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The General Stud Book

Part 2 - Pedigrees of Horses and Mares of Note, Not All Included in the Former Part, From the earliest Accounts, to the Year 1759, inclusive.

Some of these now given under the heads of their dams are repeated on account of other information.

ACHILLES, Duke of Somerset's, foaled in 1737, got by a full brother to the Bolton Fearnought, dam by Diamond, out of a Barb Mare.

AIMWELL, Mr Pembroke's, 1750, by Babraham - Sir Everard Fawkener's Grey Turk - Hampton-Court Childers - Conyers Arabian - Vernon Barb - Curwen's Grey Morocco Barb - Leedes Arabian - Spanker - the Old Morocco Mare (Old Peg).

ARCHER or AUGUSTUS, Mr Martindale's, 1746, by the Bolton Starling - Bald Galloway - Grey Grantham - Burford Bull - Royal Mare.

ASHRIDGE BALL, by Leedes - Madcap (brother to Postboy).

ATLAS, Duke of Devonshire's, b. h., 1752, by Babraham - Lord Halifax's Justice.

BACHELOR, Mr Thompson's, 1753, by Blaze - Gallant's Smiling Tom.

BADSTICKS, Mr Maskill's, 1749, by Bumper - Fleetwood's Foxhunter - Almanzor - Makeless - Brimmer - Curwen Bay Barb.

BALD FRAMPTON, by the Oglethorpe Arabian.

BALD LUMP, Mr Egerton's, by the St Victor Barb, dam by Whynot, or by Rider's Chesnut Barb - Banstead Mare.

BLACK A TOP, gr. m., 1724, or 1725, by Bald Galloway. There was also a stallion of this name which cannot be traced.

BLACKLEGS, Mr Prentice's, 1745, by Blaze - Manica , by Darley Arabian.

BLACKLEGS, Mr Hutton's, 1725, by Hutton's or Mulso Bay Turk - Coneyskins - Old Club Foot, by Hautboy. Mr Hutton had an own sister to Blacklegs.

BLACKLEGS, Mr Bingham's, 1733, by the Hampton-Court Childers - The Duke's Cullen Mare.

BLACKLEGS, Mr Hudson's, 1744, by a son of Smiling Ball - Mr Vane's horse.

BLOSSOM, by the Curwen Bay Barb - Natural Barb Mare.

BLUNDERBUSS, by Bustler.

BLUE CAP, Mr Penruddock's, gr. h., 1723, by Greyhound.

BONNY BLACK, Duke of Rutland's, 1715, by Black Hearty (son of the Byerly Turk), dam by a Persian stallion. Bonny Black was the best runner of her time; at three years old, she beat a six years old horse, at 10st. each; at four years old, she won the five years old Hambleton Cup (King's Plate), and again at five years old; at six years old, she beat an aged horse, giving him 3st. Her owner afterwards challenged to run four times over the Round Course at Newmarket, against any horse or mare in the kingdom, which challenge not being accepted, she became a brood mare in the Duke of Rutland's stud, but there is no record of any of her produce, except a filly by Cyprus Arabian.

BOSPHORUS, Mr Stamford's, 1754, by Babraham - Hampton-Court Childers - Hampton-Court Chesnut Arabian - Leedes - Moonah Barb Mare. Bosphorus's dam had only one other produce, which was a filly by Dormouse, dam of Mr Daly's Examiner, by Tim.

BRIMMER, bred by the Darcy Family, got by the Yellow Turk - Royal Mare.

BRISK, gr. h., foaled 1725, by the Bloody Shouldered Arabian.

BRISK, ch. h., 1711, by the Darley Arabian, out of Coneyskin's dam by Jigg.

BUCEPHALUS (also called ARTHUR O'BRADLEY), Mr Aislabie's, 1738, by Robinson Crusoe - Snake - Hautboy.

BUMPER, Sir J. Pennyman's (aft. Mr Maskell's), 1735, by Partner - Bay Bolton - Commoner - Restive - Lord Lonsdale's Tregonwell Barb mare.

BUSTARD, Mr Crofts's, by Greyhound - Makeless - Wastell Turk - Hautboy - Brimmer.

BUSTLER, Mr Place's, by the Helmsley Turk; he was sire of Blunderbuss, Merlin, and the Darcy Woodcock.

CARELESS (OLD), Mr Leedes's (also called Wharton's), by Spanker - Barb Mare. He ran at Newmarket in 1698 as Lord Wharton's.

