Liverpool (GB)




Liverpool b c 1828 (Tramp - Mare, by Whisker). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 11-g.

Bred in Yorkshire by Richard Watt of Bishop Burton, his dam, Whisker Mare (b f 1822), was a half sister to the Oaks winner Manuella (b f 1809 Dick Andrews), the St Leger winner Altisidora (ch f 1810 Dick Andrews), the Doncaster Cup winner Lottery (b c 1820 Tramp) and the Chester Cup winner Brutandorf (b c 1821 Blacklock). Watt also bred his sire Tramp (b c 1810 Dick Andrews). He was purchased by W "Crutch" Robinson at the end of 1830 and by the Duke of Cleveland after his win in the Gascoigne Stakes.

His finest race was perhaps that in which he defeated Creole (b c 1828 Catton) by a "short head," after one of "the longest and severest struggles ever witnessed," in which both horses were "terribly punished". Creole was thought nearly as good as his full brother Mulatto and was possessed of "the smallest feet ever seen, except those of his conqueror, Liverpool". His race for the Gascoigne Stakes with the St Leger winner Chorister (b c 1828 Lottery) following an initial dead heat resulted in a "splitting race home" and gained for Liverpool the reputation as one of the "gamest horses that ever ran".

Liverpool Tramp Dick Andrews Joe Andrews
Highflyer Mare
Gohanna Mare Gohanna
Whisker Mare Whisker Waxy
Mandane Pot8os
Young Camilla
In 1830 he finished 4th for a 20 sovs each sweepstakes at Doncaster, won by Mr Houldsworth's Circassian (b f 1828 Sultan), with Mr Beardsworth's Chester Cup winner Colwick (br c 1828 Filho da Puta) placing 2nd, Lord Sligo's Bras-de-Fer (ch c 1828 Langar) 3rd, beating the Doncaster Cup winner The Saddler (br c 1828 Waverley), Victoire and 8 others.

In 1831, running for Mr Robinson, he won a 100 sovs each Produce Stakes Handicap at York in August, beating Lord Fitzwilliam's Creole (b c 1828 Catton), Mr Houldsworth's Tiberius (b c 1828 Filho da Puta), Mr Crompton's Edie Ochiltrie (ch c 1828 Tramp) and Lord Kelburne's chestnut St. Patrick filly. Was unplaced for the St Leger at Doncaster, won by Lord Cleveland's Chorister (b c 1828 Lottery), with Mr Skipsey's The Saddler placing 2nd; 24 started. Won the 100 sovs each Gascoigne Stakes at the same place, beating Chorister by nearly a length in a run off to decide a dead heat.

In 1832, running for the Duke of Cleveland, he won the 100 sovs each Port Stakes at Newmarket Craven, beating Lord Verulam's Vestris (b c 1828 Whalebone) by nearly a length, Mr W Chifney's brown Merlin colt, Sir M Wood's, formerly Lord Jersey's, Two Thousand Guineas winner Riddlesworth (ch c 1828 Emilius), Lord Exeter's Haemus (br c 1828 Sultan) and 1 other. Was unplaced for the Cup at Liverpool in July, won by Mr Walker's King's Plate winner Consol (br c 1828 Lottery), with Mr F Richardson's Lady Elizabeth (b f 1828 Lottery) placing 2nd; among the field were the St Leger winner Birmingham (br c 1827 Filho da Puta), Colwick and Physician (b c 1829 Brutandorf); 11 started. Won 150 sovs Plate at Knutsford, beating Mr Miles's The Cardinal (br c 1827 Waxy Pope) and Mr Cooke's Sally Mags (b f 1828 Catton). Walked over for the 50 sovs each Four Year Old Stakes at Doncaster. Was unplaced for the Cup at the same place, won by Mr Riddell's Galopade (bl c 1828 Doctor Syntax), with Colwick placing 2nd, Consol 3rd; Birmingham and Lady Elizabeth were also not placed. Finished 2nd for the 100gs Gold Cup at Northallerton, won by Physician, beating Mr Watt's Nitocris (b f 1829 Whisker), Colonel Cradock's The Barber (ch c 1827 Figaro) and 1 other.

In 1833 he won the 100gs Gold Cup Cup at York Spring, beating Colonel Cradock's The Barber, the Duke of Leeds's Lady Marcia (b f 1829 Whisker), Mr Houldsworth's Contest (b c 1828 Catton) and Lord Kelburne's Retainer (b c 1828 Jerry). Won the 10 sovs each Stanley Stakes at Preston in July, beating Mr Townley's Westport (b c 1829 Langar), Mr Scarisbrick's Birmingham and 2 others. Finished 2nd for the Cup at the same place, won by Consol.

After his turf career he was purchased by John Ramsay of Lanercost, near Naworth Castle, Cumberland, for 750 guineas. During the course of his short stud career he got the Two Thousand Guineas and St James's Palace Stakes winner Idas (b c 1842), Moss Trooper (br c 1839) who sired the good mare Braxey (b f 1849) and Liverpool Junior (b c 1837) who sired the Ebor Handicap winner Meaux (b c 1844). However, his best son was without doubt the good stallion and Cambridgeshire and Ascot Gold Cup winner Lanercost (br c 1835).

Several of his daughters gained celebrity in the stud as well:

(1) Otisina (br f 1837), the grandam of Derby and Doncaster Cup winner Kettledrum (ch c 1858 Rataplan) and the Oaks winner Mincemeat (b f 1851 Sweetmeat), the latter the dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Tomato (b f 1861 King Tom) and her brother, Tomahawk (br c 1863 King Tom), a useful stallion. Family 3-j.

(2) Espoir (b f 1841), the dam of the Oaks winner Brown Duchess (br f 1858 The Flying Dutchman), the Park Hill Stakes winner Battaglia (br f 1861 Rataplan) and the stallion Ethelbert (ch c 1850 Faugh-a-Ballagh) who sired the 2nd dam of Isonomy (b c 18175 Sterling). Espoir was also the ancestress of Kentucky Derby winners Joe Cotton (ch c 1882 King Alfonso) and His Eminence (b c 1898 Falsetto). Family 12.

(3) Jamaica (b f 1841), bred by Mr Greville, the dam of the Queen's Vase winner Cariboo (b c 1847 Venison). Family 1-c.

(4) Liverpool Mare (ch f 1843), the dam of the Chester Cup winner Goldfinder (ch c 1848 Faugh-a-Ballagh). Family 4.

Liverpool died at Naworth Castle in November of 1844 at the age of sixteen.