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Warlock (GB)



Sire Line




Warlock br c 1853 (Birdcatcher - Elphine, by Emilius). Sire Line Birdcatcher. Family 9.

Warlock was bred by George Frederick d'Arcy Lambton (1828-1879), the 2nd Earl of Durham, whose son, the Hon George Lambton, trained such notable horses as Canterbury Pilgrim (ch f 1893 Tristan) and Hyperion (ch c 1930 Gainsborough) for the Earl of Derby.

Later owned by Mr A Nichol and trained by John Scott, his turf career included wins in the St Leger Stakes, the Great Ebor Handicap (twice) and Queen's Plates at York and Lincoln.

"The Druid" thought Warlock "a singularly unfortunate horse. At Epsom, he was suffering from very sore shins. At Newcastle, he bolted in his first race, and fell in the second. At Carlisle, he was pulled up by mistake, after going once round. He was a wonderfully game horse, but somewhat slow, and required a deal of management. John Scott felt certain that, barring Ellington, of whom he had just dread, the St Leger was safe enough for Warlock, whose finest performance, however, was when he beat the redoubtable Fisherman, for the Queen's Plate, at York."

The General Stud Book records his coat colour as brown roan and the peculiarity of his colouring was such that it was said to exhibit more silver hairs than most Birdcatcher descendants. The silver hairs, often called "Birdcatcher ticks," along with the white tail markings suggest that he carried the rabicano gene.

His stud career, while not exceptional, resulted in some useful offspring. He stood the 1859 season at Lord Londesborough's Kirkby Farm (later renamed Stockwell), at Ulleskelfe, near Tadcaster, along with West Australian (b c 1850 Melbourne) and Stockwell (ch c 1849 The Baron), for a fee of 10 guineas.

Warlock Birdcatcher Sir Hercules Whalebone
Guiccioli Bob Booty
Elphine Emilius Orville
Variation Bustard
Johanna Southcote
Race Record
At 2: won 200 at Doncaster, beating Mr Walker's Announcement (br f Annandale), Mr J Osborne's Alfred (br c Birdcatcher) and Mr Capel's Duet (br f Jericho), 2nd in the Woodcote Stakes at Epsom in a dead-heat with Mr Padwick's Spindle (b f Orlando), won by Mr Thornton's Lawn (b c Accident), beating Mr Codrington's Blast (ch c Mildew), Mr Fisher's Maid of the Morn (gr f Chanticleer) and four others, unplaced at York in the 360 Prince of Wales's Stakes, won by Mr B Morris's Artillery (b c 1853 Touchstone).
At 3: won the 695 Great Ebor Handicap at York, beating Mr Knowles's Merlin (bl c Birdcatcher), Mr B Morris's Gamekeeper (br c 1851 Birdcatcher), Sir C Monck's Vindex (br c 1850 Touchstone), and four others, won the 3200 Great St Leger at Doncaster, beating Mr I'Anson's Bonnie Scotland (b c 1853 Iago), who had recently won the Doncaster Stakes, and Artillery who tied for 2nd place, Mr Hill's Rogerthorpe (ch c The Hero), Mr J Bowes's Victoria (b f 1853 Melbourne), the Derby winner Ellington (br c 1853 The Flying Dutchman), and three others, 2nd in the 285 Cumberland Plate at Carlisle, won by Mr T Parr's Fisherman (br c 1853 Heron), beating Sir James Boswell's Freddy (ch c Pyrrhus the First), Mr J Osborne's Elastic (br f The Ugly Buck), and four others, losing only by two lengths after being mistakenly pulled up at the end of the first round by his jockey, unplaced in the North Derby at Newcastle due to bolting off the course, won by Artillery, unplaced in the Northumberland Plate due to a fall, won by Lord Zetland's Zeta (br f Van Tromp), unplaced for the Doncaster Cup, won by Fandango (b c 1850 Barnton).
At 4: won the Queen's Plate at York, beating Fisherman, won the 825 Great Ebor Handicap at Doncaster, beating Sir R Bulkeley's Tasmania (br f 1854 Melbourne), Lord Clifden's Melissa (ch f), Tame Deer (b c Venison), and seven others, won the Queen's Plate at Lincoln, beating Admiral Harcourt's Wardermarske (b c Birdcatcher) and Mr J Shelley's Gunboat (b c 1854 Sir Hercules), 3rd in the Doncaster Cup, won by Vedette (br c 1854 Voltigeur), 4th in the Great Ebor Handicap at York, unplaced for the Chester Cup, won by Mr Higgins's Leamington (br c 1853 Faugh-a-Ballagh), unplaced for the Ascot Cup, won by Lord Zetland's Skirmisher (br c 1854 Voltigeur).
At 5: 4th in the Great Northern Handicap at York, won by Tunstall Maid (b f 1855 Touchstone), 4th for the Ascot Cup, won by Fisherman.
Notable Offspring
Fairy (b f 1860), produced the notable mare Jenny Diver (b f 1866 Buccaneer). Jenny Diver was the dam of the Oaks winner Jenny Howlet (ch f 1877 The Palmer), she the dam of the Park Hill Stakes winner Belle Mahone (b f 1885 Uncas) and the Champagne and Great Yorkshire Stakes winner Chittabob (ch c 1886 Robert the Devil). Jenny Diver was also the dam of Jennie Winkle (b f 1880 Mr Winkle), taproot of Family 20-d, and Palmflower (b f 1874 The Palmer), taproot of Family 20-c.
Queen Esther (ch f 1864), was the 4th dam of the stallion Clan Stuart (ch c 1881 Prince Charlie).
Tynedale (b c 1864), a useful stallion, sired the dam of the One Thousand Guineas winner Winifreda (b f 1897 St. Simon).
Vaucresson (ch c 1860), sired Ione (br f 1876), ancestress of Crimson Satan (ch c 1959 Spy Song).

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