CARTOUCH, Mr Elstob's, by the Bald Galloway. Cartouch, when in training, was the property of Sir William Morgan, of Tredegar, in whose possession he covered several seasons in Wales; he afterwards became a favourite stallion in the North, and was sire of Young Cartouch.

CELADINE, Lady Northumberland's, 1755, by Young Cade, out of Baby by Goliah.

CHANCE, Duke of Somerset's, 1729, by Grey Childers.

CHILDERS (FLYING, or DEVONSHIRE), bred by Mr Childers. Generally supposed to have been the fleetest horse that was ever trained in this or any other country; he gave Fox 12lb. over the course, and beat him one quarter of a mile, in a trial; he was the sire of Plaistow, Blacklegs, Second, Snip, and Commoner - good horses, especially the first two; Blaze, Winall, and Spanking Roger, in pretty good forms; Lord William Manner's Poppet, an extraordinary horse at five years old; Fleec'em, Steady, etc. Childers covered few mares, except the Duke of Devonshire's. He was a bay horse, with a blaze in his face, and four white feet.

CHILDERS (BARTLET'S), bred by Mr Childers, own brother to Flying Childers. This horse was for several years called Young Childers, it being generally supposed that he was own brother to the Devonshire Childers, though some insisted that Betty Leedes never produced any other foal than Flying Childers, except one that was choked, when very young, by eating chaff. Mr Cheney says, he has heard the contrary from so many gentlemen of worth and honour, that he cannot but be of opinion that he was own brother to him. Be that as it may, Bartlet's Childers got so many good horses, that he is now justly ranked with the first-rate stallions. He was never trained; he was sire of Squirt, Oedipus, and the Little Hartley Mare, of the dam of Sir W. Middleton's Camilla, and grandam of Snapdragon.

CHILDERS (SMALE'S), bred by Mr Smale, 1726, by Bartlet's Childers - Byerly Turk - the Wilkinson Whynot.

CHUB, Lord Portmore's, 1741, by the Devonshire Blacklegs, dam by Hutton's Grey Barb - Byerly Turk.

CINNAMON, Duke of Somerset's, 1722 or 24, by Windham - the Ryegate Mare, by the Thoulouse Barb - Sir John Parson's Cream Cheeks, by Spanker - Hautboy: Cinnamon got very few horses that appeared in public, except the Ancaster Creeper, Brisk, and Dismal.

COMMONER, Mr Crofts's, by Place's White Turk.

COMMONER, Sir M. Wharton's, by Crofts's Commoner, out of the dam of Sir Micahel Wharton's Creeping Molly.

CONEYSKINS, Duke of Rutland's, gr. h. 1712, by the Lister Turk, dam by Jigg.

COUNSELLOR (WOOD'S), bred by Mr Egerton, 1694, by Lord Darcy's Counsellor - Makeless - Barb Mare of Sir Hugh Cholmondeley.

CRAZY, Mr Routh's, b. c., 1739, by Childers, out of Top's dam.

CREEPING MOLLY, by Curwen Bay Barb, out of a Foreign mare.

DAIRY MAID, Mr Elstob's, got by Almanzor, out of the Hambleton Mare, by The Strickland Syphax, who won the first Hambleton Gold Cup.

DIAMOND (Darcy), by the Helmsley Turk.

DIAMOND, Mr Kettle's, ch. h. 1726, by an Irish horse called Potatoe. The horse was sometimes called the South Country Diamond, and was beaten by the North Country Diamond in 1732.

DIAMOND, Mr Curwen's (aft. Mr Grisewood's), ch. h. 1726, by Jew's Trump - The Turk, sire of Flanderkin - Bay Barb - Wastell Turk - a foreign horse. This horse was called the Somerset Diamond, and was probably the North Country Diamond, but the Duke of Somerset had also a Diamond running in 1719.

DIMPLE (DYER'S), bred by Mr Leedes, about 1708, got by Leedes's Arabian - Spanker - Dodsworth - Barb Mare.

DORIMOND, Duke of Cumberland's, 1758, by Dormouse - Whitefoot.

DRIVER (BEAVER'S), 1732, by Snake - Thwaite's Dun Mare, by the Akaster Turk. The Dun Mare bred also a f. by Partner.

DUNKIRK, Mr Lister's (aft. Lord Portmore's), gr. h., 1726, by Fox Cub - Darcy Royal Colt - Lambert Turk.

