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Australian ch c 1858 (West Australian - Emilia, by Young Emilius). Sire Line Matchem. Family 11.

Bred in England by W E Duncombe from a mare belonging to M Hague, he was a half brother to Cordelia (ch f 1851 Red Deer), the dam of the successful English stallion Thunderbolt (chc 1857 Stockwell), and to the American foaled Ulrica (b f 1863 Lexington), the dam of the Spinaway Stakes winner Memento (b f 1879 Virgil) and the Kentucky Deby winner Ben Ali (br c 1883 Virgil). Imported by A Keene Richards of Scott County, Kentucky, he was sent to America with his dam in 1858. Emilia founded a very successful family in America.

A dark chestnut without white he stood 15 hands 3/4 of an inch tall and was described as having a "neat head and neck, broad forehead, great breadth between the jaws; oblique shoulders, with great depth of girth; round, good barrel; good flank, good hip and arched loin; good length from the point of the hip to whirlbone, and thence to the hock, which was bony and strong; sound legs and feet and good length of pasterns."

First called Millington he raced only as a three year old in the silver and grey colours of A Keene Richards, generally without much success and often a victim of sons and daughters of the mighty Lexington (b c 1850 Boston). He was purchased by R A Alexander prior to his last race, renamed Australian, and retired to the stud at Woodburn alongside Lexington. Despite the substantial shadow of the latter Australian did well in the stud, producing many good daughters, the best of which was perhaps Maggie B. B. (ch f 1867), the dam of the Preakness Stakes winner Harold (ch c 1876 Leamington*), the Belmont Stakes winner Panique (ch c 1881 Alarm) and the Derby and St Leger winner Iroquois (br c 1878 Leamington*) who ran in England.

He is most noted as the sire of Spendthrift (ch c 1876), a link in the Matchem sire line to Man o' War (ch c 1917 Fair Play) and led the sires list six times, in 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875 and 1877.

Australian died at the Woodburn Stud on October 15, 1879.

Australian West Australian Melbourne Humphrey Clinker
Cervantes Mare
Mowerina Touchstone
Emilia Young Emilius Emilius
Persian Whisker
Race Record

In 1861 running for Richards under the name of Millington he won the Doswell Stakes "handily" at New Orleans in April, beating Regret, Tom Reddy (b c 1858 Scythian*), Uncle True (b c 1858 Lexington) and Ninette. Finished 5th for the Association Stakes at Louisville in May, won by Lillie Ward (ch f 1858 Lexington), with Myrtle (b f 1858 Lexington) placing 2nd, Nannie Craddock 3rd and Rubicon (b c 1858 Lexington) 4th. Finished 3rd for the Galt House Stakes at the same place, won by Lillie Ward, with Rubicon placing 2nd. Finished 2nd for the Association Stakes at Louisville in June, won by Lillie Ward, beating Rubicon, John Morgan, Crichton (ch c 1858 Glencoe*), Wells (b c 1858 Lexington) and others. Finished 2nd for the Citizen's Stakes at the place, won by Kansas, beating Rubicon, Myrtle, Nannie Craddock and others. Finished 3rd for the September 23 Produce Stakes at Lexington, won by John Morgan, with Myrtle placing 2nd; Myrtle won the first mile heat in 1:46 3/4, Millington the second heat in 1:46 3/4, and John Morgan the last two in 1:47 1/2 and 1:49. Won the September 27 Produce Stakes at the same place, beating John Morgan and distancing Myrtle. Running for R A Alexander under the name of Australian he ran (4 5 3) to John Morgan (3 1 1), Idlewild (b f 1859 Lexington) (1 Withdrawn) and Ella D. (b f 1857 Vandal) (5 6 2).

