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Champion b c 1797 (Pot8os - Huncamunca, by Highflyer). Sire Line Pot8os. Family 3-b.

Bred by Christopher Wilson at Oxton Hall, Tadcaster, Champion was a brother to the dam of Oaks winner Maid of Orleans (b f 1806 Sorcerer) and a half brother to Sophia (b f 1798 Buzzard) dam of the Oaks winner Charlotte (b f 1811 Orville). He was the first winner of both the Derby and St Leger Stakes, a feat unrivalled for nearly fifty years. Said to be a horse of excellent quality, although "down in one hip" he was purchased by Lord Darlington after his win in the St Leger.

Purchased by Colonel Lumm at the close of his turf career, he was sent to stud in Ireland. Although he didn't get any stallion sons he will be remembered for his two Irish daughters.

Champion Pot8os Eclipse Marske
Sportsmistress Warren's Sportsman
Golden Locks
Huncamunca Highflyer King Herod
Cypher Squirrel
Sister to Miss Belsea
Race Record
In 1800 won the Derby Stakes at Epsom, beating Lord Egremont's Tag (ch c 1797 Precipitate), Lord Egremont's Mystery (ch c 1797 Woodpecker), Lord Grosvenor's Quick (b c 1797 John Bull) and 9 others. Finished 3rd in a 275gs sweep at at York, won by Sir Harry Tempest-Vane's Rolla (br c 1797 Overton) with Mr Gilbert Crompton's Lignum Vitae (b c 1797 Walnut) 2nd. Won 300gs at the same meeting, beating Rolla, Lord Strathmore's Lethe (b c 1797 Sir Peter Teazle) and 1 other. Won the Great St Leger at Doncaster, beating Rolla, Sir Harry Tempest-Vane's Richmond Cup winner Richmond (b c 1797 Walnut), Lord Darlington's Agonistes (br c 1797 Sir Peter Teazle), Lignum Vitae and 5 others.
In 1801 won a 200gs sweep at Newmarket Craven, beating the Hon G Watson's Triumvir (br c 1797 Volunteer). Collected 150gs at Newmarket First Spring for a 300gs half forfeit from Mr R Heathcote's Schedoni (b c 1795 Pot8os). Won 300gs at the same meeting, beating Mr Cox's Cocoa-Tree (b c 1797 Woodpecker) and Mr R Heathcote's Georgiana (ch f 1797 John Bull). Won a 200gs match at Newmarket Second Spring from Mr J Heathcote's Warter (b c 1794 King Fergus). Finished 3rd at Doncaster for the Doncaster Cup, won by Mr P Wentworth's Chance (b c 1797 Lurcher), later sent to Virginia, with Mr Johnson's Sir Solomon (br c 1796 Sir Peter Teazle) placing 2nd.
In 1802 he broke down in a 1000gs match against Lethe.
Champion Mares
1. Lady Sarah (b f 1808), 2nd dam of the Irish stallion Napoleon (b c 1824 Bob Booty) and a foundation mare of a durable branchlet of Family 13.
2. Champion Mare (b f 1810), the 3rd dam of Chanticleer (gr c 1843 Birdcatcher) and a contributor to Family 23.