Lottery (GB)

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Lottery [ex-Tinker] bbr c 1820 (Tramp - Mandane, by Pot8os). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.

Bred in Yorkshire by Richard Watt, of Bishop Burton near Beverley, he was a half brother to the Oaks winner Manuella (b f 1809 Dick Andrews), to the St Leger winner Altisidora (ch f 1810 Dick Andrews) and to the Chester Cup winner Brutandorf (b c 1821 Blacklock). Considered by contemporaneous authorities to be the best of Tramp's sons he was described as a "very bloodlike horse" standing sixteen hands, a "magnificent" creature with speed, stamina and courage. He was also said to have an odd, erratic temperment.

In an apparently unsuccessful regime designed to ameliorate his opinions, he was regularly galloped in a "fallow field". Mr Watt was said to have become so apprehensive of him doing serious damage that he wanted to have him shot but was persuaded to sell instead. Mr Whittaker of Dowthorpe Hall purchased him for 450 guineas and changed his name to Lottery. He ran for three years in Mr Whittaker's colours, winning a number of good races although it was generally thought he could have won more had he so decided and had he been more than half trained. It was said that his faults were "aggravated by neglect and mismanagement; otherwise he would have been one of the most brilliant performers on the British turf".

In the stud he got a St Leger winner, Chorister (b c 1828), and two Manchester Cup winners, Red Rover (br c 1831) and The Carpenter (b c 1833), however, he is proabably better known as the sire of Sheet Anchor (bbl c 1832). Although Mr Whittaker was reputed to have refused 3000 guineas for him at one time, he was subsequently purchased by the French Government and sent to France in 1834.
Lottery Tramp Dick Andrews Joe Andrews
Highflyer Mare
Gohanna Mare Gohanna
Mandane Pot8os Eclipse
Young Camilla Woodpecker
Race Record
In 1823, running for Mr Watt and called Tinker, he was withdrawn from the St Leger at Doncaster, along with 15 other horses, after a false start. They ran the entire course, and his jockey, John Jackson, said Tinker was unwilling to run. The race was won by Barefoot (ch c 1820 Tramp).
In 1824, running for Mr Whittaker and called Lottery, he finished 5th and last for a 20gs each sweepstakes at York Spring, won by Mr Russell's Abron (b c 1820 Walton). Won the King's Plate at Newcastle in July, beating Lord Kelburne's Caledonian (ch c 1820 Stamford) and Mr J Croft's Werner (b c 1820 Walton). Won a 100gs each Produce Stakes at York in August, beating Abron by 6 lengths. Won the 100gs Cup at the same meeting, beating Sir William Milner's Angler (bl c 1819 Walton) by 10 lengths. Finished 5th and last for the 10gs each Fitzwilliam Stakes at Doncaster, won by Mr Lambton's Buzzard (b c 1821 Blacklock), with Lord Fitzwilliam's Bordeaux (br c 1820 Bourbon) placing 2nd, Mr Orde Powlett's Conductor (br c 1820 Filho da Puta) 3rd and Mr Powlett's Cassia Piatti 4th. Walked over for a 100gs each Produce Sweepstakes at the same meeting. Won a 50gs each Sweepstakes at the same meeting, beating Barefoot "easily". Finished 2nd for the Gold Cup at the same meeting, won by the Duke of Leeds's Mercutio (b c 1819 Mowbray), beating Mr