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Volunteer [ex-Cornet] ch c 1780 (Eclipse - Mare by Tartar). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 9-b.

First named Cornet, he was bred by Dennis O'Kelly. One of the brood produced by O'Kelly's famous Old Tartar Mare, he was full brother to Jupiter (ch c 1774), Mercury (ch c 1778) and Queen Mab (ch f 1785).

Racing for four years he won four of his six starts, and collected forfeits or compromises another four times. He retired to O'Kelly's stud at Epsom, joining his sire, Eclipse (ch c 1764 Marske), and Dungannon (b c 1780 Eclipse). There he sired the Derby winner, Spread Eagle* (b c 1792), and two Oaks winners, Caelia (br f 1790), and Portia (ch f 1788). An unnamed son, Volunteer Colt (b c 1792), won the July Stakes, and an unnamed daughter, (ch f 1793), was the 2nd dam of the Oaks winner Medora (ch f 1811). His daughter Miss Whip (b f 1793 was the dam of the sire Ardrossan (b c 1809). A number of his sons, including Eagle* (b c 1796), Magic* (ch c 1794), and Hoomes' Stirling* (b c 1791) were sent to America.

After the death of Dennis O'Kelly Volunteer was moved to Cannons, near Edgeware, Middlesex, and stood there along with Dungannon and Vertumnus.
Volunteer Eclipse Marske Squirt
Ruby Mare
Spilletta Regulus
Mother Western
Tartar Mare Tartar Croft's Partner
Mogul Mare Mogul
Sweepstakes Mare
Race Record
In 1783 he won the 100gs each Cumberland Stakes at Newmarket First Spring, in which he defeated Saltram (br c 1780 Eclipse) and the Duke of Queensberry's brother to Highflyer, Gonzales (b c 1780 Herod). Ran fifth in Saltram's Derby at Epsom. Won a 50gs each sweep at Ascot, beating Gonzales, the Duke of Cumberland's Pluto (b c 1780 Eclipse), Lord Grosvenor's Armida (b f 1780 Sweetbriar) and one other. Won 125gs at Basingstoke, beating Mr Dutton's Spectre (ch c 1781 Herod) and the Duke of Bolton's Pulpe filly. Collected 100gs forfeit for a 200gs match at Newmarket October from HRH the Duke of Cumberland's Chance (b c 1780 Javelin).
He did not run in 1784, having collected an 80gs compromise from the Hon Richard Vernon's Nymph (ch f 1780 Florizel) for a 200gs match at Newmarket First Spring.
Called Volunteer in 1785, he won his only start in a 100gs each sweep at Newmarket First Spring from the Duke of Grafton's Champion (b c 1789 Herod), Lord Grosvenor's Balance (b c 1780 Herod) and four others. Collected 125gs compromise at Newmarket Second Spring for a 300gs match with Mr T Bullock's Buzaglo (b c 1780 Evergreen). Collected 200gs compromise at the same meeting for a 500gs match with the Duke of Queensberry's Gonzales (b c 1780 Herod).
In 1786 he was unplaced in the Craven Stakes at Newmarket Craven, won by Lord Grosvenor's Premier (b c 1781 Sweetbriar), with Sir C Bunbury's Volatile (b f 1779 Alexis) finishing 2nd, Buzaglo 3rd, HRH the Prince of Wales's Ulysses (ch c 1777 Florizel) 4th and 3 others.


Eagle (GB)* b c 1796 (Volunteer - Sister to Scarisbrick, by Highflyer). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 2.