Scar (GB)

Old Scar



Sire Line

Oglethorpe Arabian




Old Scar b c 1705 (Makeless - Bay Layton, by Darcy's Counsellor). Sire Line Darcy's Yellow Turk. Family 4.

Bred by William Croft of Barforth, Yorkshire, he was later purchased by William Cavendish (1673-1729), the 2nd Duke of Devonshire. Old Scar was a full brother to Chesnut Layton (ch f 1707 Makeless), the 2nd dam of Partner Mare (f 1730c Croft's Partner), taproot of Family 4-o.

Following his turf career he joined the Duke's stud at Chatsworth, Derbyshire, where Basto (br c 1703 Byerley Turk) and Childers (b c 1714 Darley Arabian) also stood. Old Scar produced several "eminent" racehorses and broodmares, among them the Duke's own Long John who in 1725 won a 200gs match at Newmarket in October from the Duke of Bridgewater's Hawker. Although none of the horses bred on in tail male, Long John was the broodmare sire of Mr Brooks's Rainbow (ch c 1752 Cornwall's Arabian) who won fifties at Chipping Norton, Tetbury and Northampton.

Old Scar Makeless Oglethorpe Arabian  
Yellow Turk Mare Darcy's Yellow Turk
Natural Barb Mare
Bay Layton Darcy's Counsellor Lonsdale's Counsellor
Layton Violet Barb Mare
Brimmer Mare Brimmer
Trumpet's Dam
Race Record
Running at Newmarket in October of 1710 he defeated Lord Dorchester's Bay Wanton over four miles, with Bay Wanton conceding 7 pounds.
In April of 1712 at Newmarket he beat Lord Harvey's Ladythigh over four miles at equal weights.
The following year in April he again beat Ladythigh over three miles at equal weights. Later that month he defeated her for the third time over three miles at equal weights.
In 1718 he lost a 200gs match at Newmarket in October to the Duke of Bridgewater's Spot.
In 1721 he won a 300gs match at Newmarket in April from Lord Hillsborough's Ruffler.