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Plenipotentiary ch c 1831 (Emilius - Harriet, by Pericles). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-b.

Bred and raced by Stanlake Batson, Plenipo, as he was often called, was a full brother to Plenary (br f 1837) the dam of the Molecomb Stakes winner Planet (b c 1844 Bay Middleton) and the stallion The Fallow Buck (b c 1845 Venison). Standing 15 hands 2 inches tall he was described as a rich chestnut with "bone and size enough to go between the shafts of a cabriolet". He was said to be a "large horse, of such ponderous muscle, and carried so much flesh, that he always looked like a fat bullock, when in training, but no horse was ever so much admired for his beauty, and his racing points".

He defeated the very fast Two Thousand Guineas and Ascot Gold Cup winner Glencoe (ch c 1831 Sultan) twice, by several lengths. At their first meeting Glencoe's jockey had instructions to wear down Plenipo with a severe pace but after he had gone out a half mile "as hard as I could lick; but, on looking round, I saw the great fat bullock cantering by my side."  Plenipo went on to win by three lengths. In the Derby he beat both Shillelagh (b c 1831 St Patrick) and Glencoe "without the shadow of a struggle... by two lengths". Glencoe prudently withdrew from their next meeting. Scuttlebutt has it that Plenipo was nobbled for the St Leger. Normally a very difficult horse to saddle and mount, on the day he apparently made no resistance and after a preliminary canter his jockey was heard to observe that he was "as dead as a stone." However, he recovered sufficiently to run with success the following year.

He achieved some success in the stud, producing for his owner the One Thousand Guineas winner Potentia (ch f 1838) and the Oaks winner Poison (ch f 1840) for Mr Ford. Plenipo died at Denham in February of 1854.

Plenipotentiary Emilius Orville Beningbrough
Emily Stamford
Sister to Froth
Harriet Pericles Evander
Precipitate Mare
Selim Mare Selim
Race Record

In 1834 he won a 50 sovs each Sweepstakes at Newmarket Craven, beating Lord Lowther's Emilius colt by two lengths, Lord Exeter's Lumber (ch c 1831 Sultan) and the Duke of Portland's Tramp colt. Two days later at the same meeting he won a 100 sovs each Sweepstakes, beating Lord Jersey's Two Thousand Guineas and Ascot Gold Cup winner Glencoe (ch c 1831 Sultan) by three lengths. Won the 50 sovs each Derby Stakes at Epsom, beating the Duke of Cleveland's Shillelagh (b c 1831 St Patrick), Lord Jersey's Glencoe and 19 others, unplaced, including Mr Yates's Bentley (ch c 1831 Buzzard), Mr W Edwards's Intriguer (b c 1831 Reveller), Mr Houldsworth's Darius (b c 1831 Reveller), the Duke of Grafton's Olympic (ch c 1831 Reveller), Mr Gully's Viator (gr c 1831 Stumps) and the Duke of Cleveland's Guardian (b c 1831 Catton). Walked over for the St James's Palace Stakes at Ascot Heath, Lord Jersey's Glencoe withdrawing his stake. Went unplaced for the 50 sovs each Great St Leger Stakes at Doncaster, won by Lord Westminster's Touchstone (br c 1831 Camel), with Lord Sligo's Bran (ch c 1831 Humphrey Clinker) placing 2nd, Sir J Boswell's General Chasse (ch c 1831 Actaeon) 3rd and the Duke of Cleveland's Shillelagh 4th; 6 others started.

In 1835 he won the 10 sovs each Craven Stakes at Newmarket Craven, beating Col Peel's Nonsense (ch c 1830 Bedlamite), the Duke of Cleveland's Shillelagh, Lord Chesterfield's Glaucus (b c 1830 Partisan), Mr Yates's Castaway, Lord Berner's Lamplighter filly, Mr W Edwards's Prince Llewellyn (br c 1830 Waxy Pope), Sir W Wood's Flatterer and Lord Exeter's Sister to Cactus. At the same meeting won a 50 Subscription Plate, beating Lord Orford's Clearwell and Col Peel's Rosalie (b f 1831 Whalebone). Still at the same meeting he collected the forfeits for the 100 sovs each Port Stakes of 4 subscribers.
Notable Plenipotentiary Mares
1. Miss Betsy (br f 1837), owned by W Chifney, dam of Coronation Stakes winner Alcyone (br f 1852 Robert de Goreham). Family 3-c.
2. Monstrosity (ch f 1838), dam of the Two Thousand Guineas and Molecomb Stakes winner The Ugly Buck (b c 1841 Venison). Family 4-l.
3. Potentia (ch f 1838), bred by Stanlake Batson, won the One Thousand Guineas Stakes, sent to France in 1854, dam of Yorkshire Oaks winner Brightonia (b f 1847 Touchstone). Family 26.
4. Poison (ch f 1840), bred by George Ford, won the Oaks Stakes and the Queen Anne Stakes. Family 12.
5. The Boardingschool Miss (b f 1841), half sister to Pocahontas (b f 1837 Glencoe), dam of the Royal Hunt Cup winner Rosa Bonheur (b f 1854 Touchstone), the latter the dam of Chester Cup winner Knight of the Garter (br c 1864 The Prime Minister). Family 3-m.
6. Honey Dear (b f 1844), dam of the stallion Oxford (ch c 1857 Birdcatcher) who sired the stallion Sterling (b c 1868), tail-male ancestor of Mahmoud (gr c 1933 Blenheim) [see Sterling sire line] and so helped to extend the sire line into the twentieth century. Family 12-g.
7. Palma (b f 1844), dam of the Royal Hunt Cup winner Canary (b c 1858 Orlando). Family 12-c.
8. Plenipotentiary Mare (ch f 1844), dam of the Chester Cup winner Epaminondas (ch c 1851 Epirus), 2nd dam of the Poule d'Essai des Poulains winenr Valois (ch c 1867 Monarque) and 3rd dam of the Poule d'Essai des Pouliches winner Reyezuelo (ch c 1885 King Lud). Family 3-b.
9. Plush (ch f 1848), dam of the St James's Palace Stakes winner The Beadle (b c 1861 Newminster) and the St. James's Palace Stakes and King Edward VII Stakes winner Staghound (ch c 1863 Windhound). Family 1-o.
Other Notable Offspring
Alexander (b c 1839), foaled in Germany, won the Mehl-Mulhens-Rennen.
Ambassador (ch c 1839), foaled in America, became a good stallion there getting Hegira (ch f 1846) the 2nd dam of Phoenix Handicap winner and leading sire Himyar (b c 1875 Alarm). Ambassador died in Kentucky in 1858.
Envoy (ch c 1839), owned by the Duke of Bedford, won the King Edward VII Stakes, sire of Figtree (br f 1848) the dam of the One Thousand Guineas and Coronation Stakes winner Siberia (br f 1862 Muscovite) and the Cambridgeshire and Lincolnshire Handicap winner Vestminster (br c 1866 Glenmasson). Siberia was the dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Cecilia (b f 1870 Blair Athol). Figtree was also 2nd dam of the Two Thousand Guineas, Goodwood Cup and Prince of Wales's Stakes winner Vauban (br c 1864 Muscovite) and the Cesarewitch winner Duke of Parma (br c 1872 The Duke) and 3rd dam of the Two Thousand Guineas and Doncaster Cup winner Petronel (br c 1877 Musket).
Herald (ch c 1839), foaled in America, sire of Heraldry (ch f 1846) a foundation mare of Family A1.
Nuncio (br c 1839), sent to France in 1847 and became a useful stallion there, notably as the damsire of the superb stallion Mortemer (ch c 1865 Compiegne).