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Reference Books
Racing Calendars
These lists are the earliest efforts at systematic record-keeping of English bred horses. Authors of stud books and other books often rely on the calendars for information.
CHENY, John: An historical list of all horse-matches run and of all plates and prizes run for in England and Wales, 1727 to 1750.
HEBER, Reginald: An historical list of Horse-matches run and of plates and prizes run for in Great Britain and Ireland, 1751 to 1768.
MUIR, J. B.: Old Newmarket Calendar of matches, results and programs from 1619 to 1719, 1892.
ORTON, John: Turf Annals of York and Doncaster, York, 1844.
PICK, William: Authentic Historical Racing Calendar, or Vade Mecum, 1786-1827.
PICK, William: The Turf Register and Sportsman's & Breeder's Stud Book, containing the pedigrees & performances of all the horses, mares, and geldings that have appeared upon the British and Irish turfs as racers; likewise of such as have been kept in the stud as stallions and for breeding, from the earliest period to the present time; with an account of the most favourite Arabians, Turks, and Barbs brought into England, and from whom has descended the most valuable blood in the united Kingdoms. The whole calculated for the information and use of sportsmen and breeders; and the lovers of that noble animal the horse. Volume 1, 1803 and Volume 2, 1805. Volume 3 was compiled by Johnson in 1822.
POND, John: The Sporting Kalendar, containing a distinct account of what plates have been run for [in England], 1751 to 1757.
PRIOR, C. M.: History of the Racing Calendar and Stud Book, 1926.
TUTING, William & FAWCONER, Thomas: The Sporting Calender, 1769-1776.
Walker: 1770 - 1771.
WEATHERBY and Sons: Racing Calendar, Races Past and Races to Come, 1773 to present.

Stud Books
BRUCE, S. D.: The American Stud Book, New York, Vol. 1, 1868; Vols. 1 [A-L] & 2 [M-Z], 1873; Vol. 3, 1882; Vol. 4, 1884; Vol. 5, 1889; Vol. 6, 1894. Vols. 1-6 by Bruce, Vol. 7 to present by the American Jockey Club.
COTTOM, Peter, Editor: Mason's Farrier, Richmond, Virginia, 4th Edition, 1828; 5th Edition, 1830; 6th Edition, 1833.
EDGAR, Patrick Nisbett: The American Race-Turf Register, Sportsman's Herald and General Stud Book, New York, 1833.
HARRISON, Fairfax: The Background of the American Stud Book, Virginia, 1933.
WALLACE, J. H.: Wallace's American Stud Book, 1867. Only one volume was issued.
WEATHERBYS: The General Stud Book, 1791 to present. An Introduction to a General Stud-Book was published in 1791. Volume 1 of The General Stud Book, 1793; Supplement, 1800; General Stud Book, 1803. Volume 1, 1st Edition in 1808; Supplement in 1814. Volume 1, 2nd Edition in 1820; 3rd Edition in 1827; 4th Edition in 1858; 5th Edition in 1891. Volume 2 of The General Stud Book, 1st Edition in 1822; 2nd Edition in 1832; 3rd Edition in 1869; 4th Edition in 1892. Volume 3, 1st Edition in 1827; 2nd Edition in 1832; 3rd Edition in 1855; 4th Edition in 1883; 5th Edition in 1932. Volume 4, 1st Edition in 1836; 2nd Edition in 1840; 3rd Edition in 1876; 4th Edition in 1899. Volume 5, 1st Edition in 1845; 2nd Edition in 1866; Third Edition in 1899; Fourth Edition in 1947. Volume 6, 1st Edition in 1849; 2nd Edition in 1857; 3rd Edition in 1931; Fourth Edition in 1939.
WILLETT, Peter: The General Stud Book 1791-1991, 2 volumes, 1991. The publication comprises A History of the General Stud-Book, and a reprint of An Introduction to a General Stud-Book, 1791.

Private Stud Books
PRIOR, C. M.: Early Records of the Thoroughbred Horse, 1924. Reproduces the private stud books of Cuthbert Routh, the 2nd Duke of Ancaster, and the Duke of Newcastle.
PRIOR, C. M.: The Royal Studs of the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, 1935. Reproduces the private stud book of the 2nd Earl of Godolphin.

