Skyscraper (GB)

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Sire Line


Skyscraper b c 1786 (Highflyer - Everlasting, by Eclipse). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3.

Skyscraper was bred by Francis Russell (1765-1802), 5th Duke of Bedford, a notable breeder and turf supporter. The Duke established a stud at Woburn Abbey which produced the Derby winners Eager (b c 1788 Florizel) and Fidget Colt (br c 1794 Fidget) and the Oaks winners Caelia (br f 1790 Volunteer) and Portia (ch f 1788 Volunteer) as well as winning the Oaks with Hippolyta (ch f 1787 Mercury).

Skyscraper was half brother to Sister to Goldfinch (b f 1785 Woodpecker), the third dam of the Derby winner Hannibal (b c 1801 Driver). He was named by the Duke's turf confederate Ralph Dutton presumably in reference to his height. On the turf he ran with much success for five years winning the Derby Stakes and three King's Plates.

Following his turf career he retired to Woburn where he stood for a fee of 5 guineas. After the Duke's death in 1802 Skyscraper covered at Tytherton, near Chippenham, in Wiltshire for a fee of 10 guineas.

His best son was probably the July Stakes winner Skyrocket (b c 1797). His best daughter was doubtlessly Cobbea (b f 1802) dam of the Oaks winner Sorcery (b f 1808 Sorcerer), the latter the dam of the Derby and Two Thousand Guineas Stakes winner Cadland (br c 1825 Andrew). He also got the dam of Bobadil (ch c 1813 Rubens) a notable sire in Ireland, Alderney (b f 1800) the dam of the useful stallion Don Cossack (bl c 1810 Haphazard), and an unnamed Skyscaper Mare who became the second dam of Redshank (b c 1833 Sandbeck), winner of the Craven Stakes in 1836 and 1838.

Skyscraper died in December of 1807.

Skyscraper Highflyer King Herod Tartar
Rachel Blank
Sister to South
Everlasting Eclipse Marske
Hyaena Snap
Miss Belsea
Race Record
At 3: Collected 240 guineas forfeits at Newmarket Craven, won a 500 guineas match at the same meeting from Mr C J Fox's Maid of all Work (b f 1786 Highflyer), won the 100 guineas each Prince's Stakes at Newmarket Second Spring beating Lord Grosvenor's Brother to Skylark (b c 1786 Highflyer), Lord Clermont's Pipator (b c 1786 Imperator) and 6 others, won the 50 guineas each Derby Stakes at Epsom beating stablemate Sir George (b c 1786 Bourdeaux), Brother to Skylark, the Prince of Wales's Soujah ul Dowlah (ch c 1786 Eclipse) and 7 others, collected 70 guineas from Lord Egremont's Oaks winner Tag (br f 1786 Trentham) at the same meeting, collected 250 guineas forfeit for a 500 guineas match from Mr Ladbroke's Magpie (ro c 1786 Imperator) at Newmarket 1st October, and received 60 guineas from Lord Egremont's Calomel (b c 1786 Mercury), won 800 guineas at Newmarket 2nd October beating Skylark, Lord G H Cavendish's Competitor (ch c 1786 Eclipse) and 7 others, won 50 at the same meeting beating Lord Grosvenor's Egbert (gr c 1786 Mambrino) and 7 others, also collected 110 guineas from Mr Fox's Sister to Lethe and 130 guineas from Mr Fox's Braggadocio (b c 1786 Boudrow).
At 4: Won the 100 guineas each Jockey Stakes at Newmarket 1st Spring beating Skylark, Pipator, Lord Grosvenor's Pickle (b c 1786 Highflyer) with 9 paying a forfeit, defeated by Sir C Bunbury's Glaucus (ch c  1786 Diomed) in a match for 1000 guineas at Newmarket 2nd Spring, won the 140 guineas Subscription at Newmarket 1st October beating the Prince of Wales's Escape (b c 1785 Highflyer), was beaten by Lord Grosvenor's Skylark for 70 guineas at the same meeting, finished 4th for a 60 guineas purse at Newmarket 2nd October won by Lord Barrymore's July Stakes winner Seagull (b c 1786 Woodpecker).
At 5: Won 1500 guineas at Newmarket 1st Spring beating Pipator and 14 others, finished 3rd and last for a 50 guineas each sweep at the same meeting won by Mr Bullock's Spear (b c 1786 Javelin) with Lord Foley's Shovel (b c 1785 Magnet) placing 2nd, at Newmarket 2nd Spring collected 150 guineas forfeit for a 300 guineas each sweep from the Prince of Wales's Highflyer colt, Lord Grosvenor's Pot8os colt and 2 others, finished 2nd in a 50 guineas each sweep at the same meeting to Lord Clermont's Tally-Ho beating 4 others.
At 6: Finished 2nd for a 50 guineas each handicap at Newmarket Craven to Mr Phillip's Thalia (b f 1787 Highflyer) beating 6 others, at Newmarket 1st Spring was defeated by Mr Bullock's Buzzard (ch c 1787 Woodpecker) in a match for 200 guineas, won the King's Plate at the same meeting beating Mr F Dawson's Coriander (b c 1786 Pot8os), Mr Wentworth's Gustavus (b c 1785 Young Morwick) and Mr Bullock's Toby (b c 1786 Highflyer), at Stockbridge won the Prince of Wales's Plate beating Thalia in both heats, won the King's Plate at Winchester beating Lord Belfast's Heath Cropper in both heats, finished 2nd for the King's Plate at at Lewes won by Lord Egremont's Precipitate (ch c 1787 Mercury), walked over for 50 guineas at Derby, won the King's Plate at Newmarket 1st October beating Skylark, won 60 guineas at Newmarket 2nd October beating Skylark again.
At 7: Finished 2nd for the King's Plate at Newmarket 1st Spring to Coriander, finished 5th and last for the Jockey Club Plate at Newmarket 2nd Spring won by Coriander.