Timoleon (USA)

Above, engraving from the American Turf Register
and Sporting Magazine.

Sire Line

King Herod


Sir Archy

Timoleon ch c 1813 (Sir Archy - Mare by Saltram*). Sire Line King Herod. Family A24.

Bred by Benjamin Jones of Greensville County, Virginia, he stood 15.3 hands, his only marking a small star. He was purchased as three-year old by Colonel William Wynn of Petersburg, Virginia, who sold him, evidently in haste, as a four-year old to Robert R Johnson, brother of Colonel W R Johnson. Ten days later Wynn offered to buy him back for a thousand dollars more, it was said, in the belief that he was "superior to any race horse that ever turned a gravel on any race course in the United States."
Timoleon Sir Archy Diomed Florizel
Sister to Juno
Castianira Rockingham
Saltram Mare Saltram Eclipse
Wildair Mare Symmes Wildair
Driver Mare
Race Record

Results of his turf career are difficult to pin down precisely, however, he started about seventeen times, winning nine, walking over for four, and defeating such good horses as Reality (gr f 1813) and Lady Lightfoot (b f 1812), both thought to be equally superior daughters of Sir Archy. In what would be his final race in February of 1818, he was pulled up due to respiratory problems resulting from a bout of distemper during the previous weeks.

Considered to be the best horse of his generation, he retired to stud at Wynn's and Johnson's stables in North Carolina. In 1819 he was sold to Colonel David Dancy who later moved him to Madison County, Alabama. In 1829, still the property of Dancy, he stood near Nashville, Tennessee, and in 1830 he was sent to Charles City County, Virginia.
Notable Offspring

Among his best colts were Washington (ch c 1819), bred and owned by Marmaduke Johnson, who defeated Henry in four 2-mile heats and was said to be the best of his year; and Hotspur (ch c) who was unbeaten until he broke down in a race with Flirtilla. His best filly was Sally Walker (ch f 1822) who was considered to be the best of her day except for Monsieur Tonson. Without doubt his most important contribution was his son Boston (ch c 1833), an exceptional racehorse and the sire of Lexington (b c 1850).


Boston (USA) ch c 1833 (Timoleon - Sister to Tuckahoe, by Ball's Florizel). Sire Line King Herod. Family 40.