Notable Australian Mares

1. Maudina (b f 1864), bred by Jos R Gross and owned by A J Cassatt, dam of Preakness and Belmont Stakes winner Cloverbrook (ch c 1874 Vauxhall), 2nd dam of Tremont Stakes winner Guarantee (b c 1885 Sensation) and Monmouth Oaks winner Nellie Bly (b f 1888 Stratford). Family 15-d.
2. Austria (b f 1866), bred by A J Alexander, dam of Alabama Stakes winner Ida Hope (b f 1882 King Alfonso) and 3rd dam of Champagne Stakes winner and stallion Garry Herrmann (br c 1898 Esher). Family A13.
3. Farfaletta (b f 1867), bred by Capt H J Todd and owned by J H W Reynolds, dam of Kentucky Oaks winner Felicia (b f 1874 Phaeton) and Travers and Clark Handicap winner Falsetto (br c 1876 Enquirer), the latter a popular stallion. Farfaletta was also the ancestress of the Kentucky Oaks and Clipsetta Stakes winner Viva America (ch f 1915 McGee). Family 4-r.
4. Ivy Leaf (ch f 1867), bred by R A Alexander and owned by General Harding, dam of the successful stallion Bramble (b c 1875 Bonnie Scotland). Family 9.
5. Maggie B. B. (ch f 1867), bred by Jas B Clay and owned by A Welch, was the dam of the Preakness Stakes winner Harold (ch c 1876 Leamington*), the Belmont Stakes winner Panique (ch c 1881 Alarm) and the Derby and St Leger winner Iroquois (br c 1878 Leamington*). Maggie B. B.'s daughter Jaconet (ch f 1875 Leamington*) was the dam of the Belmont Stakes winner Sir Dixon (b c 1885 Billet*); and another daughter Red-and-Blue was the dam of Spinaway and Alabama Stakes winner Sallie McClelland (ch f 1888 Hindoo) and Kentucky Oaks winner Audience (ch f 1901 Sir Dixon). Audience was the dam of the the stallion Whisk Broom (ch c 1907 Broomstick). Family 4-m.
6. Lizzie Lucas (gr f 1870), bred by A J Alexander and owned by Pierre Lorillard, winner of the Monmouth Oaks, and 3rd dam of the stallion and Belmont Stakes winner Delhi (br c 1901 Ben Brush). Family 4-r.
7. Christine (ch f 1871), bred by J W Hunt Reynolds, dam of Clark Handicap winner High Tariff (b c 1888 Longfellow) and 2nd dam of Kentucky Derby winner and Clark Handicap winner Halma (bl c 1892 Hanover). Family 4-r.
8. Letty (br f 1873), bred by Col D McDaniel, dam of R W Walden's Preakness Stakes winner Refund (ch c 1885 Sensation). Family 4-r.
9. Adele (gr f 1875), bred by James A Grinstead, dam of the Preakness and Belmont Stakes and Manhattan Handicap winner Belmar (gr c 1892 Belvidere). Family 21.
10. Spirit (ch f 1876), bred by M B Gratz and owned by F A Schermerhorn, dam of Preakness Stakes winner Paul Kauvar (b c 1894 Pirate of Penzance). Family A12.
Other Notable Offspring
Abd-El-Kader (USA)
b c 1865 (Australian - Rescue, by Berthune). Sire Line Matchem. Family 12-b. As a youngster he got cast in his box and injured his hip thus delaying the start of his training until the the autumn of his three year old year. Said to be a "fine race-horse" he won over 4 miles in 7:31 3/4. In the stud he got Major Thos W Doswell's Belmont Stakes winner Algerine (b c 1873), later a useful stallion who got the grandam of the Derby and Irish Derby winner Orby (ch c 1904 Orme).
Harry O'Fallon (USA)
ch c 1869 (Australian - Sunny South*, by Birdcatcher). Sire Line Matchem. Family 7-a. Bred in Missouri by James O'Fallon, he started twice without succes but did well in the stud getting the American Derby and Clark Handicap winner Boundless (b c 1890) among others. He covered near Danville, Kentucky.
Joe Daniels (USA)
ch c 1869 (Australian - Dolly Carter, by Glencoe*). Sire Line Matchem. Family 9-a. Bred in Kentucky by A J Alexander and owned by David McDaniel, he won 16 of 29 starts including the Belmont Stakes, Travers Stakes and the Jerome Handicap. He broke down in his last race in California against the excellent mare Katy Pease (ch f 1870 Planet) and retired to stud at James Ben Ali Haggin's Rancho del Paso in California. He died at San Luis Obispo in November of 1896.
Springbok (USA)
ch c 1870 (Australian - Hester, by Lexington). Sire Line Matchem. Family 6-a. Bred by A J Alexander he won the Belmont Stakes and the Saratoga Cup and was said to be "a first class race-horse". Described as a "bright chestnut, 16 hands high" with great "substance and power," he was later a useful stallion in the Edgewater Stud at Harrison County, Kentucky.
Wildidle (USA)
b c 1870 (Australian - Idlewild, by Lexington). Sire Line Matchem. Family A3. Bred in the Woodburn Stud from the famous racemare Idlewild, he won the Fordham Handicap and the Jockey Club Handicap at Jerome Park and was later a popular stallion in the stud of J C Judson at Santa Clara, California.
Baden-Baden (USA)
ch c 1874 (Australian - Lavender, by Wagner). Sire Line Matchem. Family 12-b. Bred by A J Alexander, he won the Kentucky Derby, the Jersey Derby and the Travers Stakes. He broke his ankle in his final outing. Described as a dark chestnut standing 16 hands and a quarter inch, he had "elegant shoulders" and was a "finely-shaped horse all over". He retired to the Ferncliffe Stud of William Astor at Dutchess County, New York.

Spendthrift (GB) ch c 1876 (Australian* - Aerolite, by Lexington). Sire Line Matchem. Family A3.