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  Abbas Mirza (GB)
bl c 1831 (Camel - Medina, by Shebdeez Arabian). Sire Line Camel. Family 2. Bred by Robert Grosvenor (1767-1845), 2nd Earl Grosvenor and subsequently 1st Marquess of Westminster, he ran for two years, winning at Liverpool and Holywell Hunt, defeated twice by Lord Westminster's other horse Touchstone. He retired to the Eaton Stud of his owner where he covered for a fee of 10 guineas. He sired the 1847 Cambridgeshire winner The Widow (b f 1839). His daughter Aspen (br f 1837) was the second dam of the Manchester Cup winner Ivanhoff (b c 1858 Muscovite) and the third dam of the Mehl-Mülhens-Rennen winner Goldfisch (b c 1876 Laneret), whilst his son The Shah (br c 1837) got the 1846 Poule d'Essai winner Philip Shah (b c 1843). Abbas Mirza was sent to Holland in October of 1838.
  Abba Thulle (GB)
b c 1786 (Young Marske - Mare, by Chatsworth). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 9-c. Abba Thulle was bred in Yorkshire by Matthew Dodsworth (1726c-1804) of Thornton Watlass Hall near Ripon, a notable land owner and justice of the peace. He was a half brother to Arra Kooker* (br c 1789 Drone). Campaigned for four years by Mr Dodsworth and then by Mr Clifton he won sixteen races, including the Doncaster Cup in 1790, the King's Plate at Carlisle in 1791 and the Richmond Cup in 1791 and 1793. In the stud he sired Clifton* (b c 1797). He was later sent to Russia.
  Acaster Turk
[Akaster Turk, Carlisle Turk] (gr c1695). Sire Line Acaster Turk.
Achievement (GB)
br f 1864 (Stockwell - Paradigm, by Paragone). Sire Line Stockwell. Family 1-j.
  Agonistes (GB)
b c 1797 (Sir Peter Teazle - Wren, by Woodpecker). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3. Owned by Lord Darlington he won the Pontrefact Gold Cup along with three King's Plates. He sired Whitworth (b c 1805).
  Aimwell (GB)
gr c 1750 (Babraham - Mare, by Fawkener's Grey Turk). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 6.
  Ainderby (GB)*
ch c 1832 (Velocipede - Kate, by Catton). Sire Line King Fergus. Family 2-c. Bred by Captain Taylor and imported into Tennessee by Lucius J Polk of Mount Pleasant in December of 1838. "As a 3-year old Ainderby, carrying 118 lbs, ran in the then unprecedented time (for 3-year olds) of 1:43. Polk paid a 'high figure' for him." From 1843 to 1854 Ainderby sired 25 winners of 37 races.
Ajax (FR)
b c 1901 (Flying Fox - Amie, by Clamart). Sire Line Bend Or. Family 2-i.
Alarm (GB)
b c 1842 (Venison - Southdown, by Defence). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 19-a.
  Albion (GB)*
bl c 1837 (Actaeon - Panthea, by Blacklock). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 11-g. Bred by Mr E Peel he was sent to Charleston, South Carolina, in the ship "China" in January of 1839 and was later purchased at auction by Colonel George W Polk for $1,600. He trained at Richmond and was then sold to Lucius J Polk who stood Albion in Tennessee. From there he went to Colonel Elliott who had more success with him. He died in 1859, the property of Colonel George Elliot of Sumner County, Tennessee.
  Alcides (GB)
b c 1753 (Babraham - Sister to Torismond, by Starling [Bolton]). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 4.
  Alcock's Arabian (GB)
[Widdrington Grey Arabian, Pelham's White Barb, Pelham's White Turk, Bridgewater Arabian] gr c 1712c (Curwen's Bay Barb - Old Wen Mare, by Hautboy). Sire Line Curwen's Bay Barb. Family 11.
  Aleppo (GB)
b c 1711 (Darley Arabian - Mare, by Hautboy). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 53.
  Alexander (GB)
ch c 1782 (Eclipse - Grecian Princess, by Williams's Forester). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 13. Alexander ran for six years in the colours of Richard Grosvenor (1731-1802), 1st Earl Grosvenor, of Eaton Hall in Cheshire and Oxcroft Farm in Cambridgeshire, winning a 200gs match from Lord Vere's Fox in 1786 and a 500gs each subscription in 1789. All his races were at Newmarket. Later owned by James Dutton (1744-1820), 1st Baron Sherborne, he was said to have been an immense horse who got good stock, with a fine expression of head. He covered first at Oxcroft Farm and then at Figdale, near Chester, for a fee of 15 guineas which later declined to 5 guineas. He sired the Two Thousand Guineas winner Hephestion (b c 1807), the Oaks winner Nike (b f 1794), and an unnamed daughter (b f 1790) who became the dam of the full siblings by Buzzard (ch c 1787 Woodpecker): Oaks winner Bronze (br f 1803), Castrel (ch c 1801), champion sire Rubens (ch c 1805), and the champion sire Selim (ch c 1802). Alexander died in 1811.
  Alfred (GB)
b c 1770 (Matchem - Mare, by Snap. Sire Line Matchem. Family 12-b.
Alice Hawthorn (GB)
b f 1838 (Muley Moloch - Rebecca, by Lottery). Sire Line Beningbrough. Family 4-f.
  Alishah (GB)
gr c 1931 (Tetratema - Teresina, by Tracery). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 6-d.
