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Young Cartouch


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Young Cartouch ch c 1731 (Cartouch - Sister to Red Rose1, by Hampton Court Chesnut Arabian). Sire Line St Victor's Barb.

Bred in Sussex by Charles Seymour (1662-1748), 6th Duke of Somerset, he was purchased by Thomas Thynne (1710-1751), 2nd Viscount Weymouth, who first called him Flush and raced him for two years. He was later sold to Charles Colyear (1700-1785), 2nd Earl of Portmore. The dimunitive Young Cartouch frequently ran in Galloway plates as well as normal races and amassed twelve victories during his five years on the turf.

Joining Lord Portmore's stud he got there Lord Rockingham's Silverleg (ch c 1743) who won eleven Fifties over the course of his career and on one occasion defeated the famous Little Driver (ch c 1743 Beaver's Driver). Another son was Mr Swymmer's, Mr Panton's, and eventually Lord Orford's Captain (br c 1752), a good stallion who produced, among others, Whirligig* (b c 1765) who contributed to early American racehorse breeding. Among his daughters was the Young Cartouch Mare (f 1750c) of Family 5 bred by Lord Portmore. She was the 2nd dam of a sterling array of stallions including Mr Ogilvy's Trentham (b c 1766 Gower's Sweepstakes), Sir John Moore's Flimnap* (b c 1765 South), Mr Blake's Florizel (b c 1768 King Herod), sire of the Derby winner Diomed* (ch c 1777), and Mr Douglas's Bourdeaux (gr c 1774 King Herod). The Young Cartouch Mare (f 1748) of Family 13 was owned by Mr. Panton and became the 3rd dam of the Oaks winner Stella (b f 1781 Plunder) owned by Philip Burlton.

A stallion advertisement in 1746 indicates he was covering for a fee of 2 guineas at Bellerby, Yorkshire, in the hands of Mr March. Young Cartouch was later a stallion at Hampton Court and died there in 1759.

1 As shown in the General Stud Book the Duke of Somerset's Red Rose, and his sister, were from Croft's Pet Mare, and thus a member of Family 4. However, according to 18th-century stallion advertisements, they were not out of this Pet Mare. Their dam was instead a mare called Smug, she by Slug and out of "a Mare of Mr Frampton's Bull-kind". [The Newcastle Courant. Saturday, April 6, 1734. No. 467]