ELEPHANT, Sir M. Newton's, 1734, by his Arabian, dam by Bay Bolton.

FAVOURITE, Mr Bethell's, ch. h., 1735, by Bethell's Arabian - Ruffler.

FOXHUNTER, Lord Chedworth's, b. h., foaled 1750, by Cole's Foxhunter - Lonsdale Bay Arabian.

GAMESTER, Mr White's, 1753, got by Tarquin - Saucebox - son of the Curwen Bay Barb.

GARNET, b. c., foaled 1738, by Y. Belgrade, out of  Sir M. Wyvill's Garnet Mare, dam of Sportsman, probably a daughter of Sir M. Wharton's Old Garnet.

GOLDEN BALL, Mr Routh's, 1735, by Partner - Hutton's White Turk - Highland Laddie - Byerly Turk.

GOLDEN LOCKS, Mr Pelham's, 1724, by a son of the Curwen Bay Barb.

GOLIAH, Duke of Bolton's, b. c., bred by Mr Hutchinson, 1730, by Fox - Graham's Champion - Sir M. Pierson's Blue Cap. Mr. Hutchinson also bred a sister to Goliah.

GREY GRANTHAM, by the Brownlow Turk. Grey Grantham got Green's Galloway, an extraordinary horse of his size; Miss Belvoir, Shadow, and the Grantham Filly, very capital mares, particularly the two former; also the Confederate Filly, a good mare at light weights. There was a brother to Grey Grantham.

GRASSHOPPER, Duke of Ancaster's, 1731, by Crab - Ashridge Ball - Dodsworth - Barb Mare.

GREYHOUND (YOUNG), 1723, by Greyhound, out of Brown Farewell, by Makeless; never trained, but a stallion in Mr Crofts's stud.

GREYLEGS, Duke of Somerset's, 1725, by Windham - Barb Mare.

HARLEQUIN, Mr Metcalf's, under 13 hds. 3 in., 1719, by Curwen Mixbury - son of the Pulleine Rockwood - Brimmer - Darcy Royal Mare.

HAUTBOY, bred by the Darcy Family, by the White Darcy Turk - Royal Mare. Hautboy got Grey Hautboy (sire of Bay Bolton), Windham, the dam of Snake, and the dam of Almanzor, Terror, and Champion.

HAZARD, Lord Scarsdale's, 1758, by Tartar - Cade - Hutton's Blacklegs.

HERO, Sir R. Hilton's, 1753, by Cade - Spinner. Hero was bred by Mr Preston, and ran in his possession, in the name of Slape.

HIGHLANDER, Lord Portmore's, 1742, by Victorious - Crawford's Turk - Devonshire Blacklegs - Partner - Akaster Turk - Leedes's Arabian.

HOBGOBLIN, Mr Goodall's, and sold to Mr Coke, 1724, by Aleppo, son of Darley Arabian - Wharton's Careless - Old Smithson - the Argyle Wanton Willy.

HONEYCOMB PUNCH, by the Taffolet or Morocco Barb, won at Newmarket in 1699 as Sir George Warburton's.

HUTTON ROYAL COLT, Mr Hutton's, by the Helmsley Turk, out of a Sedbury Royal Mare.

JACK-COME-TICKLE-ME, Mr Read's, 1737, by a son of the Thoulouse Barb - Old Royal - Old Merlin.

JACK OF NEWBURY, Mr Rogers's, ch. c., 1752 (aft. Lord Waldegrave's Spot) (cut), by Babraham - Lord Halifax's Justice.

JEW TRUMP, Mr Curwen's, 1709, by his Chesnut Arabian - Curwen Bay Barb.

JIGG, Sir R. Mostyn's, by the Byerly Turk - Spanker. Jigg got Partner, a capital horse, Shock and Saucebox, middling horses. He was a common country stallion in Lincolnshire, till Partner was six years old.

JULIUS CAESAR, Mr Cross's, 1757, by Young Cade - Snip - Lonsdale Arabian.

LADY THIGH (Brooks's), bred by Mr Willis, 1747, by Grisewood's Partner - Figg's Mare, by Sir W. Morgan's Barb, see p. 109. [p. 109 - "1726 ch. f. Figg's Mare, by Sir W. Morgan's Grey Barb" from Kitty Burdett].

YOUNG LAMPRIE, by Lamprie, bred by Sir W. Morgan, out of his favourite Snake Mare, sent to Ireland, and sire, in 1737, of Ground Ivy.

