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English Families

1. Tregonwell's Natural Barb Mare
1-a Bonny Lass 1-b Morel 1-c Mustard 1-d Promise 1-e Prunella 1-f Pawn 1-g Problem 1-h Sunshine 1-i Sunray 1-j Ellen Horne 1-k Rouge Rose 1-l Paraffin 1-m Footlight 1-n Chelandry 1-o Penelope 1-p Hilarity 1-q Not used 1-r The Prairie Bird 1-s Web 1-t Trampoline 1-u Maid of the Glen 1-v Not used 1-w Queen Bertha
Numbered in 2002 by Janeen Oliver 1-x La Troienne
2. Burton's Barb Mare
2-a Ringbone 2-b Squirrel Mare 2-c Atalanta 2-d Emma 2-e Chateau Margaux Mare 2-f Hyacinthus Mare 2-g Lady Evelyn 2-h Martha Lynn 2-i Crucifix 2-j Imperieuse 2-k Imperatrice 2-l Rosalind 2-m Lass of the Mill 2-n Alexander Mare 2-o Mabille 2-p Miss Chantrey 2-q Not used 2-r Election Mare 2-s Orville Mare 2-t Old England Mare 2-u Splitvote 2-v Not used 2-w Peter Lely Mare, Mary Grey*
3. Bowes' Byerley Turk Mare
3-a Sister to Miss Belsea 3-b Cypher 3-c Whisker Mare 3-d Brown Bess 3-e Quiver 3-f Maid Marian 3-g Satchel 3-h Violante 3-i Sister to Edwin 3-j Sister to Skysweeper 3-k Wasp 3-l Mayonaise 3-m Amazon 3-n Pocahontas 3-o Black Corrie
4. Layton Violet Barb Mare
4-a Titania 4-b Bay Bloody Buttocks 4-c Maniac 4-d Manganese 4-e Fair Helen 4-f Alice Hawthorn 4-g Queen of the May 4-h Poinsettia 4-i Lady Alice Hawthorn 4-j Lady Lumley 4-k Sweet Hawthorn 4-l Golden Grove 4-m Magnolia 4-n St. Marguerite 4-o Partner Mare 4-p Bolter's Dam 4-q not used 4-r Cub Mare
5. The Massey Mare
5-a Young Hag 5-b Grey Skim 5-c Chanoinesse 5-d Castanea 5-e Belvoirina 5-f Bajazet Mare 5-g Skypeeper 5-h Ann of the Forest 5-i Diversion 5-j Miami
6. Old Bald Peg
6-a Cream Cheeks 6-b Horatia 6-c Goosander 6-d Constance 6-e Fenella 6-f Testatrix 6-x Milbanke's Bald Peg
7. Blacklegs Royal Mare
7-a Vicissitude 7-b Caroline 7-c Maid of Lune 7-d Jeu d'Esprit 7-e Jeu des Mots 7-f Hermione
8. Bustler Mare
8-a Regulus Mare 8-b Spot Mare 8-c Woodbine 8-d Feronia 8-e Paulina 8-f Remembrancer Mare 8-g Violet Melrose 8-h Atalanta 8-i Physalis 8-j Lady Elizabeth 8-k Tipple Cyder
9. Vintner Mare
9-a Sister 1 to Mixbury 9-b Sweepstakes Mare 9-c Crab Mare 9-d Mab 9-e Maid of Masham 9-f Toxophilite Mare 9-g Young Melbourne Mare 9-h Adelaide
10. Fair Helen
10-a Queen Mary 10-b Bonny Bell 10-c Bonnie Doon 10-d Braxey 10-e Blooming Heather
11. Sedbury Royal Mare
11-a Scratch 11-b Young Camilla 11-c Jerboa 11-d Flight 11-e Scandal 11-f Kermesse 11-g Mandane
12. Royal Mare
12-a Whiteshirt Mare 12-b Diana 12-c Meynell 12-d Hersey 12-e May Bell 12-f Miss Nancy 12-g Luna
13. Sedbury Royal Mare
13-a Rutilia 13-b Lady Sarah 13-c Stray Shot 13-d Tight-Fit 13-e Rattlewings
14. Oldfield Mare
14-a Banter 14-b Admiration 14-c Pretty Polly 14-d Berenice 14-e Bertha 14-f Honoria
15. Royal Mare
15-a Venus 15-b The Wryneck 15-c Selima (restored to Family 21) 15-d Regulus Mare
16. Stripling's Dam
16-a Miss Agnes 16-b Windermere 16-c Little Agnes 16-d Wild Agnes 16-e Wild Duchess 16-f Queen Bee 16-g Polly Agnes 16-h Lily Agnes
17. Byerley Turk Mare
17-a Maid of all Work 17-b Biddy 17-c Regalia 17-d Rachel
18. Old Woodcock Mare
18-a Miss Furey
19. Davill's Old Woodcock Mare
19-a Contessina 19-b Constantia 19-c The Twinkle
20. Daffodil's Dam
20-a Variety 20-b Escalade 20-c Palmflower 20-d Jennie Winkle
21. Queen Anne's Moonah Barb Mare
21-a Wagtail, Selima*
22. Belgrade Turk Mare
22-a Stella 22-b Echo 22-c Mrs. Quickly 22-d Grand Duchess
23. Piping Peg's Dam
23-a A-la-Grecque 23-b Turk Mare
24. Helmsley Turk Mare 50. Miss Euston (restored to Family 13)
25. Brimmer Mare 51. King William's Arabian Mare
26. Old Merlin Mare 52. Sir John Sebright's Arabian Mare
27. Spanker Mare
27-a Care
53. Old Hautboy Mare
28. Place's White Turk Mare 54. Dodsworth Mare
29. Natural Barb Mare 55. Old Merlin Mare
30. Duc de Chartres' Hawker Mare 56. Natural Barb Mare
31. Dick Burton's Mare 57. Brimmer Mare
32. Dodsworth's Dam 58. Place's White Turk Mare
33. Honeycomb Punch's Dam 59. Duchess
34. Clubfoot 60. Lord Lowther's Barb Mare
35. Bustler Mare 61. Bright's Roan
36. Curwen Bay Barb Mare 62. Old Woodcock Mare
37. Merlin's Grandam 63. Regulus Mare
38. Thwaite's Dun Mare 64. Curwen Bay Barb Mare
39. Persian Stallion (Lord Howe's) Mare 65. Blue Cap (Sir M. Pierson's Mare) Mare
40. Royal Mare, Jenny Cameron*, Kitty Fisher* 66. Bloody Buttocks Mare
41. Byerley Turk Mare 67. Hartley's Blind Horse Mare
42. Spanker Mare 68. Lord Montague's Mare
43. Lord Arlington's Natural Barb Mare 69. Brother to Snake Mare
44. Bustler Mare 70. Brimmer Mare
45. Young Cade Mare 71. Cupid Mare
46. Babraham Mare 72. Ruby
47. Spectator Mare 73. Bajazet Mare
48. Shields Galloway 74. Twilight
49. Whitenose Mare

The following families have been numbered by us for research purposes. You are welcome to use the numbers if you wish.
100. Wormwood Mare 103. Wilkinson's Favourite
101. Slugey 104. Diamond Mare
102. Brimmer Mare

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