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St Victor's Barb


Cartouch c 1717c (Bald Galloway - Mare, by Hampton Court Cripple Barb). Sire Line St Victor's Barb. Family 4.

Bred in Yorkshire by Lewis Elstob, Esq, from a mare bred in the Royal Stud at Hampton Court, he belonged to Sir William Morgan (1700-1731) of Tredegar while in training and when he first went to stud in Wales. Later he was sold to Dr Chambers of Rippon, Yorkshire, and stood in the north. A stallion advertisement in 1745 indicates he was in the custodianship of Richard Peake at Rippon and covered for a fee of 5 guineas. Said to stand less than 14 hands, he won a match against Jonquil. It was said of him that "no Horse in this Kingdom able to Run with him at any Weights from 8st to 12st he never Run but one Match agst Jonquil at Newmarket which he won easily".

His most famous son was Lord Portmore's Young Cartouch (ch c 1731), an eminent racehorse and stallion. He also got Mr Panton's able runner Hog (b c 1746). Several of his daughters attained some success in the stud as well. The Cartouch Mare (f 1730c) of Family 37, bred by Sir Matthew Pearson, was the dam of Lord Weymouth's winner Neptune (gr c 1738 Crab) and Lord Rockingham's durable Silverleg (ch c 1743 Young Cartouch) who won eleven Fifties during a five year career and on one occasion defeated the famous Little Driver (ch c 1743 Beaver's Driver). She was also the 4th dam of Mr Wildman's winner Frolic (br c 1764 Scampston Cade). The Cartouch Mare1 (f 1730c) of Family 1, bred by Lord Portmore, produced Mr Swinburne's good stallion Sprightly (br c 1754 Cade).

1 The General Stud Book suggests that this mare was probably sired by Young Cartouch [GSB 1:56], however, in Cuthbert Routh's stud book her sire is recorded as Old Cartouch [Early Records:59].

Cartouch Bald Galloway St. Victor's Barb  
Grey Whynot Whynot
Royal Mare
Cripple Barb Mare Hampton Court Cripple Barb Chillaby
Moonah Barb Mare
Makeless Mare Makeless
Trumpet's Dam
Race Record
In 1725 he collected a half forfeit from Capt Collyer's Cubit in October for a 100gs match.
In 1726 he collected a half forfeit from Mr Robinson's chestnut mare for a 100gs match in April. Won a 500gs match from Mr Vane's Jonquil at Newmarket in October; Cartouch carried 8st, Jonquil carried 8st 7lbs. The race was over 4 miles.

Young Cartouch (GB) ch c 1731 (Cartouch - Sister to Red Rose, by Hampton Court Chestnut Arabian). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. Family 4.