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X. Y. Z. (GB)
b c 1808 (Haphazard - Sister to Spindleshanks, by Spadille). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 8. Bred by Ralph Riddle his turf career spanned five years. Purchased by Lord Foley at the end of his first season he won numerous cups and sweepstakes over the next four years. In his last season he was sold to Mr Lambton before breaking down in his final race. In the stud he is usually seen as the sire of Feltona (b f 1819), the second dam of the Ascot Gold Cup and Cambridgeshire winner Alarm (b c 1842 Venison) and the third dam of the July Stakes winner Cambuscan (ch c 1861 Newminster). He died in the spring of 1832.
  Yorick (USA)
[Tayloe's] ch c 1760 (Morton's Traveller* - Betty Blazella*, by Blaze). Sire Line Byerley Turk. Family 40. He sired the stallions Winston's Junius (b c 1770), Thornton's Polyphemus (bl c 1770) and McCarty's Cub (ch c 1773). His daughters include Sally Wright (f 1770c) who was probably the tap root mare of American Family A34, Penelope (f 1775c) the second dam of Ogle's Oscar (b c 1800 Gabriel*) and Young Selima (bl f 1765c) the dam of Tayloe's Bellair 2nd (gr c 1786 Medley*).
  Yorkshire (GB)
b c 1834 (St Nicholas - Miss Rose, by Tramp). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 2-t. Bred by Mr Moss he was imported by R D Sheppard of Jefferson County, Virginia. Later owned by Honorable Henry Clay he died the property of his son John M Clay of Ashland, near Lexington, Kentucky. Yorkshire was 27 years old at the time of his death in 1859. He is probably better known for daughters than his sons. The former include Hymenia (b f 1851) the dam of the leading sire Virgil (b c 1864 Vandal), Balloon (b f 1852) the third dam of The Manager (ch c 1909 Voter) and Bay Leaf (b f 1853) the third dam of Bramble (b c 1875 Bonnie Scotland).
Yo Tambien (USA)
ch f 1889 (Joe Hooker - Marian, by Malcolm). Sire Line King Herod. Family A17. Bred by Theodore Winters in the El Arroyo Stud, near Sacramento, California, she was a younger half-sister to Emperor Of Norfolk (b c 1885 Norfolk). She ran for 5 years (1891 to 1895), starting 73 times and won 44 of those, earning $89,480. Among her victories were the Great Western Handicap, Drexel Stakes, Twin City Derby, Cincinnati Hotel Handicap and Wheeler Handicap. She was named Champion Older Filly in 1893. She was described by an admirer as "the most beautiful mare that ever raced, a broad-rumped chestnut with a little white. You could gallop her with a twine string." Following her career on the turf she was sent to Kentucky to be mated with Hanover, however, she ran into a fence and was killed before producing any foals. She died in 1895.
  Young Babraham (GB)
b c 1760 (Babraham - Mare, by Second). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4.
  Young Belgrade (GB)
b c 1726 (Belgrade Turk - Mare, by Bay Bolton). Sire Line Belgrade Turk. Family 25.
  Young Blacklock (GB)
[Irish Blacklock] b c 1825 (Blacklock - Larissa, by Trafalgar). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 17-a. Bred by Lord Grosvenor he ran under the name of Navarino. As a three year old he started favourite for the Two Thousand Guineas but made no show although he finished third for the Newmarket Stakes. As a four year old he won three minor races, and as a five year old he won four. As a six year old he won once. He was sent to Ireland in 1829. He sired the stallions Magpie (b c 1834) and Apollo (ch c 1837) along with some useful daughters.
  Young Cade (GB)
b c 1747 (Cade - Miss Partner, by Crofts Partner). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4. Bred by John Croft he was later owned by William Wynn and Isaac Cape. A half brother to Torismond (gr c 1739 Bolton Starling) he never raced. He was described as being of a grand, noble and majestic appearance. He covered in Yorkshire at Middleton Tyas near Richmond. A popular stallion he got, among others, Dove* (gr c 1756), Julius Caesar* (ch c 1757), Tanner* (b c 1757), and the taproot mare of Family 45. He died in 1764.
  Young Emilius (GB)
b c 1828 (Emilius - Cobweb, by Phantom). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 1-s. Sent to France in 1834 he sired two Prix du Jockey-Club winners, Fitz-Emilius (b c 1842) and Renonce (ch c 1840).
  Young Emilius (GB)
b c 1833 (Emilius - Shoveler, by Scud). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 6-c. He stood 15.3 hands on "very short legs" and was said to be completely devoid of white markings. He never raced. He sired Emilia* (b f 1840) the dam of Australian (ch c 1858 West Australian).
  Young Gouty (GB)
b c 1805 (Gouty - Sister to Oatlands, by Dungannon). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 46. Bred by Mr Lake he never won a race. He sired Bessy (f 1815) the third dam of the Derby winner Wild Dayrell (br c 1852 Ion).