Allworthy (GB)
gr c 1744 (Crab - Sister to Steady, by Childers). Sire Line Alcock's Arabian. Family 6.
  Almanzor (GB)
ch c 1713 (Darley Arabian - Mare, by Hautboy). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 53.
Ambrosio (GB)
b c 1793 (Sir Peter Teazle - Tulip, by Damper). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 3-a.
American Eclipse (USA)
ch c 1814 (Duroc - Millers Damsel, by Messenger*). Sire Line King Herod. Family 3-a.
  American Flag (USA)
ch c 1922 (Man o' War - Lady Comfey, by Roi Herode). Sire Line MatchemFamily 7.
Americus (USA)
b c 1892 (Emperor Of Norfolk - Clara D., by Glenelg). Sire Line King Herod. Family A2.
Americus Girl (IRE)
ch f 1905 (Americus - Palotta, by Gallinule). Sire Line King Herod. Family 9-c.
  Ancaster (GB)
b c 1768 (Blank - Phoebe, by Tortoise). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 2.
Antelope (GB)
b c 1748 (Young Belgrade - Mare, by Scarborough Colt). Sire Line Belgrade Turk. Family 18.
  Antelope (GB)
bu c 1760 (Brilliant - Mare, by Bumper). Sire Line Alcock's Arabian. Family 27.
Antonio (GB)
b c 1816 (Octavian - Mare, by Evander). Sire Line King Herod. Family 34.
Anvil (GB)
b c 1777 (King Herod - Sister to Quill, by Feather). Sire Line King Herod. Family 9-a.
  Archduke (GB)*
br c 1796 (Sir Peter Teazle - Horatia, by Eclipse). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 30. Bred by Sir Frank Standish, Archduke won the Derby Stakes in 1799, as did his full brother Paris (br c 1803) in 1806. Archduke also won a Sweepstakes for 400 guineas at Newmarket. Before leaving England he sired Roseben (b c 1803) who sired the unnamed taproot mare of the Half-Bred Family B3. He was imported into Virginia by Colonel John Hoomes in 1803 and stood first at Bowling Green and then was farmed out. Sold at Hoomes's dispersal sale in 1806 to Hoomes's son, John Jr, for $3,450, he was again farmed out but still stood in Virginia as late as 1810.
  Arethusa (GB)
ch f 1792 (Dungannon - Sister to Termagant, by Prophet). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 7. Bred by HRH the Prince of Wales (1762-1830), later King George IV, she was the dam of two Derby winners: Ditto (b c 1800 Sir Peter Teazle) and Pan (ch c 1805 St. George), both owned by Sir Hedworth Williamson. Another significant offspring was Walton (b c 1799 Sir Peter Teazle) who won 18 races and was champion sire in England in 1816 and 1818. Arethusa died in 1817.
  Aristotle (GB)*
br c 1755 (Cullen Arabian - Mare, by Crab). Sire Line Cullen Arabian. Family 9. Bred by Mr. Bladen he was imported into Virginia around 1764. Captain Littleberry Hardyman owned a half-interest in him at one point. He is described as a horse of some note on the turf in England. Most notable among his offspring is Brandon, the dam of Meade's Celer (c 1776) and Clodius (b c 1778). He died in Virginia in 1776 at the age of 21.
Arkle (Ire)
b g 1957 (Archive - Bright Cherry, by Knight of the Garter). Sire Line Phalaris. Family 41.
  Ascham (GB)
br c 1759 (Regulus - Mare, by Crab). Sire Line Godolphin Arabian. Family 37.
  Ashridge Ball (GB)
c 1711c (Leedes - Mare, by Madcap). Sire Line Leedes Arabian.
  Assassin (GB)
b c 1779 (Sweetbriar - Angelica, by Snap). Sire Line Darley Arabian. Family 3-a.
  Asteroid (USA)
b c 1861 (Lexington - Nebula, by Glencoe). Sire Line King Herod. Family A34. Bred by R A Alexander at Woodburn Farm in Kentucky he was described as standing 15.2 hands with a broad back, short coupling and well developed hips and quarters. Undefeated on the turf, he won from 1 mile to 4 miles, including two walk-overs. He retired to stud at Woodburn and sired Ada A. (br f 1869), Arnica (br f 1868), Lerna (br f 1868) and Nellie Grim (ch f 1870). He died in November of 1886.
Atlantic (GB)
ch c 1871 (Thormanby - Hurricane, by Wild Dayrell). Sire Line Buzzard. Family 3-b.
Australian (GB)*
ch c 1858 (West Australian - Emilia, by Young Emilius). Sire Line Matchem. Family 11.
  Autocrat (GB)
gr c 1822 (Grand Duke - Olivetta, by Sir Oliver). Sire Line Highflyer. Family 13-a. Bred by Lord Derby and imported into New York in 1831 by William Jackson of Tennessee he is said to have won many races in England. Owned by Tayloe & Tayloe of Virginia he stood in 1836 at Thomas Barry's, in 1837 at R C Dickinson's in Montgomery County, and was then sold to Colonel Samuel Lyne of Montgomery County, where he stood in 1839. He was said to be 16.2 hands. Autocrat sired 29 winners of 33 races between 1838 and 1843.
Ayrshire (GB)
br c 1885 (Hampton - Atalanta, by Galopin). Sire Line Camel. Family 8-h.
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