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The General Stud Book

Part 3 - Pedigrees Not Included in the Former Parts.

From the Year 1759 to 1803.

AMETHYST, Lord Clermont's, 1772, by Chrysolite, his dam by Sampson - Regulus - Partner - Almanzor - Snake - Hutton's Bay Barb - Curwen Bay Barb.

ANTELOPE, Mr Everett's, 1760, got by Brilliant - Maskill's Bumper, son of Bartlet's Childers - Bushy Molly, by Chesnut Litton Arabian - Farmer Mare, by Chillaby - Byerly Turk.

ARBITRATOR, Mr Hutton's, 1766, got by Bay Ranger - Black Phantom, by Phantom - Marske's dam.

CADMUS, Mr Clifton's, 1765, by Young Cade - Regulus - Partner - Greyhound - Crofts's Bay Barb.

CHANCE, Duke of Cumberland's, 1780, got by Javelin, dam by Faggergill, grandam by the Northumberland Golden Arabian - Traveller - Hip - Snake - Rutland Black Barb - Blunderbuss - Lord Darcy's Grey Royal Mare.

CHESTERTON, Mr Foley's, 1769, got by Spectator, dam by Blank.

COCKSPUR, Mr Blake's, 1768, by Snap, his dam, Drowsy, by Dormouse.

FANTAIL, Sir J. Shelley's, 1770, by Latham's Snap, his dam by Babraham - Sir Robert Fagg's Goldenlocks - Soreheels - Woodcock - Westall (probably Wastell) Turk - Hautboy - Dodsworth - Layton Barb Mare.

FORTITUDE, Mr Hutton's, 1778, by Young Marske - Cadormus.

FOXHUNTER, Mr Jolliff's, 1768, by Mr Hutton's Chestnut Ranger (son of Regulus), his dam by the Cullen Arabian - Torismond - Young Belgrade - Johnson's Arabian - Tifter - Hautboy - Brimmer - Diamond.

GIBSKOUTSKI, Mr C. Blake's, 1767, by Gibson's Arabian - Tartar - Mogul - Belgrade - Mulso Turk.

GINGER, Mr Fettyplace's, 1766, by Lofty - sister to Redstreak, Regulus - Goliah.

HIPPOMENES, Mr Forth's, 1802, by Pegasus - Flying Gib - Highflyer - Snap - Miss Timms.

HONEST ROBIN, Mr Bethell's, 1775, by Black Prince, his dam (Cockrump) by Regulus, grandam by Mr Bethell's Arabian.

HUMDRUM, Sir C. Bunbury's, 1769, by Matchem, out of an Arabian Mare.

HUNSTON, Lord Clermont's, 1772, by Squirrel, out of an Arabian Mare.

ICELANDER, Mr Bowes's, 1773, by Morwick Ball, his dam by Bailey's son of Regulus - Dismal - Moonah Barb Mare. This pedigree is very doubtful.

INDIAN, Mr Pigot's, 1771, by Snap, out of a Matchem Mare.

JUDGE JEFFRIES, Duke of Norfolk's, 1777, by Fitzherod, dam by Blank.

LASH, Duke of Kingston's, 1763, by Lofty, his dam by Starling - Mogul - Partner - Coneyskins.

MARQUIS, Mr Wyndham's, by the Saanah Arabian - Sampson - Regulus - Lonsdale Bay Arabian - Jigg - Curwen Bay Barb.

MAYDUKE, Mr Pratt's, 1766, by Emilius - Hutton's Spot - Whistlejacket's dam, by Sweepstakes.

MINOR, Mr Sparrow's, 1765, by Atlas - Shepherd's Crab - Lath - Childers - Basto - Curwen Bay Barb.

MIRACLE, Sir R. Winn's, 1776, by Le Sang - Syphon - Regulus - Childerkin.

MODERATO, Lord Abingdon's, 1769, by Sportsman, out of Basset's Madge.

MONK, Mr Jolliff's, 1779, by Herod, dam by Wilful (son of Trajan) - Regulus - Hutton's Spot.

PASTIME, Lord Craven's, 1768, by the Coombe Arabian, his dam by Feather.

PAUL JONES, Mr Dymock's (aft. Inamorato), 1755, by Marske - Cullen Arabian - Partner - Curwen Bay Barb.

PERCY, gr. h., bred in Ireland in 1788, got by Cromaboo, his dam Madam Star, by Clericus (son of Cub), out of Lady Bumfidget.

POACHER, Mr Townshend's, 1764, by Redstreak - Lord Portmore's Highlander - sister to Conqueror - sister to Blacklegs.

POOR JACK, Sir W. Aston's, 1788, by King Fergus, dam by Trunnion.

PUDENDA, Mr Strode's, 1772, by the Sedley Arabian, out of a Godolphin Arabian Mare.

RAINBOW, ch. c. 1752, by Mr Cornwall's Arabian, dam by Long John (son of Devonshire Star), grandam by Spark, son of Bay Bolton - Lord Bristol's Hog - Barb Mare.

SIR ANDREW, Mr Hamilton's, 1784, by Espersykes, dam by Engineer.

SKIM, Mr Vernon's, gr. h., foaled 1748, by Traveller, out of Elleker's Mare, by a son of Smiling Ball, dam also of Charming Molly, by Regulus.

STANBY, Mr Adams's, 1775, by Prophet, his dam by Merlin.

STRAWBERRY, Mr Simpson's, 1764, by Adolphus, his dam by Mr Smith's Tartar (a son of Partner), grandam by Midge (son of Snake) - Hip.

SUBLIMATE, Lord Egremont's, 1786, by Mercury, his dam (Blemish) by Herod - Marske - Slouch - Regulus - Steady - Partner.

SWINLEY, General Gower's, 1802, by Coriander - Lady Mary, by Blemish.

TANTRUM, Lord Rockingham's, b. c., 1760, by Cripple - Hampton-Court Childers - Hackney's dam, by Whitefoot - Stanyan's Arabian - Moonah Barb Mare.

TETRARCH, Mr Luttrell's, 1777, by Herod - Careless - Babraham.

TRUE BLUE, Mr H. Vernon's, 1769, by Henricus - Regulus - Roundhead - Snake - Hautboy - Royal Mare.

VALENTINE, Mr Wentworth's, 1765, by Young Cade - Norris's Bolton - Mogul - Young Belgrade - Mulso Bay Turk - Coneyskins - Hautboy.

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