Creeper (GB)





 Sire Line

Darley Arabian




Creeper* b c 1786 (Tandem - Harriet, by Matchem). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 22.

Bred by Archibald Hamilton (1740-1819), 9th Duke of Hamilton, who was said to have cared more for racing than politics, Creeper was a half brother to Miss Green (b f 1787 Highflyer) from whom most of Family 22 descends. He was purchased by Mr Broadhurst in 1789 and for him won three races. He was subsequently sold to the Prince of Wales and Christopher Wilson, then stood at Highflyer Hall before export to Connecticut in 1796. His son, Mr Turnor's Mouse (b c 1796), who won a match against Schedoni (b c 1795 Pot8os) over the Rowley Mile at Newmarket, appears to be his most notable offspring.

Purchased by Captain Abraham Skinner of East Hartford, he travelled to America with All-Fours* and King William*. Described as a beautiful bay he was said to stand 15 hands 3 inches. He stood the 1797 season at Litchfield, Connecticut, then moved to Poughkeepsie, New York, in 1798 and finally stood at Brookfield, Massachusetts, in 1799, which is the last record of him [E2:313]. He was confused in the American Stud Book with the Duke of Grafton's Crawler, however, under either name he left no American stock that bred on.

Creeper Tandem Syphon Squirt
Patriot Mare
Regulus Mare Regulus
Sister to Judgment
Harriet Matchem Cade
Sister to Miss Partner
Flora Regulus
Childers Mare
Race Record

In 1790 running for Mr Broadhurst he won 50 for 4yos at Nottingham, two-mile heats. Two days later at the same place won 50 for all ages, four-mile heats.

In 1791 he finished 2nd in the Craven Stakes at Newmarket, won by the Duke of Bedford's Mufti (b c 1783 Fitzherod), beating the Prince of Wales's Don Quixote (ch c 1784 Eclipse) and 12 others. Won 50 at Newmarket First Spring, beating the Duke of Bedford's Halkin (b c 1786 Jupiter) and 6 others. Running for the Prince of Wales he won 60gs at Newmarket in July, beating Mr Bullock's Toby (b c 1786 Highflyer), Lord Grosvenor's Skylark (b c 1783 Highflyer), Mr Dawson's Coriander (b c 1786 Pot8os) and 3 others. Finished 2nd in the 295 Great Subscription at York, won by Lord A Hamilton's Walnut (b c 1786 Highflyer), beating Mr Wentworth's Favourite [ex-Telescope] (b c 1786 Pot8os). Won the Royal Plate at Lichfield, beating Mr Chichester's Sulky (ch c 1786 Garrick) and Sir C Turner's Weathercock (b c 1786 Ruler). Won the Royal Plate at Burford, beating Mr Paine's St Luke.

In 1792 running for Mr Wilson he finished 2nd for the Whip and 200gs each at Newmarket Second October, won by the Duke of Bedford's Dragon* (ch c 1787 Woodpecker), beating Lord Clermont's Pipator (b c 1786 Imperator). Won a 200gs each sweepstakes at Newmarket Houghton, beating the Duke of Bedford's Dragon*, Lord Foley's Vermin (b c 1788 Highflyer) and Lord Clermont's Pipator (b c 1786 Imperator). Won a 100gs match at Newmarket in November from Mr Montolieu's Halkin (b c 1786 Jupiter).

In 1793 he finished 2nd in the 25gs each Subscription at York to Mr Wentworth's Huby (ch c 1788 Phoenomenon), beating Mr Garforth's Katherine.

In 1794 he finished 2nd for the Whip and 200gs each at Newmarket Second Spring to Mr Wharton's Coriander (b c 1786 Pot8os).