Petre's St Leger winner Theodore (b c 1819 Woful), Lord Londonderry's Bigottini (ch f 1821 Bigot),  Buzzard, Chester Cup winner Brutandorf (b c 1821 Blacklock) and 2 others. Was unplaced for the 10gs each Gold Cup at Lincoln in October, won by Mr Howorth's Minna (gr f 1820 Camillus), with Lord Scarborough's Fair Charlotte (b f 1819 Catton) placing 2nd and Bordeaux 3rd; 6 started. Finished 3rd for a 100gs Gold Cup at Northallerton, won by Minna, with Mr Lambton's Carnival (br c 1821 Walton) placing 2nd.
In 1825 he won a 20 sovs each Sweepstakes at York Spring, beating Lord Kelburne's Osmond (br c 1821 Filho da Puta), Lord Fitzwilliam's Florismart (b c 1821 Amadis), Mr F Lumley's Borysthenes (br c 1821 Smolensko) and Lord Scarborough's Young Catton (ch c 1821 Catton). Won the 100 sovs Gold Cup at the same meeting, beating Mr Russell's Mustachio (br c 1821 Whisker), Lord Kelburne's Osmond, Lord Scarborough's Georgiana (br f 1821 Amadis), Mr Russell's Abron, Mr Ferguson's Mountaineer (ch c 1821 Octavian) and Lord Kennedy's Negotiator (b c 1819 Prime Minister). Finished 2nd for the 100gs Gold Cup at Lancaster in June, won by Lord Darlington's Barefoot, beating Mr Simpson's Young Corrector (b c 1820 Corrector) and General Sharpe's Panthea (b f 1821 by Blacklock or Comus). Won the 100gs Gold Cup at Preston in July, beating Mr Russell's Mustachio, Lord Derby's Urganda (br f 1814 Milo), Sir W Wynn's Rufina (ch f 1821 Blacklock) and Lord Sligo's Canteen (b c 1821 Waxy Pope). Won the 30 sovs each Fitzwilliam Stakes at York in August, beating Mr Wilkinson's Plumper (br c 1820 Prime Minister). Won the 10 sovs each Fitzwilliam Stakes at Doncaster in September, beating Mr Farquharson's Figaro, Lord Sligo's Canteen, Mr Payne's Helenus (ch c 1821 Soothsayer), Lord Exeter's Zealot (ch c 1820 Partisan), Mr Watt's Walton filly, Mr Russell's Abron, Mr Lambton's Forester (br c 1822 Don Cossack) and Mr Duncombe's St Helena colt. Won the 350gs Gold Cup at the same meeting, beating Mr F Craven's Craven Stakes winner Longwaist (b c 1821 Whalebone), Mr F Lumley's Falcon (gr c 1822 Interpreter), Mr Farquharson's Figaro, Lord Sligo's Starch (br c 1819 Waxy Pope), Mr Lambton's Derby winner Cedric (ch c 1821 Phantom), the Duke of Leeds's Crowcatcher (b c 1822 Blacklock), Lord Exeter's Zealot and Mr Duncombe's St Helena filly. Finished 2nd for the 100gs Gold Cup at Lincoln in September, won by Mr Haworth's Minna.
In 1826 was unplaced for a 20 sovs each Sweepstakes at York Spring, won by Sir M W Ridley's Doncaster and Goodwood Cups winner Fleur de Lis (b f 1822 Bourbon), with Lord Kelburne's Actaeon (ch c 1822 Scud) placing 2nd and the Duke of Leeds's Catterick (br c 1821 Octavian) 3rd; 6 started. Finished 2nd for the 20 sovs each Constitution Stakes at the same meeting, won by Lord Milton's Humphrey Clinker (b c 1822 Comus), beating Mr Holyoake's Dauntless (b c 1822 Whalebone), Lord Kelburne's Dare Devil (ch c 1822 Viscount) and Mr B Peters's Tramp filly. Was unplaced for the 10 sovs each Stanley Stakes at Preston in July, won by Lord Derby's Urganda, with Sir T Stanley's Dr Faustus (br c 1822 Filho da Puta) placing 2nd; 5 started. Won the 100gs Gold Cup at the same meeting, beating Lord Derby's Autocrat (gr c 1822 Grand Duke), Sir W Wynn's Signorina (br