LITTLE-THOUGHT-ON, Mr Brewster's, 1736, by Harlequin, out of ch. m. Almahide, by Almanzor, dam by Grey Ramsden.

LOOK ABOUT YOU, a gr. h., foaled in 1734, by Robinson Crusoe - Barb Mare.

LOUSE, a gr. h., Sir M. Newton's, 1726, by Bloody Buttocks, out of a daughter of the dam of the Rutland Creeping Molly.

LUGGS, Lord Darcy's, by his Lordship's White Turk, out of a foreign mare.

MADCAP, brother to Old Postboy, by Dyer's Dimple.

MAKELESS, by the Oglethorpe Arabian.

MANICA, Mr Darley's, 1707, by his Arabian, out of Jester, by Merlin.

MARIAMNE, 1748, by Lord Portmore's Victorious - Partner - Richardson's Merlin (son of Old Merlin) - Makeless - Burford Bull - Devonshire Arabian.

MERLIN (OLD), Sir M. Pierson's, by Bustler; afterwards sold to Mr Acklem.

MOSES, Lord Chedworth's, 1746, by the Chedworth Foxhunter - Portland Arabian - dam of the Duke of Bridgewater's Star by Richards' Arabian.

MUSTARD, Queen Anne's, 1707, by the Taffolet (or Morocco) Barb.

OEDIPUS, Lord Portmore's, 1733, by Bartlet's Childers.

PAM, Mr Ward's (aft. Lord Bolingbroke's VA TOUT), bred by Mr Swymmer, 1757, by Regulus - Cade - Sedbury - Scarborough Colt - Darcy's Woodcock - Blackatop - Old Smithson - Brimmer - Hautboy.

PAMELA, Mr Garthside's, 1740, by Fearnought (son of Doctor) - Manica.

PARTNER (Crofts's), bred by Mr Pelham, 1718, by Jigg - sister to Mixbury. Partner was sire of Sedbury, Tartar, Cato, Traveller, Badger, Grisewood's Partner, Little John, Larkin's Looby, Duke of Bolton's Little John, Barforth, the Widdrington Mare, Vane's Little Partner, Parker's Lady Thigh, Grisewood's Lady Thigh, Lodge's roan mare, etc. He was a common stallion, and covered most of the best mares in the North for four years together; after that he covered few except Mr Crofts's.

PERT (OLD), Duke of Ancaster's, by the Ely Turk.

PONTZ, Mr Frampton's, by Williams's Woodstock Arabian.

POSTBOY (OLD), brother to Madcap, by Dyer's Dimple, out of the Somerset Jenny-Come-Tye-Me, by a foreign horse of Sir W. Goring's.

RAINBOW, by Bloody Buttocks - Bay Bolton - Commoner - Brisk - Hartley's Blind Horse.

RATTLE, by a son of Sir H. Harpur's Barb - Royal Mare.

REDSTREAK, Mr Owen's, 1750, by Regulus - Goliah - Vavasour's Black Tom - Postboy.

ROCKWOOD, Pulleine's, out of the Lonsdale Tregonwell Barb Mare.

ROYAL COLT, Mr Hutton's, by the Helmsley Turk - Royal Sedbury Mare, was bred by Sir W. Ramsden, and then sold to Mr Hutton in 1700.

SCRUTINEER, Lord Weymouth's, bred by Mr Hassell, 1732, by Aleppo - Hall Arabian - dam of the Humming Ball.

SEDGMOOR, b. h., 1735, by the Hampton-Court Childers - dam of the South Country Diamond.

SKIPJACK (Darley's), ch. h., about 1710, own brother to Manica.

SKIPJACK, Mr Wentworth's, 1756, by Oroonoko. The pedigree formerly given of this horse is impossible.

SLOVEN, Mr Pulleine's, 1735, by the Scarborough Colt - Woodcock.

SMILING BALL, Lord Essex's, bred by Mr Gaze, by a son of the Acklem Merlin - Curwen Bay Barb - Spot - Woodcock.

SMILING TOM (Gallant's), bred at Hampton Court, 1724, by the Conyers Arabian - Chillaby - Makeless.

SMITHSON (OLD), by Cole's Barb.

SNAIL (OLD), Duke of Wharton's, by Whynot, out of a mare of Mr Wilkinson's, by his Bay Arabian, out of a Natural Barb Mare. Called Smales in some pedigrees, but ran as Snail in 1718; in an early match book it is altered from Smales to Snail.

