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It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Lizz Ross, the amazing woman who assembled the Bloodlines team, inspiring us and so many others with her generosity, wit, wisdom and insight.


Fenwick Barb

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New: Lord Clifden, includes Hampton, Ayrshire, Bay Ronald, Dark Ronald, Son-In-Law, Bayardo, Gay Crusader, Gainsborough, Solario, Hyperion and Petrarch
Nearco (including Dante, Nasrullah, Nearctic, Northern Dancer and Royal Charger)
Phalaris (includes Pharos, Manna, Colombo, Colorado, Sickle, Unbreakable, Polynesian, Native Dancer, Fairway, Fair Trial, Blue Peter, Pharamond, Menow and Tom Fool)
Americus, Americus Girl, Lady Josephine, also Carlaris, Six Wheeler.

See Race Results for new race histories for the King's Stand Stakes, Wokingham Stakes, and classics races from Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Pedigree Matters - an introduction to the history and science behind the pedigrees
Equine Genetic Genealogy - how MtDNA research accords with history
Deep Rooted Anomalies - some errors early in the stud book
Family 1 - another look at the history
Bonny Black - a new history for an 18th century lady of mystery, by A J Hibbard
Profiles and portraits are available for a number of historic horses. Their pedigrees are based on the General and American Stud Books with corrections provided by later researchers. To locate a specific horse use the index to select the first letter of the horse's name. For example, if you wish to see a profile for a horse whose name starts with the letter "A" please click on the "A" above or below. At the entry for the horse click on the horse name to see the profile. Clicking on family number or sire line will present those respective options.

Thoroughbred Bloodlines is a collaboration of a number of people: Judy Baugh, Anthony Byles, Tim Cox, James Hardiman, A J Hibbard, KL Jones, Christine Matthes, Miodrag Milovanovic, AG Morris, William Morgan, Richard Nash, EJ Ross, Sandra K. Snider and others.

Additions and corrections are always welcome. Inaccuracies are invariably the fault of the typist.
We'd like to express our gratitude to the people who have generously offered their help over the years. Their expertise in pedigree research, equine genetics, history, genealogy, technical assistance, and general support has been invaluable.
Les Brinsfield, Vicki Brown, Louis Cauz, Carole Goodwin, Ralph Graulich, Sherry Johnson, Edmond Lapeyre, Julia Lord, Hilda Marshall, Miles Michelson, Frances O'Brien, Bill Rambo, Jose Antonio Leao Ramos, Tom Viebke, Vicki Turner and others who prefer to remain anonymous.
Absent Friends
Sandy Snider, our colleague and friend of many years, passed away in 2018. Her knowledge, enthusiasm, and unfailing good humour are missed.

We'd also like to remember our friend Gustavo Mèndez of Montevideo, Uruguay, who passed away in 2006, an unfailingly courteous, generous and much valued contributor.