Traveller (GB)

Old Traveller




Sire Line

Byerley Turk




Traveller [Old] b c 1735 (Croft's Partner - Sister to Spinner, by Almanzor). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 37.

Bred by William Osbaldeston of Hunmanby, Yorkshire, Traveller was full brother to Maidenhead (ch f 1730) who won the Galloway Plate at York in 1738 along with several other galloway plates and was considered good at light weights. Traveller himself ran successfully for four years. He was sold to Sir James Harington after the 1741 season.

He was in the stud at Yarm, Cleveland for several years, then moved on to Edward Rookes Leedes' stud at North Milford, near Tadcaster, Yorkshire, and in 1762 he stood at Wood's Green, Worcestershire, although he died shortly after that. He covered few mares, mostly of indifferent background, and remained unnoticed until his fine sons, Squirrel (b c 1754) and Dainty Davy (b c 1752), excelled on the turf. Two of his daughters, Lass of the Mill (b f 1745) and her sister, became notable brood mares.

Traveller Croft's Partner Jigg Byerley Turk
Charming Jenny
Sister to Mixbury Curwen's Bay Barb
Spot Mare
Sister to Spinner Almanzor Darley Arabian
Hautboy Mare
Sister to Bay Bolton Grey Hautboy
Makeless Mare
Race Record
In 1739 he won the Hambleton Plate, beating Sir Nathaniel Curzon's Young Brisk (gr c 1735 Brisk) and nine others over three miles.
In 1740 he won the first heat of a 50 Plate at Wakefield, beating Mr Walker's Bumper (ch c 1735 Croft's Partner), Mr Lawson's Childers and Mr Constable's Cottingham (ch c 1735 Hartley's Blind Horse), then was disqualified due to foul play by his rider.
In 1741 he won the Annual Plate at Kipling Coates, beating Mr Smith's Cripple (gr c Robinson Crusoe) and Mr Clarke's Dotterel. He followed that with a win in the 50 Plate at York, beating Mr Scroope's Windsor (ch c Hip) and Sir John Lister Kaye's Trial (gr f Childers), all carrying 11 stone in four-mile heats. He next won the 90 guineas Ladies' Plate at Lincoln, beating Mr Lawson's Childers (br c Bartlet's Childers), Mr Pulleine's Scarborough Colt and two others.
In 1742, owned by Sir James Harrington, he won 50 at Malton, beating the Duke of Perth's Chance (b g Lowther Arabian), the Duke of Hamilton's Spectre (ro c 1733 Croft's Partner) and Mr Darley's Aldby Masterpiece (b c 1735). He then walked-over for 50 guineas at Oxford.
Traveller Mares
1. Lass of the Mill (b f 1745) was bred by John Holme of Carlisle, Cumberland, who also bred Matchem (b c 1748 Cade). She was sold to Mr Clarke, for whom she won 50 at Richmond in 1750 beating three others, and placed 4th in the King's Plate at Hambleton the same year. She was then purchased by William Fenton for a brood mare and became the taproot mare of Family 2-m. She was the dam of MrFenton's Gold Cup winner Viper (b c 1755 Sampson), and 2nd dam of Bay Malton (b c 1760 Sampson). She died in October of 1763.
2. Sister to Lass of the Mill (f 1744c), bred by John Holme, 3rd dam of Doncaster Cup winner Duchess (b f 1775 Le Sang) and her half-sister, the St Leger winner Omphale (b f 1781 Highflyer). She was also the ancestress of many other excellent horses including Harkaway (ch c 1835 Economist).
3. Traveller Mare (f 1750c), owned by Robert Shafto and dam of his good plate winners Pioneer (bbr c 1768 Old England), Bauble (b c 1771 Babraham Blank) and Hazard (b c 1772 Babraham Blank).