Family Numbers and Tables
Family Tables of Racehorses
Toward the end of the 19th century Bruce Lowe and others made attempts to classify the foundation, or taproot, mares according to the success, on the racecourse or at stud, of their direct, or tail-female, descendents. At that time Bruce Lowe identified approximately fifty mares, whose tail-female lines were alive, to which he assigned family numbers, much like a numerical surname. The mare with most Classics winners was given the family number 1, the mare with the second most Classics winners was given the family number 2, and so on. These family numbers are still in use today, and in many parts of the world are considered much more significant than in North America. At the very least they draw attention to the fact that there is more to a horse than simply the sire line. For a more detailed history of Bruce Lowe and his contemporaries, and an explanation of his figure system visit The Bruce Lowe Home Page. Later, Captain Kaziemierz Bobinski and Lt.-Colonel Stefan Count Zamoyski collaborated to produce Family Tables of Racehorses. Having issued some 6 or 7 updates, Bobinski took all the updates, added a year or two to them and reissued the Family Tables as Vol II in 1963. After Bobinski's death, Toru Shirai of the Japanese Bloodstock Agency purchased the copyright and in 1988 he issued Vol III of the Family Tables, bringing the Tables up to 1987.
ALLISON, William: The British Thoroughbred Horse, 1901. 2nd Edition in 1907.
BOBINSKI & KAZIMIERZ: Family Tables of Racehorses, London, 1953. Volumes 1 and 2.
LOWE, C. Bruce: Breeding Racehorses by the Figure System, 1895. 2nd Revised Edition in 1913. Facsimile reprint by Libra Books, Australia, 1977.
SHIRAI, Toru: Family Tables of Racehorses, 1988. Volume 3.
WALL, John. F.: Thoroughbred Bloodlines: An Elementary Study, Maryland, 1935. Volumes 1 and 2.