f 1822 Champion) and Mr Clifton's Brutandorf. Finished 2nd for the Royal Plate at York in August, won by Lord Darlington's Serab (b c 1821 Phantom), beating Mr Barker's Ledston colt and Lord Milton's Dramatist (b c 1822 Comus). Finished 3rd for a Great Subscription at the same meeting, won by Lord Milton's Confederate (br c 1821 Comus), with Mr Gascoigne's Elizabeth (bl f 1821 Walton) placing 2nd, beating Lord Darlington's Barefoot. Was unplaced for the 10 sovs each Doncaster Stakes in September, won by Sir M W Ridley's Fleur de Lis; 5 started. Was unplaced for a 25 sovs each Sweepstakes at the same meeting, won by Lord Darlington's St Leger and Ascot Gold Cup winner Memnon (b c 1822 Whisker); 5 started.
Notable Lottery Mares
1. Lady Elizabeth (b f 1828), bred by Mr Gibbeson, 2nd dam of the Cesarewitch winner Muscovite (b c 1849 Hetman Platoff). Family 2-m.
2. Lottery Mare (gr f 1828), bred by Sir Tatton Sykes, 3rd dam of the Royal Hunt Cup winner Valuer (br c 1865 St. Albans) and the Chester Cup (twice) winner Dalby (b c 1861 Daniel O'Rourke). Family 6-b.
3. Miss Wilfred (br f 1830), bred by Mr R Harrison, 3rd dam of the Poule d'Essai winner Barbe Bleue (b c 1879 Boiard). Family 5-f.
4. Monica (b f 1830), bred by Mr Wormald, dam of the Chester Cup winner Millipede (ch c 1838 Velocipede). Family 13.
5. The Mystery (br f 1830), bred by Mr T O Powlett, dam of the Park Hill Stakes winner Disclosure (br f 1838 Muley Moloch). Family 12-g.
6. Heads or Tails (b f 1831), 3rd dam of the Belmont Stakes winner Springbok (ch c 1870 Australian). Family 6-a.
7. Rebecca (b f 1831), bred by Mr R Cock, dam of the great mare Alice Hawthorn (b f 1838 Muley Moloch), and the stallions The Provost (br c 1836 The Saddler) and Annandale (br c 1842 Touchstone). Family 4-b.
8. Frolicsome Fanny (b f 1832), bred by Mr Kirby, sent to Albama and there became the 2nd dam of the Belmont Stakes winner Algerine (b c 1873 Abd-El-Kader) and of the good stallion Planet (ch c 1855 Revenue). Family 25.
9. Rectitude (b f 1832), bred by Mr John Smith, 2nd dam of the Queen's Vase winner Sedbury (b c 1855 The Cure) and 4th dam of the Belmont Stakes winner Burlington (bl c 1887 Powhattan). Family 9-b.
10. Lottery Mare (b f 1833), 3rd dam of the Woodcote stakes winners Orestes (b c 1850 Orlando) and Janitor (b c 1863 King Tom) and of the Ascot Derby winner Janus (b c 1858 King Tom), also ancestress of the good American mare Madame Dudley (b f 1868 Lexington). Family 21-a.
11. Juanita (b f 1839), 2nd dam of the Prix du Jockey Club and Prix Royal Oak winner Souvenir (br c 1859 Caravan). Family 24.
Other Notable Offspring

Chorister (GB)
b c 1828, bred by the 1st Marquess of Cleveland, won the St Leger Stakes.

Lottery (GB)
br c 1829, won the Grand National Steeple Chase.

Inheritor (GB)
bl c 1831, owned by G Cock, useful stallion, probably best known as the sire of Nan Darrell (gr f 1844) who became the 2nd dam of the Two Thousand Guineas winner and stallion Vedette (b c 1854 Voltigeur). He was later sent to Belgium and died in France in 1849.

Red Rover (GB)
br c 1831, won the Manchester Cup.

Sheet Anchor (GB)
bbl c 1832, stallion, sire of Weatherbit (b c 1842), sent to the Gestut Harzburg in Germany in 1844.

The Carpenter (GB)
b c 1833, won the Manchester Cup.