4. Smallbones (b f 1752), bred by Mr Croft of Barforth, Yorkshire, and raced by Mr Swinburne, was full sister to Squirrel. In August of 1756 she won the first heat of a sweepstakes at York, beating Lord Rockingham's Lisette (b f 1753 Regulus), then fell in the second heat and lost her distance. In September she won a 200 guineas each sweepstakes at Swaffam, beating Mr Curzon's grey filly (Standard).  At Newmarket she placed 2nd in a 50 race, losing to Mr Jenison's Barbarina (Snip), beating three others. In August of 1757 she placed 2nd in the King's Plate at Hambleton, won by Lord Rockingham's Lisette, beating Mr Jenison's Barbarina, Mr Simpson's Little Sunderland, Mr Humphrey's Milkmaid, the Duke of Bridgewater's Miss Patty and others. In September, she won 50 at Lincoln, beating Mr Ann's Brown Betty (Sloe), Mr Vane's Delicate Nell (Vane's Arabian), Mr Pratt's Bay Ramsden, Lord Northumberland's Barbarossa and three others. In October she lost at Newmarket to Feather and Whistlejacket and was taken out of training. She was the dam of Jenison Shafto's, later Lord Orford's, and then Richard Vernon's winner, Jerkin (b c 1760 Babraham).
5. Traveller Mare (ch f 1745), bred by Cuthbert Routh, 2nd dam of Laurel (bbr c 1755 Cade), and 2nd dam of Bagot (b c 1780 King Herod).
6. Traveller Mare, bred by Mr Hartley, a foundation mare of Family 67, and dam of King's Plate winners Yorkshire Jenny (b f 1758 Young Cade) and Morwick Ball (ch c 1762 Regulus) and the stallion Carbineer (b c 1765 Young Cade). Morwick Ball was also a stallion.
7. Traveller Mare (b f 1746), bred by Captain Hartley, 2nd dam of King's Plate winner Tyrant (b c 1769 Turf).
8. Traveller Mare, 3rd dam of the Irish stallion Commodore (ch c 1793 Tom Tug).
9. Traveller Mare, a foundation mare of Family 63.
Other Notable Offspring
Dainty Davy (GB)
b c 1752 (Traveller - Slighted By All, by Fox Cub). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 4. Owned by the Duke of Cleveland, Dainty Davy lost only three races between 1756 and 1763. As a four year old he walked-over for a Maiden Plate Plate at Alnwick and won a Fifty at Stockton. At five he won Fifties at Newcastle, Durham and Morpeth, the £100 Plate at Stockton, a 500 guineas match at Stockton, and collected a premium for not starting at Stockton. At six he won a Fifty at Newcastle, the £80 Plate at Newcastle, and walked-over for the Fifty at Durham. At seven he won Fifties at Newcastle and Richmond, the £80 Plate at Newcastle, the Gold Cup at Richmond, and walked-over for the Fifty at York. At eight he won Fifties at Newcastle and York, the £60 Plate at Newcastle, and the Gold Cup at Richmond. At nine he won the Gold Cup at Richmond and walked-over for a Fifty at York. At ten he won a Fifty at Hull and again won the Gold Cup at Richmond, along with collecting a premium for not starting at Scarborough. At eleven he won the Gold Cup at Richmond and collected a premium for not starting at Hull. In all he won five Gold Cups and prize money in the amount of £2,290. He entered the Duke's stud at Raby Castle, Durham, where he commanded a fee of 5 guineas which later rose to 10 guineas. One of his daughters was the ancestress of the Derby winners St Giles (ch c 1829 Tramp) and Bloomsbury (b c 1836 Mulatto), and another of the Derby winner Attila (b c 1839 Colwick).
Squirrel (GB)
b c 1754 (Traveller - Grey Bloody Buttocks [ex-Dairymaid] by Bloody Buttocks). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 4. Squirrel was bred by William Cornforth of Barforth, Yorkshire, and later purchased by Jenison Shafto, who also owned Old Snap (bl c 1750 Snip). He was a half-brother to Cornforth's Forester (ch c 1746 Croft's Forester), Croft's Lady Thigh (gr f 1740 Croft's Partner) and Smallbones. In 1758 Squirrel placed 2nd at Huntingdon to Mr Swinburne's Belford (b c 1754 Cade). In October he won a 1400 guineas sweepstakes at Newmarket, beating Lord Northumberland's Primrose (ch f 1754 Wilson's Arabian), Mr Panton's Posthumous (b c 1754 Godolphin Arabian) and others over the Beacon Course. At the same meeting he won a 120 guineas Subscription Purse, beating Mr Curzon's Kiddleston (Whitenose), the Duke of Ancaster's Standby (ch c 1754 Shepherd's Crab), Lord Gower's Shock (Shock), Lord Chedworth's Bosphorus, Mr Basset's Dormouse (gr c 1754 Dormouse), Lord Northumberland's Perseus (b c 1754 Bolton Starling) and Lord Portmore's Rake (gr c 1754 Whitenose) over the Beacon Course. In May of 1759 he won 300 guineas at Newmarket, beating Mr Panton's Mystery (b c 1753 Blank) over the Beacon Course. He then placed 2nd at York to Silvio. In August he collected a forfeit at Hambleton from Mr Turner's horse. In October he won 200 guineas at Newmarket, beating the Duke of Cumberland's Spider (ch c 1752 Young Cartouch) over the Rowley Mile. In April of 1760 he won 500 guineas at Newmarket, beating the Duke of Cumberland's Dapper (br c 1755 Cade), conceding Dapper a stone over the Beacon Course. In July he won the 90 Ladies' Plate at Huntingdon, beating Mr Gorge's Juniper (b c 1752 Babraham) and Mr Panton's Posthumous. In March of 1761 he won 1000 guineas at Newmarket, beating "easy" Sir James Lowther's Jason over the Beacon Course. At the Second Spring Meeting he was matched against Sir James Lowther's Babraham (b c 1750 Babraham), however, prior to the match he injured his fetlock and was retired. He became a "favourite" stallion and stood at Packenham Hall, near Bury and West Wratting, Suffolk, where he got "a great number of speedy" runners along with an "uncommon number of valuable" daughters. Over fourteen years he sired 183 winners of more than 56,000. The General Stud Book notes that he died in 1780 at West Wratting [GSB 1:395] although the list of winners credits him with one in 1782 [Pick 1:227].
Squirrel Mares
1. Brim [ex-Soubrette] (b f 1771), bred by the 5th Baron Farnham and owned by Mr Strode, dam of the Derby winner Noble (b c 1783 Highflyer).
2. Brunette (br f 1771), bred by Lord Farnham, and sold to William Henry Fortescue, 1st Earl of Clermont, dam of the Champion Sire Trumpator (bl c 1782 Conductor) and Pipator (b c 1786 Imperator).
3. Cypher (br f 1772), bred by Richard Grosvenor, 1st Earl of Grosvenor, who had a seat at Oxcroft Farm near West Wratting, taproot mare of Family 3-b, and dam of the Oaks winner Trifle (br f 1782 Justice).
4. Flirt (b f 1770), bred by Lord Farnham who had acquired her dam from Lord Orford, full sister to Brim, 3rd dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner Trophonius (bl c 1808 Sorcerer).
5. Flora (b f 1768), bred by Mr Shafto, dam of two St Leger winners, Spadille (b c 1784 Highflyer) and Young Flora (b f 1785 Highflyer).
6. Heinel (b f 1771), owned by Mr Compton, 3rd dam of St Leger and Doncaster Cup winner Filho da Puta (br c 1812 Haphazard) who was also Champion Sire in 1828, 3rd dam of Woodcote Stakes winner Cashunut (b f 1811 Gamenut), 4th dam of Oaks winner Sorcery (b f 1808 Sorcerer), she the dam of the Derby and Two Thousand Guineas winner Cadland (br c 1825 Andrew).
7. Lady Bolingbroke (b f 1766), bred by Frederick St John, 2nd Viscount Bolingbroke, dam of the Oaks winner Tetotum (b f 1777 Matchem) and of the good stallion Alderman* (b c 1787 Pot8os), 2nd dam of the July Stakes winner Skyrocket (b c 1797 Skyscraper).
8. Noisette (b f 1774), bred by Lord Clermont, 2nd dam of Marmion (b c 1806 Whiskey), the sire of the St Leger winner Jack Spigot (br c 1818), and sire of the 2nd dam of Pocahontas (b f 1837), taproot mare of Family 3-n.
9. Squirrel Mare (f 1775), bred by Lord Farnham, taproot mare of Family 2-b, 2nd dam of the good Irish stallion Swordsman (b c 1796 Prizefighter).
10. Squirrel Mare (b f 1767), bred by the 1st Earl Grosvenor, dam of the Oaks winner Ceres (b f 1779 Sweetwilliam), and 2nd dam of the Derby winners Daedalus (b c 1791 Justice) and Rhadamanthus (b c 1787 Justice).
11. Squirrel Mare, dam of the St Leger winner Serina (b f 1778 Goldfinder).
12. Squirrel Mare (gr f 1770), owned by Sir J Webb, dam of the stallion Slope (gr c 1782 Highflyer).
13. Squirrel Mare (b f 1768), 2nd dam of July Stakes winner Pantaloon (b c 1803 Buzzard).