Virago Snap
Regulus Mare
Highflyer Mare Highflyer King Herod
Herod Mare King Herod
Miss Middleton
Race Record
In 1798 he was unplaced for the Cup at Burford, won by Lord Grosvenor's Lady Bull (ch f 1795 John Bull), beating three others. Finished 2nd for a Fifty at Lambourn, beaten by Sir T Wallace's Heart of Oak. Won a 15gs each sweep at Newmarket October, beating Lord Clermont's bay Drumator colt and Mr Howorth's Mouse (b c 1796 Creeper).
In 1799 he won the 375 gs Oatlands Stakes at Newmarket Craven, beating Lady Bull , Warter (b c 1795 King Fergus), Sir Frank Standish's Stamford (br c 1794 Sir Peter Teazle) and five others. Finished 2nd for the 100gs each Main of the Oatlands at Newmarket First Spring, won by Warter, beating Mr Cookson's Diamond (b c 1792 Highflyer). Won a Fifty at Brocket Hall, beating Sir Charles Bunbury's Combatant (ch c 1795 Challenger). Won the Oatlands at Newmarket October, beating Mr Thorpe's Chippenham (b c 1796 Trumpator), Lady Bull and five others.
In 1800 he won the 10gs each Craven Stakes at Newmarket in April, beating the Duke of Grafton's First Fruits (b c 1798 Grouse), Mr Cookson's Diamond (b c 1792 Highflyer) and six others. Won a Fifty at the same meeting, beating Mr Robert Heathcote's Georgiana (ch f 1797 John Bull), Mr Hallet's Mentor and six others. Finished 2nd for the King's Plate at Newmarket Spring, won by Sir Ferinando Poole's Worthy (b c 1795 Pot8os), beating Sir Frank Standish's Stamford. Collected a 250gs half forfeit from Mr J Heathcote's Warter at Newmarket Houghton.