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Wyndham (GB)






Sire Line


Darcy's White Turk




Wyndham gr c 1704c (Hautboy - Mare by Selaby Turk). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Family 54.

Wyndham, spelled "Windham" in the General Stud Book, was owned by Charles Seymour (1662-1748), the 6th Duke of Somerset. His Lordship must have fancied the Selaby Turk as he also owned the Coppin Mare (f Selaby Turk), a foundation mare in Family 28. Wyndham was a full brother to Crutches (gr c 1705) who won plates at York in 1712 and 1713 and a half brother to the 2nd dam of Royal Plate winner Cottingham (ch c 1735 Hartley's Blind Horse).

Sir Theodore Cook stated that Curwen's Old Spot (c 1690c Selaby Turk), whose dam has not been identified, was a "brother to the dam of Windham, that capital grey colt, bred by Hautboy, in the Duke of Somerset's stud." Cook provided no source for this information and there appears to be no other evidence to support it. [A History of the English Turf 1:119]

In 1710 Wyndham lost a match to Bay Bolton (b c 1705 Grey Hautboy) at Newmarket. In April of 1713, Wyndham probably won a 300 guineas match against Tregonwell Frampton's Dragon. Frampton apparently held Wyndham in high regard, since after the match, he issued a challenge in which Wyndham was specifically excluded.

In the Petworth stud he sired several racehorses, including the useful stallion Cinnamon and his namesake Wyndham. Another son, Tatney (br c), lost a 300 guineas match to Williams's Squirrel (b c 1719 Snake) at Bridgenorth in July of 1724. They each carried 8 stone 7 pounds over four miles.

However, it is to Wyndham's daughter, the Duke of Somerset's Miss Wyndham (gr f 1725c), that the stud book is indebted. Mated with Brother to Fearnought (c 1726c Bay Bolton), she produced a grey filly who became the dam of the racehorse Mr Stapleton's Beaufremont (br c 1758 Tartar), and Hutton's Cade Mare, from whom most of Family 25 descends.

Wyndham Hautboy Darcy's White Turk  
Royal Mare  
Selaby Turk Mare Selaby Turk  
Bustler Mare Bustler
White Turk Mare
Cinnamon (GB)

ch c 1722 (Wyndham - Ryegate Mare, by Thoulouse Barb - Parson's Cream Cheeks, by Spanker - mare, by Hautboy). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Bred by the 6th Duke of Somerset and commonly called the Somerset Cinnamon, he seldom ran in public. In October of 1728 he lost a 200 guineas match at Newmarket to the Godolphin Whitefoot (b c 1719 Bay Bolton). In November of the following year he won a 100 guineas match against Mr Seymour's Spot (Alcock's Arabian), who may have been the same horse as Alcock's Spot, each carrying 11 stone over four miles. In the stud he sired a number of worthy offspring, incuding Ancaster Creeper (ch c 1733), Brisk and Dismal, although none of these left significant offspring themselves. Creeper placed third in a 50 Plate at York in 1742, won by Mr Hutton's Phantom (gr c 1733 Hobgoblin), followed by Mr Read's Jack Come Tickle Me (ch c 1733 Thoulouse Barb Colt). Brisk won the Gold Cup at Chester in 1743 along with fifties at Stamford, (where he beat Silvertail, Miss Vixen and Little John), and Chesterfield and the 80 Ladies' Purse at Lincoln. In 1744 he won a fifty at Chesterfield and the next year he won another fifty at Nottingham, beating Drowsy and Plain-Dealer.
Greylegs (GB)
c 1725 (Old Wyndham - Barb Mare). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. Greylegs was bred by the Duke of Somerset. In 1730 he won the King's Plate at Ipswich, defeating Mr Fauquiers' Dimple, Mr Howe's Kingfisher and others. Later in October he won a 180 guineas Sweepstakes at Newmarket, beating the Duke of Devonshire's Polly (ch f 1725 Childers), Lord Halifax's Justice (b c 1725 Hampton Court Litton Arabian), Lord Godolphin's Slamerkin and Lord William Manners's Foxhunter over four miles.
Young Wyndham (GB)

b c 1719 (Old Wyndham). Sire Line Darcy's White Turk. This Young Wyndham was probably confused with Old Wyndham, by both Baily's Racing Register and the General Stud Book, since Old Wyndham could not have been running in 1724, and his son, rather than he, was born in 1719. In October of 1724 Young Wyndham won the Contribution purse, for five year olds over four miles at Newmarket, defeating the Duke of Bolton's Sloven (br c 1718 Bay Bolton), Mr Bailey's Look-about-you, Mr Panton's Miss Hen, the Duke of Rutland's Bonny Bay, Lord Halifax's Smallhopes, Sir R Grosvenor's Shag and two others. All carried 9 stone. Also in October at Newmarket he beat the Duke of Devonshire's Cricket for 200 guineas over four miles, each carrying 8 stone 5 pounds. In October of 1725 at Newmarket he placed 3rd to Williams's Squirrel (b c 1719 Snake) in the 100 guineas King's Plate, for six year olds carrying 12 stone in four mile heats. Colonel Butler's Fox placed 2nd and Mr Gulston's bay mare was distanced. In October of 1726 he finished 3rd in the King's Plate at Newmarket, won by Mr Williams's Sqirrel, with the Duke of Devonshire's Tick Tack 2nd, the Duke of Bolton's Bay Wanton 4th and Colonel Butler's Fox 5th. Young Wyndham left no significant offspring.

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