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Satellite ch c 1774 (Eclipse - Titania, by Shakespeare). Sire Line Eclipse. Family 4-a.

Bred and owned by Sir Ferdinando Poole (-1804), 4th Bt, who later owned Waxy (b c 1790 Pot8os), a champion sire and excellent racehorse, Satellite possessed an impeccable pedigree. His dam, Titania (f 1760), taproot mare of Family 4-a, was a half-sister to Latham's Snap (b c 1759 Snap). His 2nd dam Sister to Merryman (b f Cade) was also sister to Cadormus (b c 1753) and half-sister to Dormouse (br c 1738 Godolphin Arabian).

He ran for six years with victories in a number of Fifties and won the King's Plates at Guildford and Winchester. Although he was no match for Highflyer (b c 1774 King Herod) when they met, Satellite also won the Perram Plate at Newmarket.

In the Poole stud at the Friary in Lewes, Sussex, he left no exceptional sons although several of his daughters made contributions to the stud book.

Satellite Eclipse Marske Squirt
Ruby Mare
Spilletta Regulus
Mother Western
Titania Shakespeare Hobgoblin
Sister to Merryman Cade
Sister to Miss Partner
Race Record
In 1777 won the Perram Plate at Newmarket, beating Lord Milsinton's Laburnum (b c 1774 King Herod).
In 1778 finished 3rd to Highflyer (b c 1774 King Herod) in the Grosvenor Stakes at Newmarket, with the Duke of Grafton's Stormer (br c 1774 Goldfinder) placing 2nd, beating Lord Clermont's Dragon. Finished 2nd in a subscription at Nottingham to Mr Swinfen's Goldfinder colt (br c 1773 Goldfinder), beating Sir C Sedley's Ratcatcher (b c 1773 Snap) and 5 others. Won the 50 Town Plate at Egham, beating Mr Stacie's Pizzaro, Sir J Lade's Love-a-la-Mode and 4 others. Won the 50 Town Plate at Maidenhead, beating Mr Parker's Nannette (br f 1774 Pistol), Mr Allen's Witch and 4 others.
In 1779 won 50 at Wisbeach. Was unplaced at Oxford for a 20gs Subscription Cup won by Lord Derby's Laburnum (br c 1774 King Herod). Won 50 at the same meeting, beating Mr Cross's Gnat-Catcher (b f 1774 King Herod) and Mr Jenning's Cockspur. Was unplaced for the 50 City Plate at Litchfield due to a fall, won by Lord Rockingham's Monk. Was unplaced for a 60gs purse at Newmarket Second October, won by Mr Price's Humbug (ch c 1773 Chrysolite), with Lord Derby's Laburnum (br c 1774 King Herod) 2nd and the Duke of Grafton's Magnet (br c 1770 King Herod) 3rd.
In 1780 won the 100gs King's Plate at Guildford, beating Mr Vernon's Humble, Mr Snowdon's Royal Slave (b c 1774 Young Matchem) and Mr Palmerou's Evander (br c 1774 Goldfinder). Won the 100gs King's Plate at Winchester, beating Mr Delme's Jemmy-the-Drummer, Mr Broadhurst's Little Isaac (ch c 1774 Sulphur), Mr Hutton's Valentine and Sir H Fetherston's Flash (br c 1774 King Herod). Finished 3rd in the King's Plate at Salisbury, won by Sir H Fetherston's Flash (br c 1774 King Herod), with Sir J Lade's Knight Errant (b c 1774 Goldfinder) placing 2nd.
In 1781 finished 2nd in the King's Plate at Newmarket First Spring to Sir H Fetherston's Flash (br c 1774 King Herod), beating Mr Pratt's Somebody (b c 1774 Matchem). Finished 3rd in the great Sweepstakes at Exeter to Mr Parker's Anvil (b c 1777 King Herod), with Mr Luttrell's Tetrarch (b c 1777 King Herod) placing 2nd. Finished 2nd in a Fifty at Lewes to Mrs Price's Ranger (b c 1775 King Herod), beating 2 others.
Satellite did not run in 1782.
In 1783 was unplaced for a 50 purse at Newmarket Second Spring, won by Mrs Price's Pam (br c Goldfinder). This was his final race.
Notable Offspring
Jemima (b f 1786), half-sister to Champion Sire and Derby winner Waxy (b c 1790 Pot8os), ancestress of Moss Trooper (br c 1839 Liverpool), sire of Braxey (b f 1849), the taproot mare of Family 10-d and 2nd dam of the sire Tristan (ch c 1878 Hermit).
Keren Happuch* (b f 1789), full-sister to Jemima and Kezia, dam of Miss Shipton* (f 1801 Waxy), the latter imported into America in utero. Imbros (ch c 1950 Polynesian) and Clandestine (bbr c 1955 Double Jay) descend from Keren Happuch.
Kezia (b f 1788), full-sister to Jemima and Keren Happuch, she placed third in the Oaks Stakes.
Sister to Sheriff (ch f 1789), ancestress of the good Australian stallion, Yattendon (br c 1861 Sir Hercules).