SNAKE, Mr Lister's, by the Lister Turk, his dam by Hautboy. Snake, when young, had the misfortune to be bitten by some venomous animal (supposed to be a snake, from whence he was named), which prevented his being trained; he was the sire of Mr Metcalf's famous Old Mare, the dam of Squirt, and of Mr Rich's Lowther, who won the Royal Plate at Nottingham in 1731, also of Williams's Squirrel and his brother.

SPARK, by Honeycomb Punch, out of Wilkes's Old Hautboy Mare, possibly Grey Wilkes.

SPIDER, Lord Lonsdale's, 1729, gr. h., by the Lonsdale Arabian - Coneyskins - Lowther Bay Barb - Dodsworth - Spanker. He had a sister also called Spider.

SPORTLEY, Mr Greville's, 1740, by Spinner - Somerset Diamond, son of Jew Trump.

SPORTSMAN, Sir M. Wyvill's, 1736, by the Scarborough Colt - Garnet Mare.

SPORTSMAN, Lord Strange's, 1747, by Lord Derby's Whitefoot - Nathan (son of the Lonsdale Arabian) - Dumpling - Leedes - Grey Whynot, by Old Whynot, by Fenwick's Barb.

SPORTSMAN, own brother to Bumper, by Partner.

SPOT (OLD), Mr Curwen's, by the Selaby Turk. This was also called Marshall's or Pelham's Spot.

SPOT, Sir W. Wynn's, bred by Mr Pelham, by a son of the Curwen Bay Barb (which was out of Sir J. Parson's Old Wen Mare, sister to Clumsy) - Lister's Turk.

SPOT, Sir W. Ramsden's, by Old Spot.

SPOT, Lord Portmore's, by Sir W. Ramsden's Spot - Curwen Bay Barb.

SPOT, Mr Cornewall's, by Lord Portmore's Spot, out of The Gardener's Mare, by Bridgewater's Horse - Commoner - Makeless - Wormwood.

STAR, Duke of Bridgewater's, 1725, by Ashridge Ball, his dam, a Grey Mare, by Richards's Arabian, at Hampton Court.

STARLING, Duke of Bolton's, 1727, by Bay Bolton. Starling was an excellent runner, and when a stallion was the property of Mr Leedes; he was sire of the Ancaster Starling, Skim, Torismond, Grisewood's Teazer, Moro, Jason, and the grandam of Soldier, etc., etc.

STROXTON GREY, Mr Crofts's, 1723, by Greyhound.

SWEEPER, by Sloe - Mogul - Partner - Coneyskins.

TANTIVY, Mr Mann's, 1749, by Sedbury - Hodge's Centurion - Betty Byeblow.

TARTAR, first called PARTNER, Mr Leedes's, ch. c., 1743, by Partner, out of Meliora, foaled 1729, by Fox, her dam, Witty's Milkmaid, foaled 1720, by Snail, grandam by Mr Curwen's Shields Galloway. Meliora is not known to have had any other produce. Tartar was an excellent racer, and not less esteemed as a stallion; he was the sire of King Herod, Beaufremont, Miner, Mr Blake's Fanny, and Mr O'Kelly's Mare, dam of Mercury, Volunteer, etc.

TEAZER, Mr Grisewood's, bred by Mr Hassell, 1749, got by Teazer, son of the Bolton Starling, dam by Roundhead, out of the Gardiner Mare, by Bridgewater's Horse - Commoner - Makeless - Wormwood.

TERROR, by the Burlington Turk - Little Merlin - Brimmer - Helmsley Turk.

TOM TINKER, Lord Portmore's, bred by Mr Hassell, 1736, by Crab - Singlepeeper.

TURPIN, Sir H. Harpur's, bred by Mr Routh, 1737, by Smale's Childers.

VICTORIOUS, Lord Portmore's, 1725, by Fox - Bald Galloway - Champion.

WHITE STOCKINGS, Mr Egerton's, 1710, by Counsellor - Mr Oglethorp's son of the Yellow Turk - Duke of Rutlands' Barb (Guise) - Old Suffolk.

WORMWOOD, Mr Hutton's, 1739, by Hutton's Blacklegs - Pulleine's Badger - Hackwood - son of Rockwood.

WHYNOT, by The Fenwick Barb - Royal Mare.

WOODCOCK (Darcy's), by Bustler. It is not known whether this is the same as Davill's Woodcock in the pedigree of Miss Mayes.

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