  Young Greyhound (GB)
gr c 1718 (Greyhound - Crofts Pet Mare, by Wastell's Turk). Sire Line Chillaby. Family 4. Bred at Barforth by Mr Crofts he never ran before entering the stud. Although he was said to have gotten few mares he should probably be credited with some offspring usually assigned to Young Greyhound (1723). The progeny of Warlock Galloway (ch f 1728) includes Routh's Trumpery and and an unnamed filly (gr f 1734) both by Young Greyhound [Early Records:58] which indicate that Young Greyhound was a grey. Among his offspring are the plate winner Dusty Miller (gr g 1728), the York Royal Plate winner Ragman (ch c 1734), the winner Neptune (gr c 1739) and Young Greyhound Mare (f 1735c) the second dam of Engineer (br c 1755 Sampson).
  Young Greyhound (GB)
br c 1723 (Greyhound - Brown Farewell, by Makeless). Sire Line Chillaby. Family 4. Bred by Mr Crofts he sired Miss Makeless (b f 1737) from whom most of Family 2 descends. Mr Holme's Miss Makeless won a fifty at Stockton upon Tees, Durham in 1741.
  Young Marske (GB)
b c 1771 (Marske - Mare, by Blank). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 12-c.
  Young Spanker (GB)
c 1695c (Spanker). Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk.
  Young True Blue (GB)
gr c 1718 (Honywood's Arabian - Mare, by Byerley's Turk). Sire Line Honywood's Arabian. Family 3. Bred by Sir Philip Honywood, he was a full brother to True Blue (gr c 1710) and said by the General Stud Book to have been in a "very high form" [GSB 1:391]. In 1724 he won the King's Plate at York, beating Sir Ralph Milbanke's Better-Luck, Lord Molyneux's Tinker and 3 others. The same year he won the Royal Plate at Newmarket beating 5 others. In 1725 he again won the Royal Plate at Newmarket, beating Sir R Fagg's Stote. In 1726 he lost a 300gs match at Newmarket to Lord Godolphin's Whitefoot. He is said to have won several other prizes. He had a fair success in the stud, getting a number of good runners, including the Royal Plate winner Young True Blue Mare, herself the dam of the Hambleton Royal Plate winner Miss Vixen (b f 1737 Fox Cub). He also got the unnamed dam (1743c) of Tom Jones (b c 1744 Crofts Partner) who was also a foundation mare of Family 39. Probably his most famous offspring was the Newmarket Royal Plate winner Miss Slamerkin (b f 1729) who later became one of the foundation mares of Family 7.
  Young Truffle (FR)
br c 1823 (Truffle - Helen, by Whiskey). Sire Line Matchem. Family 13.
  Young Wanderer (GB)
[Wanderer] c 1826 (Wanderer - Ogress, by Octavius). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 2-t. Bred by Lord Egremont he was sent to the Swan River, Australia. He sired Mozart (b c 1834), Miss Millar (ch f 1840c) the head of Colonial Family C18, Jessie (f 1840c) a foundation mare of Colonial Family C56, Lady of the Lake (f 1845c) a foundation mare of Colonial Family C60, Moss Rose (f 1835c) the dam of the stallion Egremont (b c 1841) and Kangaroo (f 1830c) the dam of the stallion Forester (c 1835 Little John).
  Young Woodpecker (GB)
ch c 1794 (Woodpecker - Mare, by Eclipse). Sire Line King Herod. Family 3. Bred by Lord Egremont he sired the Doncaster Cup winner Slender Billy (ch c 1808), Paleface (ch f 1804) the dam of the Craven Stakes winner Roller (ch c 1814 Quiz) and ancestress of the stallion Joskin (bbr c 1856 West Australian), Young Woodpecker Mare (ch f 1804) second dam of the Derby winners Lap Dog (b c 1823 Whalebone) and Spaniel (b c 1828 Whalebone) and third dam of the One Thousand guineas winner Cara (b f 1836 Belshazzar). He died in 1817.
  Zenith (USA)
b c 1838 (American Eclipse - Belle Anderson, by Sir William of Transport). Sire Line King Herod. Family A2. He won the 1841 Phoenix Stakes over 6 furlongs at Keeneland. He sired Eagle (gr f 1852) the ancestress of the Dewhurst Stakes winner Prince Galahad (ch c 1917 Prince Palatine) and the Oaks D'Italia winner Pallade (ch f 1938 Cavaliere D'Arpino).
  Zimmerman (IRE)
br c 1836 (Starch - Mare, by Champignon). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 3-b. As a two year old he ran once, as a three year old he collected a forfeit for a match and never ran again. He sired Zimmerman Mare (b f 1843) the second dam of the St James's Palace stakes winner Bonnie Scotland (ch c 1875 Thormanby).
Zinganee (GB)
b c 1825 (Tramp - Folly, by Young Drone). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 6-b.
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