Other Books
ANDERSON, James Douglas: Making the American Thoroughbred, particulary in Tennessee, Norwood, Massachusetts, 1916. Republished as Making the American Thoroughbred, Especially in Tennessee, 1800-1845, including Reminiscences of the Turf by Balie Peyton, Tennessee, 1946.
BATTELL, Joseph: The American Stallion Register, 5 volumes, Middlebury, Vermont, 1909-1936.
BEVAN, R. M.: The Roodee, 450 Years of Racing in Chester, Cheshire, 1989.
BAYLISS, M. F.: The Matriarchy of the American Turf, 1875-1930. Privately printed by Robert L. Gerry, 1931.
BLACK, Robert: Horse-Racing in France, A History, London, 1886.
BLANCHARD, Elizabeth Amis Cameron & Wellman, Manly Wade: The Life and Times of Sir Archie, The Story of America's Greatest Thoroughbred, 1805-1833, North Carolina, 1958.
BRUCE, S. D.: The Horse-Breeder's Guide and Handbook, 1883.
CAUZ, Louis E.: The Plate: A Royal Tradition, Toronto, 1984.
CHURCH, Michael: The Classic Pedigree, 1776-1989, London, 1990.
CHURCH, Michael: Dams of Classic Winners, 1777-1993, London, 1994.
COOK, Theodore Andrea: A History of the English Turf, 3 Vols., London, 1902.
COPPERTHWAITE, R. H.: The Turf and the Racehorse, London, 1865.
CRAIG, Dennis: Horse-Racing, The Breeding of Throughbreds and a Short History of the English Turf, London, 1949. 2nd Edition, 1953; 3rd enlarged and revised Edition, 1963.
CULVER, Francis Barnum: Blooded Horses of Colonial Days, Classic Horse Matches in America Before the Revolution, Baltimore, 1922.
FITZGERALD, Arthur: Royal Thoroughbreds, A History of the Royal Studs, London, 1990.
HARALAMBOS, K. M.: The Byerley Turk, Three Centuries of the Tail Male Racing Lines, London, 1990.
HAREWOOD, The Rt. Hon. The Earl of & Ricketts, Lt.-Col. P. E.: Flat Racing, London, c1937. Vol. 28 of the Lonsdale Library.
HARRISON, Fairfax: The Equine F. F. Vs., Richmond, Virginia, 1928.
HARRISON, Fairfax: The Belair Stud, 1747-1761, Richmond, Virginia, 1929.
HARRISON, Fairfax: The Roanoke Stud, 1795-1833, Richmond, Virginia, 1930.
HARRISON, Fairfax: The John's Island Stud, 1750-1788, Richmond, Virginia, 1931.
HARRISON, Fairfax: Early American Turf Stock, Richmond, Virginia, 2 Vols., 1935.
HERBERT, Henry William: Frank Forester's Horse of America, 2 Vols., New York, 1857. Republished as Frank Forester's Horse and Horsemanship of the United States and the British Provinces of North America, 2 Vols., 2nd Edition, revised, corrected, enlarged, continued to 1871, by Sanders D. Bruce and Benjamin G. Bruce, 2 Vols., New York, 1871.
HERVEY, John: Racing in America, 1665-1865, 2 Vols., New York, 1944.
HERVEY, John: Racing in America, 1922-1936, New York, 1937.
HOGAN, Clio D.: Index to Stakes Winners, 1865-1967, 2 Vols., c1967.
HOLLINGSWORTH, Kent: The Great Ones, Lexington, Kentucky, 1970.
IRVING, John B.: The South Carolina Jockey Club, History of the Turf in South Carolina, Charleston, 1857.
KATHEDER, Thomas: The Baylors of Newmarket: The Decline and Fall of a Virginia Planter Family, 2009.
LANE, Charles: British Racing Prints, 1700-1940, London, 1990.
LAWRENCE, John: History and Derivation of the Horse in all his Varieties, London, 1809.
LOGAN, Guy B. H.: The Classic Races of the Turf, London, 1931.
LONGRIGG, Roger: The History of Horse Racing, New York, 1972.
MACKAY-SMITH, Alexander: The Race Horses of America, 1832-1872, Portraits and Other Paintings by Edward Troye, New York, 1981.
MACKAY-SMITH, Alexander: The Colonial Quarter Race Horse, 1983.
MACKAY-SMITH, Alexander: The Thoroughbred in the Lower Shenandoah Valley, 1785-1852, Virginia, 1948.
MILNER, Mordaunt: The Godolphin Arabian, The Story of the Matchem Line, London, 1990.
O'CONNOR, John L.: Notes on the Thoroughbred from Kentucky Newspapers, 1788-1833. Privately printed for Louis Lee Haggin, Lexington, Kentucky, no date (1926).
RICE, James: History of the British Turf, 2 Vols., London, 1879.
ROBERTSON, William H. P.: The History of Thoroughbred Racing in America, New York, 1964.
RUSSELL, George B.: Hoofprints in Time, New Jersey, 1966.
SIMPSON, Grace: Stakes and Major Handicap Winners and Their Dams, Vancouver, B. C., Canada, 1951.
TAUNTON, Theo.: Famous Horses, with Portraits, Pedigrees, Principal Performances, Descriptions of Races, and Various Interesting Items Extending over a Period of Nearly Two Centuries, London, 1895.
TAUNTON, Thomas Henry: Portraits of Celebrated Racehorses of the Past and Present Centuries, In Strictly Chronological Order, Commencing in 1702 and Ending in 1870, 4 Vols., London, 1877-1888.
TREVATHAN, Charles E.: The American Thoroughbred, New York, 1905.
VOSBURGH, Walter S.: Racing in America, 1866-1921, New York, 1921.
WALL, Colonel John F.: Famous Running Horses, Their Forebears and Descendants, Washington, 1949.
WALLACE, John H.: The Horse of America, New York, 1897.
WENTWORTH, Lady: Thoroughbred Racing Stock and Its Ancestors, London, 1938. 2nd Edition 1960, Limited American Edition, 1962.
WHYTE, James Christie: History of the British Turf, from the Earliest Period to the Present Day, 2 Vols., London, 1840.

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