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Sire Line

Godolphin Arabian


Lath b c 1732 (Godolphin Arabian - Roxana, by Bald Galloway). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6-a.

Bred at Longford Hall in Derbyshire by Edward Coke (1701-1733), Lath was said to be the first offspring of the Godolphin Arabian [GSB 1:392], and was foaled on April 8, 1732. He was a full brother to the Champion Sire Cade (b c 1734) and a half brother to Roundhead (ch c 1733 Childers). Following Coke's death Lath was acquired by Francis (1678-1766), 2nd Earl of Godolphin, along with his dam Roxana1.

Considered to be among the best runners since Childers (b c 1714 Darley Arabian), he numbered among his victims Lord Portmore's Squirt (ch c 1732 Bartlet's Childers) and Mr Vane's Little Partner (b f 1731 Croft's Partner).

At the conclusion of his turf career he was purchased by Jno Turner in 1739 [Royal Studs:138] and subsequently William Cavendish (1698-1755), 3rd Duke of Devonshire. Lath entered the stud at Chatsworth in Derbyshire. Notable horses produced at Chatsworth include, during the tenure of the 2nd Duke, the famous Devonshire or Flying Childers (b c 1714 Darley Arabian), and during the tenure of the 3rd Duke, among others, Second (br c 1732 Childers) and Snip (br c 1736 Childers), the latter getting the Champion Sire Snap (bl c 1750). Lath got a number of good runners such as Red Cap (ch c 1744) and Hector (bl c 1745) along with several useful mares.

1 The pedigree of Roxana given in Edward Coke's stud book differs from that recorded in the General Stud Book. The Coke stud book notes that Roxana was "got By ye Bald galloway, Her dam by Ld Carlisle's white Turk, Her gr dam was Sir Willm Strickland's Old Blunder Mare" [Royal Studs:137] whilst GSB says Roxana was a full sister to Silverlocks (ch f 1725) and got by the Bald Galloway from a sister to Chaunter by the Leedes Arabian &c. [GSB 1:1].

Cade Godolphin Arabian    
Roxana Bald Galloway St. Victor's Barb
Grey Whynot
Sister to Chaunter Acaster Turk
Sister to Leedes
Race Record

In 1737, running for Lord Godolphin, Lath won a 100gs each Sweepstakes for 4yos at Newmarket in April, defeating Lord Portmore's Squirt (ch c 1732 Bartlet's Childers), the Duke of Devonshire's John Trott (b c 1742 Devonshire Blacklegs), Lord Lonsdale's Sultan (gr c 1732 Lonsdale Grey Arabian), the Duke of Bolton's bay filly Bob, the Duke of Somerset's bay filly Barb, Sir M Newton's bay colt Beelzebub, Lord Halifax's bay filly, Lord Weymouth's bay filly Countess and the Duke of Bridgewater's chestnut colt Hogmouth. Won a 200gs Match at Newmarket in October from Mr Vane's Little Partner (b f 1731 Croft's Partner) whilst carrying three pounds less than her.

In 1738 he won a 300gs Match at Newmarket in October from Mr Panton's Squirt, conceding him ten pounds. Later the same year he is said to have won 50 at Marlborough.

Notable Lath Mares

1. Miss (ch f 1754), bred by the Duke of Devonshire, 2nd dam of the stallion Chatsworth (ch c 1762 Blank). Family 6.
2. Ancaster Crazy  (ch f 1746c), bred by the Marquess of Hartington (Marquess of Hartington is the courtesy title borne by the eldest son of the Duke of Devonshire), 2nd dam of the St Leger winner Hollandaise (gr f 1775 Matchem), 3rd dam of the St Leger winner Serina (b f 1778 Goldfinder) and ancestress of Kentucky Derby winner Spokane (ch c 1886 Hyder Ali), Preakness winner Shirley (b c 1873 Lexington) and Belmont winner Joe Daniels (ch c 1869 Australian). Family 9-a.
3. Sister to Hector (f 1746c), bred by the Duke of Devonshire and owned by the Marquess of Hartington, dam of the stallion Omar (b c 1752 Godolphin Arabian). Family 9-a.