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SHEPHERDESS [Webb's] (f 1781c King Herod [Wormeley's])
     Figure [Webb's] (bl c 1795 Tippoo Saib 1780)
     The Faun (b f c1800 Alfred [Craig's])
          Old Buzzard (ch f c1809 Buzzard*)
               Lady Adams (ch f 1825 Whipster)
               .    Lady Margrave (ch f 1847 Margrave*)
               .         Undine (ch f 1852 Yorkshire*)
               .              Uncle Vic (ch c 1857 Lexington)
               Old Court [Tarlton's] (b c c1820 Whip [Blackburn's])
               Woodpecker (b c 1828 Bertrand)
               Lady Fortune (ch f Brimmer [Fenwick's])
                    Queen Mary (ch f 1835 Bertrand)
                     .   American Eclipse Mare (ch f 1844 American Eclipse)
                     .        Mary Chilton (ch f 1855 Glencoe*)
                     .             THAD STEVENS (ch c 1865 Langford)
                     .        Nora Creina (ch f 1859 Mahomet)
                     .             Fiona (ch f 1879 Waverly)
                     .                  Trillio (b c 1895 Tristan) Crotona H
                     .             Lepanto (b c 1882 Longfellow)
                     .        Floss (b f 1865 Jack the Barber) Queen's Plate
                    Quiz (b f 1836 Bertrand)
                         Sally Bowen (b f 1854 Hooton*)
                         .    Mundane (ch f 1867 Lexington)
                         .         Blue Wing (b c 1883 Billet*) Clark S
                         Nantura (b f 1855 Eclipse [Brawner's])
                         .    Fanny Holton (b f 1862 Lexington)
                         .         Little Girl (ch f 1868 Endorser)
                         .              Novel (ch f 1884 Jils Johnson)
                         .                   Lat Damrow (ch c 1891 Macduff) Harold S
                         .         Little Fanny (ch f 1871 Endorser)
                         .              Irish King (b c 1876 Longfellow)
                         .         LYTTLETON (b c 1867 Leamington*)
                         .         TEN BROECK (b c 1872 Phaeton*) Phoenix H
                         .    Exchange (ch c 1866 Endorser)
                         .    Longfellow (br c 1867 Leamington*) Saratoga Cup
                         .    Excel (ch c 1871 Endorser)
                         Kitturah (b f c1857 Eclipse [Brawner's])
                              Cordelia (ch f 1864 Lexington)
                                   Cornflower (b f 1869 Virgil)
                                   .    Experiment (b f 1876 Monarchist)
                                   .         Rapido (ch c 1882 Grinstead) Oakwood H
                                   .         Silver Cloud (b c 1883 Grinstead) American Derby
                                   .         Alaho (b f 1886 Grinstead)
                                   .              Rey El Santa Anita (b c 1891 Cheviot) American Derby
                                   Cammie F (ch f 1875 Glenelg*) Bluegrass S
                                        Mamie Doyle (b f 1894 Sir Dixon)
                                             Katherine Moore (b f 1903 Hammon)
                                              .   Crestwood Girl (b f 1914 Transvaal)
                                              .        Altawood (ch c 1921 Master Robert) Jockey Club Gold Cup S
                                              .        Wildwood (ch f 1923 Master Robert)
                                              .             Biff (b c 1931 Broadside) Chicago H
                                              .             Wiloee (b f 1934 Chilhowee)
                                              .                  Wicki Wicki (br f 1945 Balladier)
                                              .                       Oil Wick (gr g 1957 Oil Capitol) Kentucky Jockey Club S
                                              .             Aces Wild (ch f 1935 Grandace*) Moslem Temple S
                                              Old Honesty (b c 1904 Previous) Bay Ridge H
Webb's Shepherdess

Two certificates describe Shepherdess as a "high-bred and well-known Kentucky racer" but no pedigree is supplied. The American Stud Book shows her dam by Traveller*, 2nd dam by Whittington*, but this should probably be the reverse, as Traveller* covered from 1751-62 and Whittington* covered 1760-65. A Virginia mare, Shepherdess was raced by Mr Wilbran, then later sold, along with her filly by Shark*, to Charles Webb of Kentucky. The Faun, her filly by Craig's Alfred, was purchased by Dr E Warfield, who wrote the certificate for The Faun several decades later. Most of the family descends from Old Buzzard, bred by the Honorable Henry Clay, and owned by Mr Tarlton of Kentucky.

Lyttleton (USA)
Purse winner

Ten Broeck (USA)
Winner, 1982 Hall of Fame

Thad Stevens (USA)