Young Cartouch Cartouch Bald Galloway St. Victor's Barb
Grey Whynot
Cripple Barb Mare Hampton Court Cripple Barb
Makeless Mare
Sister to Red Rose Hampton Court Chestnut Arabian  
Smug Slug
Bull Mare
Race Record
In 1736, running for Lord Weymouth, he won a 20 Plate at Hounslow and a 30 Plate at Reading, carrying 10st in each race. Finished 2nd for the 80gs Ladies Plate at Oxford in September, won by Lord Lonsdale's Kouli Khan (b c 1730 Lonsdale Bay Arabian), beating Mr Lee's chestnut colt Hopewell and Mr Clark's grey gelding Silvertail Dick.
In 1737 he won the Galloway Plate at Salisbury and the 20 Galloway Plate at Winchester.
In 1738 running for Lord Portmore, he won the 20 Galloway Plate at Guildford in May, beating Mr Boyes's bay filly Miss Curzon. Won 40 at Winchester in June, beating Mr Beaver's Driver (ch c 1732 Snake), Mr Figg's chestnut filly Miss Hackney and Mr Popham's grey gelding Osman. Won the Galloway Purse at Huntingdon, beating Mr Grisewood's Top. Won the 50gs purse at Lewes in August, beating 3 others.
In 1739 he finished 3rd for a 30 Plate at Epsom in May, won by Mr Craven's black colt Cupid, with Mr Grisewood's Partner (gr c 1730 Partner) 2nd, beating Mr Stevenson's chestnut colt Richmond Ball. Won the 20 give-and-take prize at Huntingdon in July, beating Mr Grisewood's Partner. Won the 20 Free Plate at Warwick in August, beating Mr Welburn's chestnut colt Bumper [or Ramper] and Mr W Wynn's chestnut colt Spanker. Won the 50 give-and-take prize at Monmouth. Won the 20 Galloway prize at Hereford later in August, beating Mr Wood's chestnut colt  Ladies Delight. Finished 2nd for a 50gs Plate at Ludlow, won by Mr Grisewood's Partner, beating Mr Barlow's brown filly Priscilla.
In 1740 he lost a 200gs match at Newmarket in October to Mr Martindale's chestnut filly Molly Mogg.
Captain (GB)
br c 1752 (Young Cartouch - Mare, by Devonshire Blacklegs). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. Family 104. Bred by the Earl of Portmore, he was later owned by Anthony Langley Swymmer, Mr Panton and Lord Orford. In 1756 he won a 50 Maiden Plate at Huntingdon, beating Lord Granby's grey filly Miss Wyndham, Mr Dutton's Tim (b c 1752 Squirt) and Mr Swymmer's Hawke (gr g 1752 Bolton Starling), after which he was purchased by Mr Swymmer. He then finished 2nd for 50 at Basingstoke, won by Lord Craven's bay Trifle colt, beating Mr Hixon's bay colt Grantham Harry. In April of 1757 he won a 200gs match over one mile at Newmarket from the Duke of Bridgewater's Cracker (b c 1752 Torismond), and was purchased by Mr Panton. In 1758 he finished 4th for 60gs at Newmarket In March, won by the Duke of Kingston's Miner (ch c 1752 Tartar), with the Duke of Cumberland's Spider (ch c 1752 Young Cartouch) placing 2nd, and the Duke of Cleveland's Dainty Davy (b c 1752 Traveller) 3rd. He next won the Noblemen and Gentlemen's Sweepstakes at Bedford, beating Lord Sandwich's Rover and 2 others. In 1759 he finished 4th for 50 At Newmarket in April, won by Mr Gorge's Juniper (b c 1752 Babraham), with Mr Meredith's chestnut colt Whittington placing 2nd and the Duke of Cumberland's Cato (b c 1748 Regulus) 3rd. In 1760, running for Lord Orford, he won 50 at Newmarket in April, beating Mr Holme's grey colt Young Gaul'em, Mr Shatfo's Juggler (gr c 1753 Rib) and Mr Duggins's chestnut colt Whitelegs. Following his turf career he joined Lord Orford's stud and later covered at Wickham-Mills, near Witham in Essex, for a fee of 5 guineas. A worthy stallion, his most important son was probably Whirligig* (b c 1765) who was useful in America.
General (GB)
b c 1758 (Young Cartouch - Mare, by Devonshire Blacklegs). Sire Line St. Victor's Barb. Family 104. A full brother to Captain (above), he was bred by the Earl of Portmore and later owned by Lord Waldegrave and Mr Quick. He was first called Young Captain. He was said to stand 14 hands 1 and a half inch. In 1762 he won a 200gs match at Newmarket in October from Mr Greville's Exotic (gr c 1756 Cullen Arabian), and was then purchased by Mr Quick who named him General. In 1763 he won 50 at Odiham in October, beating Mr Douglas's chestnut Babraham filly, Mr Strode's Slouch and 3 others. In 1764 he won 50 at Barnet in August, beating Mr Vernon's Dragon (br c 1757 Regulus), Mr Simpson's Snap, Mr Cook's Basto and Mr Wildman's Gift. Later in August he won the 80 Ladies' Purse at Oxford, beating Mr Wildman's Granby (b c 1759 Blank) and Mr Strode's Star (br c 1759 Regulus). In September he won a 50 give and take at Aylesbury, beating Mr Linsdale's Creeping Jenny, Mr Stoke's Lily, Mr Bailey's Valiant and Mr Kidd's Flirt. Later the same month he won the second heat for 50 at Leicester but fell in the third heat. In October he won 50 at Odiham, beating Mr Compton's Notus, Mr Wilkins's Athelstone, Mr Rogers's Sylla and Mr Johnson's Skipjack. In 1765 he won the Royal Plate at Newmarket in April, beating Mr Wentworth's Valiant, Mr Larkin's Cyclops (gr c 1758 Oroonoko) and others. In May he finished 2nd for 50 at Wisbech. In June he finished 3rd for a 50 at Ascot Heath, won by the Duke of Cumberland's Milksop (bl c 1760 Cumberland's Crab). In August he won the 50gs Ladies' Purse at Huntingdon, beating Lord Farnham's Knavestock (b c 1759 Blank) and Lord Orford's Ghost (b c 1759 Blank). Also in August he won  50 at Barnet, beating Mr Payne's Sloven (b c 1761 Cub), Mr Panton's Hornet (b f 1759 Blank) whilst distancing 4 others. In September he finished 2nd to Mr Latham's Snap (br c 1759 Snap) for a 50 at Odsey. In 1766 he won 50 at Epsom in May, beating Mr Humphrey's Trifle, Mr Crosoer's Crispin, Mr Carter's Young Driver and Mr Castle's Miss-in-her-Teens. In June he won 50 at Ascot Heath, beating Mr Latham's Snap and Mr Strode's Star. Also in June he won 50 at Marlborough, beating Mr Wildman's Pancake (gr c 1759 Blank) and Mr Popham's Greybeard. In July he won 50 at Huntingdon, beating Mr Humphrey's Trifle. In August he won 50 at Barnet, beating Mr Reynolds's Crab-Blossom, Mr Hall's Fife and others. In September he won 50 at Odsey, beating Mr Turner's Spot, Sir C Bunbury's Nobody (ch c 1761 Omar), Mr Vernon's Druid (br c 1761 Snap), Mr Adams's Lieutenant and Lord Farnham's Shadow. Later in September he won 50 at Swaffham, beating Mr Shirley's Milford, Lord Gower's Sweepstakes and others. In 1767 he won a 30gs Silver Bowl at Salisbury in June, beating Mr Strode's Leopardess (b f 1760 Merlin), Mr Tyer's Ploughboy and Sir J Elwell's Foxhunter. In July he won 50 at Uxbridge, beating Mr Watt's Daedalus, Mr Sparrow's Ticklepitcher and others. In October he fell whilst running at Epsom and retired from the turf. He doesn't appear to have left any stock that bred on.